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My ground phlox (possibly Phlox subulata/moss phlox) has achieved blanket status.

I'm a sucker for mass blooms. A friend of mine has large swaths of this phlox & was kind enough to borrow me a cup 2 yrs ago. A cup that was 1.5' x 2' chunk that I then plopped down in a 1.5' x 2' space.

Easy peasy phlox carpet squee-sy.

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Seems the self seeded columbine is going to be purple after all, but I don't care. Look how gorgeous it is! Not bad for a free plant. @gardening

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With the tulips going over, the allium have started up, including the honey garlic, those tall thin ones at the back. This nice collection happened because my bulbs got mixed up during the move & I was only partially able to separate them. Quite pleased with this accident. @gardening

Close up of the honey garlic buds which have a slight wave at the top of the bud capsule.

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My hydroponics system had a great start this year, the salad is almost ready. I also built a second horizontal one. The salad is only for testing, I'm going to plant vegetables there.

New horizontal hydroponics system made out of PVC pipes, salad for testing

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Lovely article on Birmingham allotments and the people who tend them.

‘The courgettes were so good last year, I got a tattoo of one’: life on a Birmingham allotment | Allotments | The Guardian

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More hog courtship in the garden last night. This male is significantly smaller than the previous male. No way for me to tell if the female is the same beleagured lady. What a curse, being so attractive. Anyway, that means at least 3 hogs come to my station. How cool is that? @gardening

Outside at night facing a hedgehog feeder with 2 hogs in front. The one on the left is slightly hunkered & looking behind her at the approach of the 2nd hog. The first hog makes huffing sounds as the 2nd hog moves around her, giving her a good sniff. The behaviour seems to be that the first, huffy hog is the female & the sniffing one is the male.

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Three good things for today, 4/13/2024:

  1. Finished and filed my taxes, and will be getting a refund! 💰

  2. Found another teeny tiny seedling sprouting in my flower garden. 🌱

  3. Surprised and delighted to discover that my day lily from last year seems to have survived the winter (with no help from me) and appears to be coming back to life! ☀️

#3GoodThings #ThreeGoodThings @3goodthings #Gardening

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Garden despair: I have been battling weeds now for 10yrs, putting down barrier paper and mulch even spring and fall. I am losing the battle with grass and thistles...thistles are buckling last year's paper, growing happily underneath. Plus I had an ill-advised herbal tea area that invaded everything (escaped mint, bee balm & lemon verbena). I think I may rip out everything and try some well contained raised beds. Wont keep out the deer, but neither did fences (or planting mint!)

The disaster that is my garden, already choked with thistle and grass growing through straw mulch. We've only had a few days above 60, but it's going gangbusters already and I haven't planted anything but peas yet. 🙁

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People would think horticulture has nothing to do with accessibility, but it does.

Planting an Acanthus in this narrow spot was already a bad choice even if there were no wheelchair ramp there. You have to design your landscape for the projected mature size of the plant, not the size it is when you buy it.

But having it here and not constantly trimming it means you're just performing accessibility.

This is the entrance to an art gallery. #Accessibility #Gardening @plants

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Ok, so now my little greenhouse is full to capacity with tomatoes, peppers, Jalapeños, eggplant, lettuce, snapdragons, parsley, basil and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting about. Weather outside is currently 46⁰F (8⁰C) and dropping, and the wind is gusting to 42mph (67kph) and it's raining again. How am I supposed to get this all planted out? All that's in the ground so far are some unhappy onions and frazzled lettuce plants.

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Finally a warm and sunny day on the allotment. A bit of planting and Comfrey Corner is starting to flourish.
The pond just isn't clearing due to silting from all the rain. I need the vegetation to grow a bit around it to absorb some of the run-off.
I found a skip full of compost and old decking, exactly what I needed to finish the beds!
Also scored some railway sleepers I might use to make extra mini terraces down slope.
#gardening #allotment

Looking down the allotment onto the terrace, the beds are filled with soil and compost. Above the terrace in the foreground is a garden area, just starting to green up, and below the terrace you can see the bottom of the area, woodchipped and used for storage.
A shady corner of the allotment where the comfrey and borage is growing strong.

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...so...today we reached the record temperature of 28°C
Which is... absolutely crazy this time of year.

Next week temperatures will drop to 14°C max...
They say there will be strong winds and hailstorms.
I was going to plant tomatoes tomorrow... maybe I'll wait...👀

#Gardening is hard work. 😮‍💨

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