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For those of you that like to take online quizzes and assessments, here's a mental health one...

Mine didn't tell me anything I didn't already know regarding depression and anxiety. Those have been with me off and on my whole life, and I came by them honest, as the saying goes. As for ADHD, well, one of my kids was actually diagnosed, so I did suspect it.

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: "For teenagers with existing mental health issues who seek comfort or answers online, social media looks custom-built to amplify whatever dark feelings of inadequacy they’re already struggling with, while for bullied children, smartphones enable persecution around the clock. Those two risks alone should be enough to invoke the precautionary principle, and Esther Ghey’s plan – which essentially treats social media like alcohol or tobacco, legal harms that kids must learn to navigate eventually but preferably not before they’re mature enough to cope – does so.

But treating smartphones as the only source of children’s unhappiness is scientifically shaky and politically too convenient, skating as it does over significantly more expensive problems to solve: poverty, parental stress, the shocking under-provision both of children’s mental health services and youth work services offering safe, interesting, alternative ways for kids to spend their time. It’s perhaps not a coincidence that Haidt’s thesis – in which the key role for the state is the relatively cheap one of regulator – has been most eagerly adopted on the political right.

Yet even he stresses that this isn’t just about phones, but over-anxious parenting and the decline of adventurous, unsupervised play for younger children: climbing trees and falling out of them, making dens, roaming the neighbourhood on your bike, and other experiences the National Trust’s research suggests too many children lack."

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New #blog post.

Sunglasses are my new love language, and donkeys are smarter than soldiers.

(with a shout out to @shannoncurtis and @hilljam)

#USmil #retirement #MusicProduction #Nashville #MentalHealth

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Jay Kuo interviews John Gartner, founder of Duty To Warn, a group of mental health professionals who have been raising the alarm about Trump’s increasingly sociopathic behavior since 2017. Gartner says he couldn't believe his eyes at what the press did after Biden became president: he states,

#Trump #Biden #MentalHealth #MentalDecline #media #MediaFail

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Feeling angry? Here's some advice from a recent Japanese study — write down those thoughts and throw the paper away. You'll probably feel better.

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'My mental health was hanging by a thread': Ulta customer shares why you should never get your haircut there

#ally #mentalhealth

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#Schools #Education #CellphoneBans #MentalHealth: "Our research found four studies that identified a slight improvement in academic achievement when phones were banned in schools. However, two of these studies found this improvement only applied to disadvantaged or low-achieving students.

Some studies compared schools where there were partial bans against schools with complete bans. This is a problem because it confuses the issue.

But three studies found no differences in academic achievement, whether there were mobile phone bans or not. Two of these studies used very large samples. This masters thesis looked at 30% of all schools in Norway. Another study used a nationwide cohort in Sweden. This means we can be reasonably confident in these results.

Mental health and wellbeing

Two studies in our review, including this doctoral thesis, reported mobile phone bans had positive effects on students’ mental health. However, both studies used teachers’ and parents’ perceptions of students’ wellbeing (the students were not asked themselves).

Two other studies showed no differences in psychological wellbeing following mobile phone bans. However, three studies reported more harm to students’ mental health and wellbeing when they were subjected to phone bans."

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is exhausting, physically and emotionally. You must replenish your strength for your own wellbeing and that of the person you support. is a necessity, not a luxury.

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#SocialMedia #NativeAmericans #Indigenous #MentalHealth #children #lawsuits

"Two tribal nations are accusing social media companies of contributing to the disproportionately high rates of suicide among Native American youth. Their lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles county court names Facebook and Instagram’s parent company Meta Platforms; Snapchat's Snap Inc.; TikTok parent company ByteDance; and Alphabet, which owns YouTube and Google, as defendants."

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After Decades of Imprisoning , Approves Secure Mental Health Facility

The Idaho Legislature has approved funding for a 26-bed facility after ProPublica found that state lawmakers and officials ignored repeated warnings about the practice of locking up mentally ill patients who hadn’t been convicted of a .

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Seeking participants 🚨.

Measuring metacognitive differences in facial emotional judgments.

Open to all



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After Decades of Imprisoning Patients, Idaho Approves Secure Mental Health Facility

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Nature indeed has power to heal the soul 🌿


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Life is continuously trying to see how far it can push us towards the edge.

If we believe that there is a huge amount of energy required to push back against what is pushing us then there will be.

If we don’t believe there is huge effort required then there won’t be.

If one sees past the illusions, the schemes will not end there because life is continuously trying to push us away, and no matter how aware one might be, one is bound to fall into the same trap.

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Research has shown that flexibility, security and autonomy in the workplace are strong determinants of health.

And new research shows that employees who don’t have control over their work schedule take a serious #mentalhealth hit.

Why employers should care, besides just being good employers:
When workers aren’t feeling well mentally, they’re less productive and more likely to miss work. Their creativity, collaboration and ability to meet job demands also suffer.

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When you are #caregiving for a loved one, making #selfcare a priority can feel impossible. For your own #wellbeing and that of the person you love, it is a practical necessity and a key to endurance.

#Alzheimers #dementia #mentalhealth #quote

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“The devastating psychological effects of prolonged solitary confinement causes prisoners significant mental harm and places them at a grave risk of even more future psychological harm.”

From the archives: Texas has banished hundreds of prisoners to more than a decade of solitary confinement. Many of these prisoners aren’t sure how—or, in some cases, if—they will ever get out.

#prison #news #politics #USpol #Texas #HumanRights #MentalHealth

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The social norm is constructed: not naturally occurring but created by the society in which it is found.
Hence there are no actions which in themselves are inherently #abnormal or universally condemned by all societies at all times. Deviance is thus situational and contextual.

🧶 #longThread @sociology @socialpsych

#EstelleSays #assertive #selfCare #positive #self #selfStudy #bias #reputation #norm #conformation #normal #mentalHealth #sexuality #pervert #moralPanic #morals #EstelleInterprets #sociology #queer #LGBTQ #Deviance

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The social norm is constructed: not naturally occurring but created by the society in which it is found.
Hence there are no actions which in themselves are inherently or universally condemned by all societies at all times. Deviance is thus situational and contextual.

🧶 @sociology @socialpsych

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