Rihilism, avatar

My ground phlox (possibly Phlox subulata/moss phlox) has achieved blanket status.

I'm a sucker for mass blooms. A friend of mine has large swaths of this phlox & was kind enough to borrow me a cup 2 yrs ago. A cup that was 1.5' x 2' chunk that I then plopped down in a 1.5' x 2' space.

Easy peasy phlox carpet squee-sy.

junesim63, avatar

Lovely article on Birmingham allotments and the people who tend them.

‘The courgettes were so good last year, I got a tattoo of one’: life on a Birmingham allotment | Allotments | The Guardian

lionelb, avatar


On their arm. One hopes. Ahem.

junesim63, avatar

@lionelb ooh matron...

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Three good things for today, 4/13/2024:

  1. Finished and filed my taxes, and will be getting a refund! 💰

  2. Found another teeny tiny seedling sprouting in my flower garden. 🌱

  3. Surprised and delighted to discover that my day lily from last year seems to have survived the winter (with no help from me) and appears to be coming back to life! ☀️

#3GoodThings #ThreeGoodThings @3goodthings #Gardening

lionelb, avatar

@tiamat271 @3goodthings

Day-lilies are very tough. Oddly, they are closely related to hostas.

lynneverson, avatar

Garden despair: I have been battling weeds now for 10yrs, putting down barrier paper and mulch even spring and fall. I am losing the battle with grass and thistles...thistles are buckling last year's paper, growing happily underneath. Plus I had an ill-advised herbal tea area that invaded everything (escaped mint, bee balm & lemon verbena). I think I may rip out everything and try some well contained raised beds. Wont keep out the deer, but neither did fences (or planting mint!)

The disaster that is my garden, already choked with thistle and grass growing through straw mulch. We've only had a few days above 60, but it's going gangbusters already and I haven't planted anything but peas yet. 🙁

compost, avatar


If I were in your situation, what I would do is to make a radical decision and use a tarp over the areas that are affected. It will solarize it and kill all the weeds.

It is how some market gardeners start new gardens, they tarp it for about 6 months to 1 year. Then they remove the tarp and add a lot of compost to do their beds. It works very well. You can even if you want to plant cut some holes through the tarp.

MostlyTato, avatar

Finally a warm and sunny day on the allotment. A bit of planting and Comfrey Corner is starting to flourish.
The pond just isn't clearing due to silting from all the rain. I need the vegetation to grow a bit around it to absorb some of the run-off.
I found a skip full of compost and old decking, exactly what I needed to finish the beds!
Also scored some railway sleepers I might use to make extra mini terraces down slope.
#gardening #allotment

Looking down the allotment onto the terrace, the beds are filled with soil and compost. Above the terrace in the foreground is a garden area, just starting to green up, and below the terrace you can see the bottom of the area, woodchipped and used for storage.
A shady corner of the allotment where the comfrey and borage is growing strong.

levampyre, avatar

@MostlyTato This is an interesting garden, you have. Is it in the middle of a city?

richrollgardener, avatar

Ok, so now my little greenhouse is full to capacity with tomatoes, peppers, Jalapeños, eggplant, lettuce, snapdragons, parsley, basil and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting about. Weather outside is currently 46⁰F (8⁰C) and dropping, and the wind is gusting to 42mph (67kph) and it's raining again. How am I supposed to get this all planted out? All that's in the ground so far are some unhappy onions and frazzled lettuce plants.

juc, avatar we reached the record temperature of 28°C
Which is... absolutely crazy this time of year.

Next week temperatures will drop to 14°C max...
They say there will be strong winds and hailstorms.
I was going to plant tomatoes tomorrow... maybe I'll wait...👀

#Gardening is hard work. 😮‍💨

dnc, avatar
Pollinators, avatar

@dnc. No. These are good seed potatoes.

Irisfreundin, avatar

@dnc There are no "white hairs" - these are roots already. The potatoes should be placed carefully in potting soil so that nothing breaks off.

It is more the case that the seed potatoes are not good without such sprouts.

clarebee, avatar

The daily check of the seeds I'm trying to grow on my one sunny windowsill. It always seems so completely and utterly improbable that anything will grow at all from those tiny dried-up specks.

And then that first green nub appearing in dark soil. A tiny miracle.

dnc, avatar
Irisfreundin, avatar

@dnc The farmers in the cucmber region (Spreewald) in Germany do.

levampyre, avatar

@dnc Nope, I usually grow them on obelisk trellises.

dnc, avatar
Irisfreundin, avatar

@dnc What plant is that?

dnc, avatar

@Irisfreundin pumpkins / zucchini

msquebanh, avatar
msquebanh, avatar

Ornamental crabapple tree blossoms, columbine flower buds & strawberry flowers & baby strawberries growing in front & side gardens.

