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Horn of Balance - an indie 2D zelda-like

I'm developing 'Horn of Balance', a 2D zelda-like featuring 12 non-linear dungeons, 2 interconnected worlds and a TON of secrets.

Right now, the project is live on Kickstarter ( and we've almost hit the funding goal with just 24 hours left!

There's also a free demo on Steam ( and Itch.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!



They don’t need to if the assets are just similar instead of straight-up copies


Well I don’t necessarily mean copy the graphics, but more of the gameplay of that era. A N64/GameCube-like title with modern graphics is what I’m looking for.

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I released my first game on Steam and got rid of impostor syndrome!

My first game Mushy Score is out on Steam! I have been creating games since I was a child but never felt like a real game dev. Now I finally have a game that I can show to other people.

Mushy Score is a 2D Roguelike where you fight against endless waves of enemies. Collect points and try to get a high score! I am super exited for the release !

If you like similar games go check it out:


wawe, avatar

Thanks for sharing! I will post there as well in the future!

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@wawe @games Congratulations on your release!

wawe, (edited ) avatar

Do you find open source games interesting/good thing as a gamer?

@games I am a game developer working on game called Mushy Score. I decided that my niche would be to create open source games. I think these could be helpful for developers or teachers to teach about games and how they are made. Most open source games are small game jam games, but there are few “real games” that are open source like 0 A.D. and Doom. As a non-developer do you think open source games could be good thing?


I think they are a good thing, since in general you get better compatibility with more esotheric hardware, for example i’ve seen people run godot games on raspberry pi boards, which is pretty nice; also as you mentioned doom and 0 A.D., both of them have prolific modding communities because it’s easy to make mods when you have the source of the game, and in the case of doom in particular the fact that it’s open source allowed people to build lauchers to make it run on newer computers without needing dosbox and co. To even have a chance to play.

wawe, avatar

Yeah, that is my current approach, the code is open source, but assets needs to be bought (that's how for example Doom is "opensource"). There are many ways to do open source and I guess I need to find out what is best way for me.

Examples of different types of open source games:

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Well you’ve said it yourself, Microsoft are trying to remove that physical limitation to accessing a platform. But Microsoft knows what the market wants, people have been against exclusives for a long time and they want to remove that, I shouldn’t have to spend £300 to play a game when I have equipment already capable of playing a game Infront of me.

So being scared that Xbox is going to disappear is stupid, the consoles might, but Microsoft has been transforming Xbox into a platform for years, starting with the release of windows 7 when they introduced XboxLive for windows alongside halo 2. This has been a long term goal.

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So being scared that Xbox is going to disappear is stupid, the consoles might, but Microsoft has been transforming Xbox into a platform for years, starting with the release of windows 7 when they introduced XboxLive for windows alongside halo 2.

If Xbox disappears, so does your digital library and other purchases (some games you can buy once and get on PC as well, but last time I checked, they were few and far in between). I can see that being a concern for people that bought into the Xbox ecosystem for the last few gens.

andrew, avatar

Uh, what does that even mean? I thought Xbox was going just fine, making them money.


Recent news that they would be releasing games that would have previously been exclusive to X-Box on other platforms such as Playstation has led to many a rumour that MS may be planning to stop developing the console at all.

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What games would you suggest that have LAN support these days?

While PC may be one's first thought here, I'd also be really interested in any mobile games that might leverage one's local wifi network for multiplayer.

Classics are a-okay for suggestion too, btw!





This was the one I was looking for. I believe there is an updated version of crusader as well.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your friends carefully crafted keep scaled suddenly by an army of ninjas.


Check this post-apocalyptic game out here:


Lol I closed the window once I saw NFT


NFT games? Ewwww. Also where is the game? Can’t find anything in the first page, just NFT


Uninteresting and simultaneously confusing as fuck.


@Diprount_Tomato which did more damage than good. My wife finished Valhalla and I was bored by each minute.


@games @games docyou also like older games? I have a game I sell on consoles and PC! Commander Keen Dreams Definitive Edition! it has awesome modern UI updates and new content!

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