Thank you so much for your support! 😍

I just saw an email from Buy Me a Coffee. Not just one. I went in, and I'm truly shocked. Thank you all for the support; I would like to thank each and every one of you individually someday. Honestly, I don't know what to say. The account balance is $350, which will definitely allow me to develop kbin faster or at least not worry so much about equipment costs. Today, I don't have the headspace to think about how exactly I'll use it, but I will definitely consult with you and report back in the future. Thank you also for all the kind words, suggestions, and questions. They are equally important to me.

I'm sorry that the current circumstances are such that kbin isn't functioninng as it should, but it has given me additional motivation to keep fighting. That's for sure.


Honestly dude start a Patreon or something even if you only do it for temporary. I would chip in $5/month for a while to pay for server costs if it means getting a stable site and a viable alternative to Reddit.


It's going to be a heck of an effort. I'd be down to contribute to Patreon if this is an option.

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Absolutely; seems only fair! Exploring this place has me excited about the future of the social internet for the first time in ages


It's also useful because it allows monthly flow, which is way more useful for planning than just a lump sum and ??? on what you'll get in a few months.

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Also it helps to further gauge growth. New users is one thing, but new users actively donating for the betterment of the project is something entirely different. (Also first comment, hope this place explodes in a good way!)


I’d like to second this


Third this


Motion passed.

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Agreed, brah. I just donated, and would gladly donate via recurring methods if implemented. Also, what Kaldo said earlier...don't develop this by yourself, you're gonna burn out faster than you think.

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In case anyone is wondering, this is the link.

This is super nice, but I think (and hope) you're going to need a lot more than $350 very soon!


I cannot get the PayPal link to work...

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Please support debit cards..

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I'm glad the project is getting traction, it really seems like a promising piece of tech and I'd love for more people to start using it! Fediverse-based communities really seem like the future that we should work towards.

If there's one piece of advice I could give as a fellow software dev... try not to take it all on yourself and burn out. Get the project as ready for contributors as possible, update readmes and docs and mark easy issues that other people can potentially solve. Otherwise it's gonna start to feel like exponential amount of work and pressure over time.

Anyway, gj and gl!

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Solid advice! I'd also like to chime in and recommend that apart from keeping the official server alive so that new users can come in, please prioritize on making it easier for other developers to start contributing to the codebase and setting up new instances.

I love the way people are supporting you and the way this project has been shaping up. Best wishes!


Second this. I’d suspect the influx of Reddit expatriates contains a disproportionate rate of software engineers compared to the general population, many of whom would be happy to help support this project in their free time. Source: it’s me, I am one.


I have seen used a lot to collect donations in a transparent way (also supporting crypto payments). Maybe that is something you want to look into as well.

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I definitely prefer this to patreon. I would absolutely set a monthly recurring donation for this project!

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Great shout out to Open Collective. Better to support open source community efforts than yet another corpo-profit-machine

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I am stunned how well the place is holding up, well done. The odd little issue is to be expected. The next few weeks could be crazy, so look after yourself.

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yeah, the 12th will be bananas. Then it should slow down a bit, then July 1 will be just a MASSIVE spike. Hopefully we can get through it all well!

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I just checked some reviews on and a lot of people complained that the site was unreliable when it came to paying out, have you been able to withdraw actual money into your actual bank account from it yet? As soon as that's confirmed I'd be pleased to chip in.

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I created account today. However, I see that I have integrated my account with Stripe, and I can already see that funds are being transferred directly there.

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Good to hear, have some coffee. :)


I want to donate but I don't have a CC. I can use Paypal to donate.

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$350 is a lot? This site must be pretty lean if it can handle this influx of users for cheap. I'd love to know more about how it's set up and hosted.

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More likable than Spez already lol

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That's a very low bar lol

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@ernest You should do a big announcement for your donation thing. Do you have like a official Kbin fediverse profile for people to follow?

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@mstrbtr Yeah, I'm pretty bad at self-promo ;p Soon, I plan to create an official account on


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Maybe that's something the community can help with. It's also often better received when someone else says something positive about a project or service.

So let's spread the word about Kbin and do some promo for ernest!

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Thank you @ernest! Really appreciate you being transparent and keeping us updated.

It will probably be hectic the next couple weeks, but please let us know how we as a community can help you along the process.

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your efforts are thanks enough for me. Happy to help support you and this project.


Yeah, funding for site hosting and development is probably essential.

Listen, back in the old days (fuck me to death with chopsticks I feel old), the internet was run by users.

Users posted the sites, users ran the sites (basically proto mods, lol), and users hosted the sites. THEY ALSO DEVELOPED THE SITES, usually in fucking notepad (yeah bitches, I'm talking back in 1999 here.

One thing that the internet was back then was community driven. This corporate walled garden bullshit didn't exist at all at the time, and the internet of today is unrecognizable. Back then, everyone basically had their own website. Almost anyway, but if you were into a game, the two forums for that game, were hosted privately by some dudes who loved the game, with a website that had info on the game hosted by some other dude who lost his family to the game (tbf, he was probably pretending to be another dude, Tropic Thunder rocks).

Eventually, all of this stuff became Reddit and Wikipedia, etc. It got centralized and had to cater to financial pressure from ad agencies, etc (hence, the bullshit you see today).

The users of the internet back then were happy enough to throw in to hosting costs if they were needed (they usually were).

I'm happy to help here, many users (according to this thread) are likewise happy to throw in, it'll work just fine like it always did.

Funding is easy if people are willing, this thread says that they are. We just need to set something up and funding for hosting costs, etc can just vanish for you.

You know that you can just place a Paypal QR code here and people can send money to it, right? That could work. Paypal takes tiny % of transaction fees compared to most of the more standard payment collection platforms like gofundme, etc.

Make a monthly server cost target (with good bandwidth, nobody wants shit bandwidth and lag) with a QR code to send money via Paypal or whatever is best (I'm hardly a comprehensive expert on the subject of payment platforms). Be open and transparent about it (post your Paypal transactions/balance, etc), and any hosting costs should vanish and not be a problem. People are clearly happy to pay them.

If you're not developing this thing full time, just talk to the community and maybe we can work something out.

I'm seeing a lot of willing here for what this platform is offering.


Hey, I'd like to send you some money for server costs directly so that "buy me a coffee" doesn't take a cut, how do I do it? I'm happy enough with bank transfers for community-driven things like this but I understand if you're not comfortable exposing yourself that way. Paypal is another option, if you're amenable, as they take a far lesser cut.

I'm basing this on "Buy me a coffee" looking like a 30% cut type of company, but I don't know how much they take in reality. I'd much prefer to cut out any middle men though if it's an ongoing donation.


Keep up the great work, just getting into kbin and enjoying it!


Can someone post a link to the buymeacoffee page so I can donate?


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