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Royale Stones supplier of garden paving and patio slabs. We have a wide range of Indian sandstone, granite paving, porcelain paving, and slate paving in the UK.

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Tales from the Terrordrome

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Discord: WaveWalnut#3884
Mastodon: @wavewalnut
Kbin: @wave_walnut
Pixelfed: @wave_walnut

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Never owned a bird account. Spent 17 years at Reddit.
Be excellent to each other. She/Her. GenX.

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PhD candidate at U of AL at Bham in medical . Health ed program designer. Artist (AKA Tarasoraptor) in . , secular , , esp Trek, . --she/they

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I like potatoes.

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Interested in polemology, global Islamic conflict & technology. Connecting accounts.

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Wildlife & forest garden designer in West Wales, UK. Climate activist. Resistance is fertile. He/his.

#AntiFascist #ExtinctionRebellion #JustStopOil #UniversalBasicIncome #UBI #CitizensAssemblies
#FreePublicTransport #InsulateBritain

I’m not radical by nature, I’m just responding to the #ClimateEmergency. avatar


The account of AI6YR Ben, on his own server. Also at (ham radio). Yes, I'm the guy who found that hiker using only the selfie of his feet. If you want to support this server, avatar


retired photo lab supervisor, forester, gardener, amateur botanist. I give away vegetables. (except sweetcorn, I never share sweetcorn)
FeederWatch participant
using iNaturalist as richroll
located in Connecticut, NE US
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone borderline 6b - 7a
All photos are my own unless otherwise stated. avatar


Adam Lambert fan. I also love Disney parks, reading, photography, cats, and singing. Favorite author is Terry Pratchett.

Many of my photos are from our garden which is in Zone 5. avatar


Photographer (botanicals, landscapes, people), surface design, gardener. Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada (Coast Salish terr). I mostly avoid posting or reading about politics on social media.

header: delicate pink sakura flowers against a bright spring sky
avatar: me against a white backdrop with a red maple leaf splodged on


Artist's private garden inspired by the wabi sabi principles of embracing the natural, the imperfect and the impermanent. Our garden is The Imperfect Garden.
Exile-dwelling European.


#NoDig #allotment holder in the UK #Zone9a Looking to boost biodiversity above and below ground. Learning from #permaculture, #RegenAg , #KoreanNaturalFarming and #Biodynamic farming. I make my own #Compost vermicast, bokashi, JohnsonSu, IMO. #DogsOfMastodon Boxer dog owner, anxiety sufferer, vegetarian. Hates billionaires and governments. Concerned for our climate.

Alt: header is a picture of crimson clover. Avatar is a compost thermometer.

I boost toots if they have #AltText


🐌 and 🪴🌵 dad. Chronically ill lover of art and snacks and silly things. Amateur at life but loving it (mostly.)

Expect to see various kinds of posts, from comic and film reviews to photography to memes. Always happy to chat, always looking for some new trouble to get into.

21+! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️ #blm #protecttranskids #fedi22 avatar


DIY everything.

I have geese, chickens, fruit trees, bees, a garden. 🐝

A firefighter for a long time. 🔥

I take pictures of what actually something looked like at that moment and try to document things with photos. 📷

Gen X

Socially awkward, hyper aware, analytical, and interpret most things literally. Terrible with hints, or maybe reacting to them. 😐

#gardening #BloomScrolling #NativePlants #NativePollinators #PNW #cider #beekeeping #sourdough #sewing #linux #3dprinting


Avid gardener. Autistic.

"for they love peace and quiet and good tilled earth." J.R.R. Tolkien

Eclectic mix of interests (see 📌). Mostly gardening & nature photography. The occasional sci-fi & fantasy fiction.

Profile is a Black Swallowtail butterfly above an empty chrysalis. Header is a tree frog clinging to a window pane on a rainy day.

#TexasGarden #Zone9b #VegetableGardening #BackyardHabitat #NativePlants #pollinators #butterflies #dragonflies #SciFi #ClassicSciFi


Photos of vegan food and organic gardening. Mastodon: @vegaliciousRecipes at: our photos at: avatar

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He/him, previously design lead on GOV.UK Prototype Kit and other GDS projects.