LoraHughes, avatar

First foxtail has made an appearance. #gardening @gardening

Irisfreundin, avatar

@LoraHughes @gardening
I'd like to know which plant that is. Do you have the Latin name?
Foxtail in German is this plant:

dbc3, avatar

Finally used up the last of my habenero crop from last year. These were frozen: some during the high yield period in early fall, some just prior to first killing freeze, picked green & ripened in containers. I fermented 9 days, processed last evening when rain drove me off from landscaping. Pure habenero is the BEST hot sauce. Flavorful, leaves you with a warm glow all over. I also grew tabascos last year, but birds ate most. I'll try again but protect with wire mesh.

derthomas, (edited ) avatar

Good morning people of the Mastodons!

Now look at that, some apricots survived the frost nights we had some weeks ago!

I hope that we'll have some nice 🍑 to harvest later this year.

derthomas, avatar

@manon eine Marille ist besser als keine Marille 😊

manon, avatar

@derthomas Das ganz sicher. 😊

dnc, avatar
Irisfreundin, avatar

@dnc I never fertilize small plants. Potting soil usually contains too much fertilizer. I meager it down with coco coir and lava granules. Vermiculite is produced using very much energy producing CO2. You contradict all climate-friendly intention by using such an industrial product.
No fertilizer until the tomatos are 4 weeks planted at their final place unless you'll get big red water collecting balls without aroma.

LoraHughes, avatar

I lifted the grapevine & brought it with us last autumn. It lived. @gardening

JimmyB, avatar

@LoraHughes @gardening such a great feeling when a plant doesn’t die!

CoolerPseudonym, avatar

I have a dumb question

What the heck is an allotment?

I get it’s a patch of land somewhere you get to use for gardening, but that’s where my understanding leaves off.

Who owns the land? Who administers the allotments? How are they assigned? For what term? How much does it cost? How big is an allotment? How far from your home? What can you do with an allotment? Do you know your allotment neighbors? Is there inter-allotment conflict?

levampyre, avatar

@CoolerPseudonym I'm interested in the replies, too. I have no idea. But I expect it to be similar to German Kleingärten or Schrebergärten.

thegardendude, avatar

Arugula! #gardening

ai6yr, avatar

Planted 14 new grapevines in the backyard. Do I need that many? Probably not. Will all of them survive? Probably not. But, what the heck. Still need to find room for a few other varieties.

natesiggard, avatar

@ai6yr want any more hydroton? I’m keen to throw in a couple grape vines

ai6yr, avatar

@natesiggard Sure! You can come snag whatever kind you want!

katfeete, avatar

Things I have learned from last year’s tomato seedling experience: transplant early, transplant often, and when you do bury those leggy little suckers up to the LEAVES

Things I have not learned: don’t plant so many tomatoes 😅

sdeibel, avatar

We struggle with wood chucks that dig everywhere, eat everything, get into buildings, etc. One of the hazards of trying to trap them is the occasional skunk getting into the trap. A very long stick with a hook on it is necessary equipment. This skunk didn't smell at all and seemed quite comfortable in the trap, to the point of taking an extended nap after I'd opened the door for him. I finally managed to lure him out with a fried egg and some sliced apple.

A 15' pole with a hook on the end has been used to open the live trap that the skunk got into, but since he's nocturnal he's more interested in snoozing and didn't leave through the opened door for more than two hours.

sdeibel, avatar

@thepoliticalcat We love our skunks, in part because they eat the ground wasp nests, but also because they have a schedule and come around on their route at just the same time every day, which I find very endearing. They rarely smell. They're also really good at cleaning off the barbeque grill cage if you happen to leave that lying around at night. 😕 But I've never had any real problem with them and when in the trap like this they seem to be kept quite calm by me chattering away at them.

thepoliticalcat, avatar

@sdeibel How adorable!

Mutedog, avatar

How do I know when the potatoes growing out of my compost pile are ready to harvest?

dougiec3, avatar

The first sign of spring in an unintentional garden the past three years- daikon radish sprouts. We scattered seeds as a soil booster and I discovered that I don't much care for the radish part, but the greens and seed pods are really tasty and make a great salad.

photo of daikon radish sprouts

shekinahcancook, avatar


Yes, I grow beets for the greens. I have some sweet pickled beets in the cubbard, but nobody but me really likes them here. So we don't serve them very often. Everyone likes the sauteed greens though. So I grow beets to harvest the large leaves all summer.

juc, avatar

My neighbour, "your lawn is beautiful! Look at mine, it's so full of weeds! What do you do to get such a beautiful lawn?"
"Uh...kind of... nothing? I leave it alone?"
"But that's impossible, if you don't mow the la lawn you get a lawn full of weeds."
"Sure thing. Indeed that's why my lawn is beautiful and yours full of weeds." 🤦

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