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Biden condemns Iran's strike on Israel: A case study in imperialist hypocrisy

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There isn't any. All the US pressure is on Israel.

"Where Is the American Pressure on Hamas?"

"Biden could set a deadline for Hamas to release the hostages—or else the U.S. will double its lethal support to Israel."

Not likely that's; going to happen.

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▶ Biden Makes ORDER to DOJ that has MAGA SO PISSED OFF

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Fetterman Accuses US of 'Not Standing Firmly With Israel' With No Conditions Attached

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CNN quoting a U.S. official: Biden informed Netanyahu to consider what happened a victory because Washington's assessment is that the Iranian attack was unsuccessful.

Ah well. I guess it's time to write the new check and send a few hundred cargo planes full of weapons then.

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Biden's renewed embrace of Israel threatens to deepen Democratic divide

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White House reaffirms Israel backing but says 'we don't seek war with Iran'

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Israel Conflict Spreads to 16 Nations as Biden Admin Says There's No War

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Biden Tells Netanyahu To Refrain From Offensive Attacks After Iran Strikes: Report


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'Those Assets Were Frozen!' NBC's Kristen Welker Repeatedly Pushes After GOP Rep. Accuses Biden of Giving Iran $6B

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West will condemn Iran’s attack, but largely ignore ‘Israeli provocations’

We spoke to Nader Hashemi, associate professor of Middle East and Islamic politics at Georgetown University, about the potential reaction around the world to Iran’s attack on Israel last night.

Hashemi said Iran will be widely condemned for its attack, unlike the series of Israeli provocations and attacks both within Iran and throughout the Middle East that have killed senior Iranian military officials and targeted key Iranian economic and nuclear sites, condemnations of which have been more muted.

“President Biden is rallying the G7 who will issue a condemnatory statement of Iran along these lines,” Hashemi said.

“In the Global South the response will be more measured” he said, adding “there will be calls for restraint, de-escalation and diplomacy without directly blaming Iran or Israel”.

“Arab and Muslim public opinion will note how many Arab states deployed military resources to protect Israel while doing the opposite in the context of the mass starvation and genocide in Gaza,” Hashemi concluded.…
@palestine @israel

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Biden Tells Netanyahu: U.S. Won't Support Retaliatory Strike on Iran. But Some Republicans Want One.

#biden #gop

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trump STRUGGLES TO SPEAK in Alarming Speech- "anillegaleeeaaaahhandyoujust...."

This has a great video with #Trump gaffes while trying to speak publicly.....

If #Biden and #Trump have a debate, can we request that they each have to say the
'If a woodchuck could chuck wood' limerick.

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CNN's Ashley Allison Said OJ Simpson 'Represented Something' for Black People. Does She Have A Point?

#biden #cnn

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US news organizations urge Biden and Trump to agree to TV election debates

#biden #cnn

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It's the most-dangerous moment in geopolitics since the dawn of the #Ukraine #war

#US President Joe #Biden told #Israeli prime minister #Benjamin #Netanyahu during a call today that the US will oppose any Israeli direct #counterattack against Iran, according to an Axios report that cited a 'senior White House official.'

Two things:

  1. If the US doesn't want a war, this makes sense. Aside from #oil prices, I can see plenty of reasons that Biden wouldn't want this war now.

  2. Could this be a smokescreen? Things like this don't 'leak' out of the White House. This would be some of the most-highly classified information on the planet. So was it leaked to pressure Israel? To lower expectations of the US actually getting involved? Or is it a fake to get Iran to let its guard down?

The answer to that might have to do with what was said behind closed doors when Iran briefed the US, Italy and a number of other countries before its response.

Frensh www-forexlive-com.translate.go…

#géopolitique #politique #politics #news #geopolitics @geopolitics

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