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I noticed, but it's not me... not yet. The traffic simply dropped to an acceptable level. I'm working on maintaining this state permanently, and I think I'm on the right track. I want to do it really well and make use of the new possibilities we have now. In the meantime, I'm organizing the git/issues and will be on Matrix where we resolve certain technical matters. But I'll be back here soon and will tell you everything :)

Good morning, everyone!

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good morning 👋

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Thanks for all your hard work!!!!

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Good morning sir

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The Americans are asleep..

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Awesome and good morning!

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thank you.


How can I join the kbin matrix?


What is kbin matrix?


I think Matrix is a Messenger Protocoll and the kbin Matrix is the "Groupchat". But that is just hearsay your honor.


Hearsay or not, its great ELI5. Thanks


Get a Matrix client and join the “kbin” room 🙂

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The easiest way is through the Element app


ok cool, I already had element but wasn't sure what homeserver kbin was on. I think that would be a good thing to put on (unless it's already there and I just missed it). I've joined now though, thanks!

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Good morning, nice work keeping kbin from going down!


Well, at least the answer isn't a massive cash inflow from Tencent. Though I've noticed a suspicious lack of tank man since coming here... /joke

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Good morning!

Don't forget to take breaks, even when there's a lot to do! We're all very happy to be here already, nothing is urgent enough that it's worth burning out over. :)

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Good morning, hope you're getting some sleep ;)

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Good morning! You're doing a stellar job, please make sure to look after yourself!


Will hosting our own lemmy instance help, or is the traffic from federated content still the same to Kbin's backend?


It'll likely help, the speed seems to depend on the amount of active users

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Does this mean that Kbin will start federating again?

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You are doing an amazing job bud

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It's fast enough tbh. the issue right now for me is that its not pulling in other instances' posts making it kinda a ghost-town lol. if you look at something like fedia it has a lot more posts and such.

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Idk if it’s just me but I feel like there’s a gap/wall between us here on kbin and others on other instances like lemmy. I feel like we are less interconnected than I thought.

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I’m seeing more stuff float in from other instances now. It’s getting better.

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it's temporary until the server stuff gets fixed

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Excited for that. Everything has its growing pains and kbin is really new.

CatBookCat avatar

i really enjoy kbin so far.

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Yup, that's what I'm saying. the federation ain't working right so it's like there's a "wall". Once federation starts working properly again it'll go away and work as expected.

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Same, I think. Can @ernest comment on this, guide us on how to see more from other instances? I'm assuming it's because of the Cloudflare protection though.

edit: Nevermind I just saw the top pinned post on kbinMeta


There's nothing you can do, no guide to make, the cloudflare ddos protection needs to be turned off and federation needs to sync up.

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When the federation works again there will be a big bang

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Yup. if fedia is anything to go by, once federation is working it'll be very cool. idk whether it's better to just stay on fedia, or stay here, or what.... right now I'm just running two accounts lol.

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I'm hoping we get the feature Mastodon has where you can migrate your stuff to other instances

Otome-chan avatar

yeah that will definitely be nice for sure.

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I tried to move by creating account in Fedia, but it keeps saying my account is inactive when I try to login. No email verification either. I guess I will stay here 🤷‍♂️

Otome-chan avatar

Check spam mail for fedia's verification email. idk why gmail put fedia's in spam but not's lol.

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Fedia is a new instance, so the DNS entries for it likely haven't been around as long. Recently created MX records and domains tend to be treated with much more suspicion by e-mail providers.

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Yeah. I have a concern that because of the length of time it's been down we'll be seeing bigger than normal fragmentation of communities.

It's already the case that the previous "big" communities from places like and have been replaced by KBin ones meanin that going forward this instance may be hosting the greater number - which isn't good for the fediverse.

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Yeah... hopefully it can be resolved soon? It's a bit tiring hopping between two different websites to see everything.

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Counterpoint, maybe it is good in a "rip the bandaid off" sort of way. If it didn't happen, we'd probably see way more centralization of communities on a single instance (almost everything was on before the federation broke). Now we have multiple instances with large communities on duplicate topics. We will likely have to figure out the best way to deal with that, and better it is figured out early.

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Surprised that nobody's pointed out the obvious:

It was the middle of the night in the US. All the Americans, that tend to dominate English-speaking forums, are just waking up.

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Zoom Zoom - Now are we seeing all Fediverse content? I want it all!!!

roofuskit avatar

People in the US mostly went to sleep. It'll probably be brutal during work hours.

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Pretty sure it's just early morning in most of the relevant parts of the world right now and some of the initial curiosity is gone as well. Once it's evening it will likely be worse again.

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Anyone know if they fixed the Cloudflare issues so we can use apps and federate across instances again?

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Reminds me of after the Twitter takeover last year. There were frequent outages as the admins desperately tried to increase their server space to deal with all the new users.

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To a degree at least. I suppose that once the storm calms down a bit, it becomes easier for people to spin up their own instances and federation starts working the way it should it'll ease up even more.


Yup, everything is working pretty well now! This morning it was near impossible to do anything. So great to see communities really starting to grow here now.

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I tried finding the source, but was unable to. There was mention he turned off something on cloud flare that should help the speed.

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I believe I remember reading Saturday or Sunday that they were buying better servers or something. I'm not an IT dude. But I recall him saying it should be faster at the beginning of the week...which is now

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the future is now!

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