GTA 6’s Publisher Says Video Games Should Theoretically Be Priced At Dollars Per Hour

While Take-Two is riding high on their announcement that a GTA 6 trailer is coming, its CEO has some…interesting ideas on how much video games could cost, part of a contingent of executives that believe games are underpriced, given their cost, length or some combination of the two.

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He didn't say it but he wants you to RENT software not OWN it. Make no mistake, this would be BAD for consumers.

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thats what mmos are. its been done.


That’s not software. That’s a service. If you can’t pay, you can’t expect them to be maintaining servers.

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well yup and thats what they want the games to be. a service. multiplayer diablo2 was much like an mmo but no servers needed. You could run the server and play with your friends or even open it up but everyone needed to have a copy of the game. so it has been done and they want to do it more and more.


While I’m super into self hosting instances, that usually defeats the point of MMOs. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that the publishers of MMOs often defeat the point of their game after long enough anyhow.

All that has generally pushed me towards round based games where the only advantages are my own personal skill.


Thank fuck for indie devs making the best games right now at an affordable price.

I have over a thousand games in my steam library and my most played is dominated by indie games.

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I am curious which indie titles you would recommend.


I have over 1600 hours in Binding of Isaac.


You seem like the kinda fella that could appreciate Brotato too :-)


What’s your genre?

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Tower defense and strategy in general.

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If you want something competitive, Legion TD2

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Looks interesting, thanks.


Not exactly a minor indie game by any means, but bloons td6 is the game I’ve player the most on mobile by some distance. It’s £6 with no microtransactions and a shit load of content. If you like TD games this is a home run.

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Cool, thanks. Wishlisted this.


Try Factorio, its fantastic

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Thanks! On my wishlist already.


For strategy paradox games are always fun

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Do you mean Paradox Interactive? Publishers of Stellaris, Europa Universalis, etc.



solivine, avatar

Can you recommend any dungeon crawlers or survival games?

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Neverwinter Nights has 20+ years of custom content, runs on almost anything, is still getting graphical & engine updates and has modules & persistent world servers that cover both of those genres & more.


TIL: NWN is still alive.


For a literal dungeon crawler: Demeo


Hades on the Switch might be right up your alley

HocEnimVeni, avatar

For the king (1&2) & Valheim


Shattered Pixel Dungeon is my all-time favorite mobile game. It's a Rogue-like with hundreds/thousands of ways to win; but be prepared to be humbled.

makingStuffForFun, avatar

Literally just made it to the shop keeper after defeating the slime boss. It’s a hell of a game. Maybe one of the best.

solivine, avatar

See I normally like this type of game but struggle to get into this one in particular. I’m also confused about most items in it.


Ape Escape is very quick to pick up and a blast to play. It’s more of the old school side scrolling style, but definitely in the survival theme.


Some dungeon crawlers I enjoyed: Hades, Enter the Gungeon, Torchlight 1 & 2, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Legend of Grimrock, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth


First person shooters


Check out Splitgate not indie but I had a good blast with my friends


I thought Split Gate was shutting down.

Otherwise I'd agree it's great fun.


Disco elysium


Yea, I wouldn’t give them any money, though. The actual creators got fucked and any purchases of the game go to the people that fucked them. Great game, but I’d sail the seas for it.


I was going to reply, but most of the games I would recommend are already listed out.

Some gems are missing, but I’d need to be at my PC to figure out which ones.

However, I did not see Unexplored 1 mentioned by anyone off the top of my head.


A few of those games form my core of things I’ll go back to every so often, though my list isn’t all Indies. I’d probably throw CDDA, Dwarf Fortress and KSP in there too though, off the top of my head. Surprised to see foxhole in there but I suppose it’s in a relatively decent state at the moment and it’s somehow claimed 1400 hours from me on steam now.

taaz, (edited )

I recently played Outer Wilds for the first time last week. Games like this, I always worry they’re overhyped, but it was great.

There’s a lot of good games on this list, plus ones I’ve never played before, I should probably check some of them out.


Ignore the pre-release hype (I mean hype before anyone gets to try the game, early access hype is good). If the game is hyped after people get to play it, then I find it’s safer to trust, though personal preferences can still make it miss the mark.

