**ps. El Nino is also now over, although it may be they are referring to past impacts.

SusiArnott, avatar
albertcardona, avatar

ABC (Australia): "Climate change is fuelling turbulence on some of our most common flight paths" #climate #aviation #turbulence #flying #tourism

jt_rebelo, avatar

@ai6yr or "when in doubt, remain seated, and keep the belt buckled unless you really need to move". Flying over France from late Spring to lqte Summer is awful because of turbulence, one of the reasons (other than a serious lack of money/time) I haven't gone to the Le Mans 24h race.

TheConversationClimate, avatar
ChrisMayLA6, avatar

So while you & I might think its necessary to speed up the Green Transition & enhance/accelerate measures to reduce emissions, Shell's shareholders disagree.

The firm has just sought & obtained agreement from investors to slow down its measures to mitigate its environmental impact & reduce progress towards its own (already weak) climate targets.

More reason(s) the fossil fuels sector cannot really be central to climate response(s).

We don't have the time to slow down!

#fossilfuels #climate

Npars01, avatar

@GhostOnTheHalfShell @ChrisMayLA6

The post WW2 Era wasn't a golden age for everyone.

Women made 40% less than men.

PoC made 60% less than whites.

Housing was redlined & government programs excluded huge swathes of the population.

GhostOnTheHalfShell, avatar

@Npars01 @ChrisMayLA6

Absolutely, despite the fact that Women + POC powered war time manufacturing.

The idea that that experience fostered women's and civil rights a generation on is not lost on me.

SallyStrange, avatar

Really irritated with this phrase:

"Scientists have not yet established a direct climate change link with this particular storm."

20 years ago, scientists predicted bigger, wetter, more extreme storms. Now we're getting bigger, wetter, more extreme storms. The only thing that benefits from this pusillanimous "journalism" is fossil fuel companies. And this is from "Inside Climate News"! It's not like it's CNN or something.

#Climate #ClimateDenialism

grickle, avatar
YoMosEco, German avatar

First and foremost, we had more than 20 wonderful participants at , ranging from Bachelor- to - level all modelling systems. Everyone had the chance to present their projects and methods and we had vivid question+discussion rounds afterwards. Although seems like a niche group already, we heard about a bandwidth of methods including mechanistic (-evo)-models, , and vegeation models, network models, , and much more.


PBruce, avatar

The world's most common cockroach is 'a monster of our own creation,' study finds

The symbolism of this being that we are the authors of our own destruction , both by actions and inactions, is inescapable


Korea faces apple crisis amid climate, demographic change
Korea’s apple production is expected to remain tight due to climate change, lack of apple growers and strict apple import rules #climate #foodsupply #apples

KimPerales, avatar

MSM appears to be on the side of the misogynists, racists, deniers...

AP, CBS News, & CNN failed to post on FB &/or TikTok re TFG's reported promise to reverse Biden's actions on CC as he asked oil execs to raise $1B for his campaign. Days later -same MSM outlets posted re VP Harris’ use of an expletive. TFG met with some of the US' top oil execs & proposed a “deal” -they'd raise $1B for his campaign & he'd -in turn, reverse & stop Biden’s ENVIR rules-.

ariegoldshlager, avatar

The Drowning South

[Gift Article] ‘Pretty gross’: The toxic mix of fast-rising seas and septic systems

Septic systems are creating serious threats to public health and the environment as the South grapples with one of the most rapid sea level surges on Earth.

RememberUsAlways, avatar


Anyone else notice the southern states in the are first in the handouts line and also first to object to federal aid for anyone else?

Let them float.

afewbugs, avatar

“The UK and Ireland face a wetter, damper and mouldier future due to Until the world reduces emissions to net zero, the climate will continue to warm, and rainfall in the UK and Ireland will continue to get heavier.”

This is the message we need to get out to combat the populist nonsense like "well if climate change is real at least we'll have nice hot summers"

twobiscuits, avatar

@afewbugs Ireland is going to get wetter? 🤣

afewbugs, avatar

@twobiscuits plenty of space between the raindrops to fit more raindrops into

largess, avatar

Monkeys ‘falling out of trees like apples’ in Mexico amid brutal heatwave

>“They were falling out of the trees like apples,” Pozo said. “They were in a state of severe dehydration, and they died within a matter of minutes.” Already weakened, Pozo says the falls from dozens of yards (meters) up inflict additional damage that often finishes the monkeys off.

>By 9 May at least nine cities in Mexico had set temperature records,

CelloMomOnCars, avatar

" are threatened by deforestation, development, pollution, and dam construction, but the risk to these ecosystems is increasing due to and the increased frequency of severe storms associated with climate change. threatens one third (33%) of the mangrove ecosystems assessed."

CelloMomOnCars, avatar

Conservation efforts are a good investment:
"Paying local residents to plant has raised incomes, increased fishery output, protected coastal areas, and contributed to efforts to mitigate ."

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