Looks after plants and animals. Anxiety and depression avatar


Uni Łódź archaeologist, table-top gamer, book worm, punster, science fan, blogger, Leftie, Swede

#archaeology #ttrpg #boardgames #books #science #blogging #progressive #stockholm #sweden #lodz #poland


Islander 🏝️
Snake charmer 🐍
Plant whisperer 🌻
Posts mostly in 🇩🇰 and 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
🌍 🕊️ ☮️

Experimentally searchable on tootfinder: avatar


The Queen of California

#gardening #travel #cats #photography
#theatre #theater #opera #hiking
#art #lover but, alas, not an #artist


Basilius Besler is my mentor and Hortus Eystettensis is my codex.
🌿 Rogue Georgia botanist who belongs to the California Redwoods 🌲
🍽 Epicurean swash-buckler / also whiskey 🥃
🧑🏻‍🍳 Ed’s personal chef 🥬
✍🏻 Political connoisseur
🇺🇸 Pedigreed DAR

(Photos are my own)

#gardening #GardenDesign #NativePlants #horticulture #cooking #FoodHistory #sfba #democracy #GeorgiaPolitics avatar


Me grok write code. Python, Rust, Typescript, JavaScript. Created: Morepath, lxml. Also: gardener, science & history fan, living life fan. Husband & father.

I post a lot about programming as well as gardening pictures. If you come for just the gardening pictures the programming talk may baffle you. If you're a programmer, I invite you to enjoy the flowers! avatar


Developer of #GISsurfer web map using the #Leaflet map API.

Developer of #GeoJPG web app. Offline maps with NO ads, NO tracking, NO signup and NO fees. #PWA

Developer of #FindMeSAR web app. #PWA

Curator of 3,000+ #ArcGIS server list.

Consultant producing property line maps to help you find lost survey stakes.

Lives in #PNW. avatar

pinskal avatar


Avid researcher, gardener, reader, grandma & genealogist. Happily married more than a 1/2 century! Author of Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy. Political. Website where you can find The Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy (free) and my blog Many interests from history to maps, DNA to photography. List of #SURNAMES & #PLACES avatar


Growing, photographing, and doodling monsters, but in a flowery way. Nature, science, and art are super cool. Generally covered in small animals.

She/they cishet.

Avatar and banner are a drawing of a skull over a purple pitcher plant, with two flowers on either side of the skull, against a pink background with a few sparkles. avatar


Tends to soil, plants and various animals on a small farm somewhere in the hills of Kodaikanal, India. Rides a 2008 Royal Enfield Thunderbird everywhere.

No ideologies, handful labels. Friend to life in all shapes and forms.

Expect photos, anecdotes and rants about living off-grid in middle of nowhere with occasional motorcycle rides.

He/him. avatar


Malaysian tech writer. Works in tech. Former journalist but always a writer. Autodidact.

If you follow me I promise that I'm absolutely random.

Toots #IndieWeb #Obsidian #Malaysia #TootSEA #Books #TV #Writing #CDrama #KDrama #Urbanism #Cats #Dogs #Tech and very occasional #GeoPolitics

Occasionally talks in Manglish. avatar


music, language, literature, mediaevalia, labour law, unionizing, feminism, intersectionality, queer, pan, poly, woke, social, atheist, chaos community, parenting, climate action, gardening, composting, permaculture, degrowth, solarpunk, self-sufficiency, exil-berlinerin und neu-brandenburgerin mit antifa-tarifvertrag

Folgt dem Hashtag #ArschDerHeide für Alles, was unseren Waldgarten- und Hausprogress, bzw. unser Neues Leben auf dem Lande betrifft! 🌱

📍 Brandenburg, Germany avatar


writer. remarkably lifelike. avatar


Sculptor. Garden designer and educator. Tech industry veteran. Bigfoot stan. avatar


Twitch Partner. Streaming on the internet for 10 years. Co-Founder of Halcyon Frequency. avatar


I'm from the 70s. I'm married. I'm a Mahayana Buddhist some Chan some Zen some Vajrayana. I have ancestors from Puerto Rico but I'm not Hispanic. I have ancestors from the Seneca nation but I'm not indigenous. I have ancestors from Ireland and France but I'm not European. I've never been to the place I was born. The borderlands are my home.

Entiendo Español y puedo imitarlo (más o menos). avatar


Husband, #dog dad to two goofball #Frenchies; #bi, #DemSocialist. Passionate about #gardening and wildlife/habitat restoration. Guitar and travel are my secondary interests and hobbies. avatar


Developer of GoVJ, a Lightbeam app ✨ One half of Waiting For Review, a podcast about indie iOS development 🎙️ https://lightbeamapps.com avatar


Digital media professional with a fascination for data, maps, weather, emergencies, and local stories. Interests include #streetart, #craftbeer, #3dprinting, #roadtrip, #motorhome



Retired from HealthcareIT

hiking, gardening, cycling, nature studies, birding but #notabirder; aka Emperor of Ice Cream


Software engineer with a camera. Mastodon: me if you want to license a photo or visit avatar


Architect, Cloud, OpenSource, Gardening, Travel

#Java #Rust #Python #SpringIO #Microservices #3dprinting #FckAfd #NazisRaus #Leipzig #nobot
#Threema via W7AAXD5V avatar


Hmmm maybe this is a bird, dog, and cow photo account?
I do research in computer vision and robotics for agriculture. PhD in ECE.

