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A social timeline.

The consensus amongst experts was settled decades ago.

Also, a bit before the consensus was settled by geologists, meteorologists, geographers, and similar, biologists were already screaming, developing profound depression and trying to warn everyone.

Ask me how I know!


Why biologists first?

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I have to guess due to differences they noticed in terms of specific diseases, medical conditions, migration patterns, population changes and/or population distribution over time. IANABiologist though so I'm interested to hear the answer also.

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We could notice something going very wrong with the rate at which species go extinct.

Extinctions are normal. Extinctions due to human settlements are higher, and not good for the local environment, but we have been modelling them for years now.

Extinction rates due to global warming? It’s a catastrophe.


That makes a lot of sense. I guess it’s just crazy to me that one of our first indications is the erasure of entire species, but it makes sense that other fields of science would need to be measured over longer timelines. Thanks for your response.


Never skip the mention that the oil companies knew about it, sponsored research about it, and circulated internal memos about how it was real and what their strategies would be to spread misinformation about it even in the 1970s.

Literally the only people who don't believe in climate change are uneducated political dupes. The people they heard it from are lying for political and financial motivation.


So true. Every biologist I know has been depressed for 20+ years.

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Im an its to late person but that does not mean don't try. Its to late to avoid the effects which is no duh as we are getting them right now. Today. The last few years really. Its obvious. But hyeah try everything you can and everyone should do that but don't expect thats going to avoid a continuance of the disasters we already are seeing.

pizzaiolo, in It's not too late. Also it's not fine

Go vegan. It’s the easiest contribution you can make 👊

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don't have kids for a bigger effect

LoamImprovement, in Scientists sound the alarm as the world reaches 2-degree warming limit for the first time

Sorry, can’t hear anything over the sound of my crushing student loan debt and rent payments.

Which is probably exactly as intended.

SuiXi3D, in Scientists sound the alarm as the world reaches 2-degree warming limit for the first time
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And nothing will be done. After all, there’s money to be made!

mmatessa, in Scientists sound the alarm as the world reaches 2-degree warming limit for the first time
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morgunkorn, in Humanity just lived through the hottest 12 months in at least 125,000 years, report says avatar

Also: humanity might just have lived through the coolest 12 months of the next 125 years

guriinii, in We've been accidentally geoengineering for decades...but then we stopped:

Aerosol Masking Effect. It’s been known about for ages and it amazes me that they banned it from ship fuel. It seems incredibly short sighed to me.

Before reducing SO2 we need to stop and reduce CO2, otherwise we cook. Look at how things have escalated this year. I mean we also went straight from La Niña to El Niño too but the lack of aerosol masking has very likely had an impact.

guriinii, in Antarctica’s Low-Ice Winter Should Only Happen Once Every 13 Billion Years

Been watching the sea ice extent.…/charctic-interactive-sea-ice-graph/

Things this year have just gone crazy, across multiple areas. Pretty scary to be honest.


We've all realized that politicians and corporates won't work to de-escalate/ slowdown the climate crisis, and that ordinary people on't have the power to make them do anything.



People are starting to fight back with direct action and instead of listening to us, the media fuels campaigns of hate against them and governments implement new powers to control and prevent them. We can’t win

skellener, in Israeli experts warn that extreme climate events suggest dawn of ‘uncharted waters’
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That headline could be from 2000. We’ve been in uncharted waters for over two decades. Nobody has been listening. 😡😡😡😡😡

Rogue_General, in It's not too late. Also it's not fine

I like this messaging!

Sometimes the messaging is so depressing it makes you wonder if that rhetoric is being pushed by special interest groups in order to reduce engagement on climate action.


It totally is. As my friend says "Despair is a commodity, don't buy it". We can turn things around, it isn't too late. It is normal to be so overwhelmed that you become apathetic and can't do anything...which has the same outcome as denial...who does that serve? The oil companies. I did an experiment and every doom and gloom article I actually followed it to the source which almost always a little different than what was being portrayed. "New study says we have passed this new threshold!" the actual study says we may pass this threshold if we don't get rid of fossil fuels, or something similar etc.

TokenBoomer, in The weather will never be normal again

The weather hasn’t been “normal” since the start of the Industrial Revolution . We’ve known that co2 in the atmosphere is heating the planet since 1819. ……

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Really its colonialism. Spanning out on ships to ruin other lands and reduce your own overcrowding and overuse of resources.


True dat

swope, in Welcome to the Great Unraveling: Navigating the Polycrisis of Environmental and Social Breakdown
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PDF is hard to read on my small screen, so I'll have to read it later.

I should know better than to expect something interesting from a .org requiring an email address to download a PDF.

GlennMagusHarvey, in [crosspost] Xkcd: Earth Temperature Timeline - avatar

Oh hey, this pic. Thanks for reminding me of it. Really drives home the point of how dramatically fast change is occurring now.

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It's such a sharp increase in such a small amount of time. We really need to start mobilising in order for things to change

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