MeanEYE, avatar

In addition to that:

  • Atom RPG;
  • Dead Cells;
  • Into the breach;
  • Shadowrun series;
  • This war of mine;
  • Dust - An Elysian Tail;
  • Broforce;
  • Bastion;

Many more of course.


Would you say bastion is the best supergiant title pre-Hades? I’ve been eyeing both that and transistor for a while

MeanEYE, avatar

I would. But I didn’t play a lot of their games. Bastion is kind of unique. Story is pretty linear but its structure is quite a novelty. There’s an awesome narrator that is telling the story, but he reacts to everything you do and has a snarky sense of humor. Game is well designed action RPG with a good variety of weapons and in my eyes very little replay value. Still worth the asking price though.


Chained echoes is also a banger

ShitOnABrick, avatar

In addition to these games I find these games below to be an absolute hoot

  • disco elysium
  • beamng drive

It’s like people don’t know Brotato even exists!

MeanEYE, avatar

So many Bros.


Rock and stoneee o-T

AceFuzzLord, (edited )

I’d like to add Ardor to the list. It’s a free turn based deck building game where you face off against hexagon creatures on a hexagon board. It’s pretty polished for an actual free to play game.


This sounds interesting, thank you!

Adori, avatar

Can confirm these are absolute bangers


Can confirm your confirmation, some of these are incredible experiences

Adori, avatar

I agree with you man, thanks for agreeing with me

ShitOnABrick, avatar

I see an fellow barotrumua player. My favourite aspect of barotrumua is the griefing clowning aspect


This list is utterly fantastic, but if you haven’t given Dave The Diver a chance you definitely should. It’s by far my favorite release from this year, and the devs seem to have even more content planned.


Heard about it, haven’t played it yet but I did have heard great stuff about it, it’s definitely on my future radar


Ty for the list!


CrossCode! Why is this freaking game still such an underdog?
Zero Sievert is also well worth mentioning.


Yeah, CrossCode is absolutely amazing. I didn’t hear about it until recently. I’m so glad I didn’t completely miss out on it. It’s like my number 1 favourite game now and I almost missed it.

I like to make sure I bring it up anytime people ask about good games they may not have heard of.

Literally my idea of the perfect game.


Welcome to the CC simps, because you're certainly not the only one who does that. It's generally a no brainer considering that they also still offer a demo to just try it out. Of course that doesn't tell you much about the great story and characters, but I think the fluidity of the movement and combat system definitely can convince people over already.


CrossCode isn’t my type of a game but I saved Zero Sievert, looks good!


That feeling when you have played (and loved!) Like 90% of this list lmao

…do I play too many games?


Gruntyfish, avatar

Thank you very much for the recommendations!

USSEthernet, (edited )

Sea of Stars recently came out if you liked older SNES RPGs. Reminiscent of Chrono Trigger, they even snagged one of the music producers from it. Great story IMO. I got about 45 hours out of it.

Hollow Knight if you like metroidvanias. Played through it 2 or 3 times now. My son and I are excited for the sequel if it ever releases.

Tricky Towers is a family fun Tetris type multi-player game.

Blue Fire, 3D platformer/metroidvania.

Hacknet, OS UI hacking sim.

Crab Champions (early access coded by EDM producer Noisestorm), 3D bullet hell/loot&shoot where you play as you guessed it… a crab. Has an amazing soundtrack.

Darkside Detective, 2D point and click puzzle solver with a hilarious storyline.

Death’s Door, top down dungeon crawler/RPG.


Kingdom Come Deliverance is easily in my top 3 favourite games ever, counting as far back as home world 1 (which also ranks in those 3.) If you give KCD a go be warned though, it will relentlessly punish you for any foolishness early on. It’ll make you work for every thing, no starting out as some warrior running down mobs of bandits. But it pays out with a true RPG experience that rewards incremental skill progress.

In the last decade, apart from the witcher 3, only Indy studios have produced truly memorable experiences for me.


Sounds like someone wants me to not buy their overpriced game.