Posts/typos are personal views;

I like plants, agriculture, photography. And birds! I'm a newbie photographer.
📷 scheduled sometimes M-F 7:25am USA Eastern. avatar


Welcome! I am: Dad, Husband, Tech.
Former #PortAlberni City Council.
Dual 🇨🇦🇪🇸. Speak English, French and Spanish in descending order. Climate and Decolonization are THE issues. Follow my

Opinions are only mine but you’re welcome to share them. 😆 Will post about cats, gardens, politics, sports, other random things. Socialist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, LGBTQ2S and Indigenous ally.
I run
#selfhosted server and searchable profile. avatar


Le mec des estampes avec du feu

il/lui avatar


Creator and spirit worker who works magic with words, paint, ink, music, textiles, and herbs. Founder and Temple Mom of Ariadne's Tribe (inclusive Minoan spirituality). Tarotist. Gardener. Living history demonstrator. Queer. They/she.

[Profile pic: I have pale skin, blue eyes, long gray hair that photographs blond.]

[Header: My original art of the Isopata Minoan seal ring, a ritual trance-dance scene with four priestesses and interesting visions.] avatar


I just want the kids to be at their 25th reunion like “Hey remember Miss Mac? She was the best school librarian ever.” avatar


Formerly - Thinker, writer, activist, ally, tech veteran, co-founder Trilobyte Games (the 7th Guest) & Green Econometrics. Former RN & educator. Former OR State Telecommunications Councilor. Amateur ethnomusicologist with a YouTube channel. - he/him AVATAR: older, long-haired nerd with facial hair. Missing are my round glasses. HEADER IMAGE: Oregon’s Rogue Valley, looking south from my back porch. #TwitterRefugee #BLM #PFLAG avatar


Location: Colorado, USA

Avatar description: Two cats lay nestled together on a colorful blanket, front legs tucked contentedly under their bodies as they gaze curiously at the viewer. The cat on the left is a larger brown/black striped mackerel tabby with clear green eyes and a bright white chest and feet. The smaller cat on the right is dark grey with shining green eyes and a diamond-shaped patch of white fur on her chest. Meet Henry and Diamond.


Married, moderate Humanist near retirement.

Posting/responding/boosting gardening, science fiction, science, classic movies (including Monsterdon), jazz, travel, Star Trek, HashtagGames.
May boost humor from Beige instance.

Actively retaining democracy, equity, and environment. Member of Atheists Helping the Homeless.

I may not follow back if your toots are different than my interests. Nothing personal!

All photography is mine and from Galaxy S23 Ultra unless otherwise noted. avatar


Current research on almond bud development. Ongoing interdisciplinary research on carob (Ceratonia siliqua). Disabled. Advocate for accessibility. she/her

Banner description: Carob botanical illustration by Pierre Joseph Redouté Profile photo description: Me looking over my bifocal glasses. #NoBot #Disability #Distodon #Accessibility #SciComm #Biology #Botany #PlantScience #Cycling avatar


She/her cranky pan leftist witch mountain dweller living on the traditional territories of Ktunaxa and Sinixt first nations. Amateur radio. Beekeeper. Grower of food. Writer. Old skills. Ancient rituals. Meet me on the battlefield. ⛤


Most days start with music on #vinyl. Many include a visit to the #gym. Enjoy growing fruit and veg in the garden and, until January, on the #allotment. This Bennite is done with politics. #TottenhamHotspur fan. A news editor working from home with an interest in #photography. #nowplaying #growyourown #gardening #music #London avatar


Most magical negro ever.

— sTanya

Rustler of Goats and Jimmies.
Community Anarcho-Horticulturist Network.
Uppity AF

#️⃣ • #️⃣ • #️⃣ • #️⃣ • #️⃣ • #️⃣
#AlertaAlertaAntifascista, #FashWatchCanada, #ContainerGardening #CommunityDefence, #HousingIsAHumanRight, #TorontoActions, #antifa, #HousingForAll, #fuckthepolice, #FuckShitlibs, #PoliceDontKeepUsSafe avatar


Tasmanian, but only recently...Gippsland was getting too busy 😄

Prefer animals to people, and games over anything serious.

Tasmanian Chess Champion 2023/24

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