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It's time for some positive news amidst hopelessness that clouds us.

Scotland is generating energy from the power of the ocean. When the full project is finished it could provide electricity for over 175,000 homes.

#GreenDisability #SDGs #RenewableEnergy #ClimateEmergency #Sustainability #ClimateChange


puneetsiinghal01, to climate
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Newly discovered docs dating back to the 1970's reveal that Shell has known about the harm caused by oil & gas for decades.

Hold the companies responsible.

#ActOnClimate #GreenDisability #SDGs #ClimateEmergency #Sustainability #ClimateCrisis #Technology #HumanRights


David, to climate
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In the US, some people call natural disasters "Acts of God." As they're usually the same ones who don't believe or don't care about the climate crisis, have they been wondering why God is so fucking mad at them these days?
and a shout-out to today.

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Major media companies The New Statesman and Politico have sparked a wave of criticism after allowing Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor, which is behind the UK’s largest new North Sea project, to sponsor events on climate change.

Both saw MPs pull out over the sponsorship, while the first was interrupted by a climate activist.

#Equinor #Oil #Gas #Politico #NewStatesman #ClimateEmergency


Coolmccool, to journalism
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@gerrymcgovern I deleted 79,125 'promotional' emails from my Gmail account yesterday.

Didn't think I really needed them.
Didn't think they were useful.

Why do I get so many of these completely useless messages?
Why is so much time and energy expended on these hopeless things that most people completely ignore?
And why should we keep storing them, year after year?

What a terrible waste.

bastardsheep, to auspol
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Australian Labor are just as big Climate Criminals as the Liberals were.

Continues to use the drug dealer excuse. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-05-16/living-wonders-climate-court-appeal-dismissed/103855082

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Middle class Americans don't care much about the future inhabitability of the planet but they do love their homes and possessions so this may get their attention. Yes, the is coming for you too.

The New York Times on the collapse of the US home insurance system:

"Across the United States, more frequent extreme weather is starting to cause the home insurance market to buckle, even for those who have paid their premiums dutifully year after year. "


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@YorksBylines @anuckols When viewing such impacts of I am convinced we can't reduce CO2 fast enough. Therefore I wrote a blog on how we should start a path toward stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) yesterday.
SAI can cool the earth in 2 years and keep temperature steady even if CO2 keeps rising.

Please read the blog before you disagree
And sorry, its very long and thorough


marcprecipice, to california
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Since supporting bike lanes is the single most cost-efficient way to fight climate change, it follows that cutting budget for bike lanes is the single least-effective cost savings measure one could take. And yet, here we are. #California #ClimateEmergency

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The pandemic babies who were born in 2021 will probably never see a world that resembles the one we’re inhabiting now. For those who think we’ll have established a colony on Mars by then and will be shuttling humans that direction, I say wake the fuck up and take care of the planet you’re already living on. JFC.


Centurion480, to climate
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Wildfires in Canada have roared back to life, sending harmful smoke into the northern United States — an unwelcome reminder of last summer’s historic fire season that also repeatedly sent plumes of noxious haze southward.


SuneAuken, to climate Danish
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Good interview with Greg Jackson CEO of Octopus Energy.

"I think the energy transition used to sound like quite a complicated process. The reality is that it just boils down to electrification. We need to electrify everything we can and then be generating as much electricity as we can from renewable resources.

Now, underneath that, there may be a whole lot of policy priorities. But electrification has got to be the one word"


seanbala, to chicago
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In the 1880s, the mark of consumption among elites was replacing gaslights for electric ones. Today it is the replacement of electric ones for useless decorative gas lights that constantly burn. We see these in many wealthy neighborhoods in Chicago.

I really don't know about the mechanics of this system. Nor do I know anything about the people. Just always find such fixtures strange.

David, to climate
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This BBC graph of average sea surface temperatures since 1979 should have (but hasn't) spurred our politicians into action to actually do something. Clearly there was a tipping point in May 2023, which has certainly been evident in the UK due to the last 12 months of even more unusual weather.

Where are our leaders when we actually need them? We need a general election, a hung parliament, and some representation in government.


Francois, to random

In the context of explaining my transition into ecological research, I am regularly facing questions / comments from both scientists and non-scientists, as to whether engaging in scientific research aiming at understanding the ecological or climate crises we are facing is (still) an effective and timely thing to do to address these crises. This post attempts to […]



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@Francois It seems to me that the research questions that would be the most effective against the would be empirical models of the decision-making of corporations, governments, banks, international institutions especially at concrete events such as , and modelling of how the decisions could in reality be rational, transparent, evidence-based, participatory. Not just hypothetical "if we had a revolution" models.

People like @OliverEscobar do research in that direction.

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Good visuals here of what the incremental rise in global temperatures means in reality.
There is still time to make a difference..

Brutal heatwaves and submerged cities: what a 3C world would look like | Climate crisis | The Guardian

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🇧🇷 Rains, destruction, and deaths in the south of Brazil demand a new term to define a climate catastrophe. Hundreds of thousands were displaced in Rio Grande do Sul, 's southernmost state. This is the same state that endured three climate disasters in 2023 alone. 🧵


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Ministers in charge of the UK’s climate policies met with fossil fuel companies and lobbyists over 100 times last year, four times as much as they did external climate scientists, campaigners, and charities.
These ministerial oil and gas industry meetings came as the government backtracked on several policies designed to meet the UK’s 2050 net zero emissions target.


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