Yup. For every idiot like this, there’s an indie game or even a Larian Studios offering MUCH better bang for your bucks.

abbotsbury, avatar

Rockstar’s games are the rare few I’d say are worth a full $60


That was before they started diarrhea shitting themselves since the founders left. GTA Trilogy, GTA+, and removing cars people paid for in Online is just a taste of things to come.

abbotsbury, avatar

I specifically mean their in-house single player games, so only GTA V and RDR2 for the last decade.


That’s what I mean, Rockstar was a brand you could trust until after RDR2. Founders left right after and you can see how things changed right after.


Yeah, they left and the change was IMMEDIATE. Holy moly the shit show that was RDO. If you were playing that game back then, you could see the crumbling of the company happening in real time, it was wild. RDO being left to rot is my Roman empire, and I wonder if the founders feel regret at all with how their creation was treated by the company they left. Or if they just dry their tears with hundos these days?

Heck, I don’t even feel like RDR2 lived up to it’s full potential before they left, what with post-game being the most buggy and unfinished-feeling part of the whole game. It felt like it was just waiting for DLC content to be added, since it was a huge patch of map with hardly anything going on. Sigh, who knows.


Too bad it will be at a minimum $70, and i bet with the hype, even $80, while also being chockful of microtransactions.


It’s Rockstar Games, they love microtransactions and Sharkcards and will more than likely implement more greed tactics into their next big game (GTA 6). I’m still pissed off over the bilking they did with the bunker series in GTA 5. They’re a ruthless, greedy company. And don’t forget those times they went after those fanboys/talented game designers who were revamping their old games like GTA 4. Those kids were super talented and Rockstar busted their asses like the mobsters they are. Fuck Rockstar and their next GTA greed fest.


Don’t call them mobsters, they probably think that sounds cool. More like corporate sell outs.

uphillbothways avatar

Executives are assholes and should not be listened to, ever.


Stupid metric by some rich asshole who is solely focused on making more money.


Seriously I’m tired of all these gaming CEOs that don’t play games therefore are so out of touch. Guy is just another Kotick clone.


I read something like this and my immediate thought is “torches, pitchforks, guillotines.”


Returning to a feudal economy is a sensible idea, lighting with renewable materials, making hay while the sun shines and executing traitors is much more productive than playing games


Ima sell my watered down soup in dollars per deciliter.


This is 80s company greed all over again that almost destroyed the video games industry.

We never learn.


I hate dollars per hour to determine how something is good value. I could sit and watch a 3-4 hour movie but if it’s a genre I dislike then I’ll probably not feel I got value out of it. Likewise if I buy a 70 quid game but it’s 15-20 hours and it’s got a great story, impressive visuals and solid mechanics then I’ll have got my money’s worth but if something is 70 quid and it’s filled with things that feel like a checklist to do then I’ll end up regretting the price that I paid.

Bizarroland avatar

It also means that companies that would release a tight and cohesive 15-hour game will instead release a jumbled sloppy episodic 150-hour mess to pad their pockets.

It would mean worse games coming out that cost more money


Should not we get economies of scale benefits? or this that purely for daddy owner? fuck gamers!


They should pay me for testing their beta software

woelkchen, avatar

They should pay me for testing their beta software

By your own admission you buy the games anyway. You could just not. Companies only listen when it hurts their bottom line.


I refund poor quality software on Steam. So no, I do my best to not support.


Alright so then pay us for the time spent in loading screens lol


Take 2 is playing a dangerous game betting the farm on a single property and then trying to come up with new ways to milk it. When it falls out of favor it is going to sink them.


It’s worked fine for blizzard and wow for the past 10+ years even though is a hollow shell of what it used to be.


I don’t actually disagree with moving from the 60/70 USD standard, but instead I think big budget blockbuster studios should die off, and focus on making optimized, shorter, and more creative games.


Can I counteract that with “then maybe you should release finished products at the initial public release date”?


That’s a terrible idea. You’d pay more than an entire paycheck just to play a typical JRPG which typically have 40+ hours of gameplay. I’m not paying $600 to play one game.

This is developers incrementally conditioning you to accept an even worse state of things for games. And if they follow through, I’ll pirate their shit and never give them a dime of my money again.

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