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Wales and 20mph speed limits

From The Times today

'However, figures published this week show injuries on the roads fell by a third in the final quarter of last year compared to the same period a year earlier. After a review, the Welsh government agreed to more 30mph exemptions but insisted that most roads should remain at 20mph.’

The hysteria about 20mph was just that - rabble rousing based on no attention to the details. That included Times reporting.

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I should add that for 5 months of the year we live in the Scottish Borders (migrate north during the winter for reasons). We have had 20mph limits on most roads in towns and village for some years - actually a Conservative policy, supported by most - and it has made a noticeable difference to traffic and pedestrians during that time.

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In honor of Pride:
"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine."
Alan Turing

#WhimsicalWondering #Walking #WeightLoss #Wandering #Wizard #SorinsDay

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I walked 198 km during May. Compared to 211 km in May 2023.

#Walking #HeartHealth

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Ok folks
9 miles
Steps Bridge nr Mortenhampstead, through Dunsford woods, and out onto Mardon Down.

A host of river wildlife
Solitary forest
Stone circle action

Join me. LET'S GO

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The first stretch from Steps Bridge through Dunsford wood is a maze of paths along the river Teign. Its fricking beautiful!

The sun is doing marvelous dappled things. It's a National Trust stretch of land, with well worn paths, and theres a handful of people out and about.

#walk #walking #hike #hiking

A thin tree trunk reaches out of a curl of roots on a shingle river beach. A shower if green hemlock at its base. The water rushes in a mass if colours behind it, and the far bank is a silhouette of beech trees as the sun lights up a meadow behind them.

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I am secretly hoping to spot am otter. I don't.
But there are birds everywhere. Wagtails, robins, blackbirds.
A WOODPECKER who I'm positive called me something VERY rude. White throated dippers and a fledgling sat on the path who I shoo'd into the undergrowth away from dogs.

Then as I stopped to gaze at the water for the millionth time, a kingfisher!
It zoomed down the centre of the river, it's back glistening in the sun.

Pretty much made my day that.

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I come out of the woods onto the lane at Clifford, and follow its curve along the river. My aim is to ignore the more popular route to Fingle Bridge, and to climb through Halls Cleave woods towards the Down. Making up a sort of circular as I go. I've not really planned how I'll get back to the start yet. Will see how I feel after the hilly bit.

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These woods are forestry commision and managed. But the tracks that make up the paths through it are largely overgrown.
I get the feeling I'm completely alone here.
It's a whole mishmash of wood types. Some Redwood plantation still exists, there's Oak coppice, and areas that native trees have taken over.
The track I'm taking down the eastern side, winds up high on a slope so that I'm walking alongside canopy, looking over the valley.

#walking #walk #hike #hiking

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Halls Cleave is full of Southern Wood ants. Large ants that build impressive colonies. Big respect for these dudes.
There are masses of flowers too. Yellow Pimpernel, Vetch and Stichwort being besties in the bracken, some late Bluebells, and lots of this (badly out of focus sorry) little yellow tubular flower that I don't know. Anyone know what this is?

A Blubell, its stem curving in a arc, hung with bright flowers. It sits among a verge of green grasses and ferns

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After a rather long climb I finally make it out of the tree line and onto the Down. The horizon is haze filled, but the views still breathtaking.

The heath is scattered with apple trees and hawthorn, and masses of bluebells and bracken.

Onwards to the cairns

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Here she is!

Marden Stone Circle. Built in the Neolithic age. I just marvel at the age of these structures and who stood here and decided Yep. Good place to whack some stones up I reckon!

This is the largest circle on Dartmoor at 38m. Although only a handful of stones remain, it's still impressive, and the view across to Dartmoor is astonishing.

Birds dart through the gorse. The air is still.

#standingStoneSunday #walking #walk #hike #hiking

A stone stands upright, curving slightly towards the ground. Behind it a few more squat stones follow on an arc. The grass is dotted with buttercups and there is gorse in the background.
Close up of the standing stone. Mottled with weathering where minerals stand proud.
A view across the circle showing its shape mostly outlined by earth works and a scattering of stones. One stone stands in the foreground, patterned with lichens. The hills roll away into the haze beyond

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I reckon I'm around two 3rds through my walk, so I have a rest on a small cairn circle that sits next to the larger one, while I decide how to get back to Steps Bridge. This small circle is Bronze age. Meh. So modern!

I decide not to go back through the woods, but to zigzag via the lanes and bridleways.

As I set off again, I pass a group of massive Long Horn cattle having a doze in the sun.

#hike #hiking #walking #walk

My map showing the edge of the area I'm in, an out of focus view of the stone circle behind it.

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At Doccombe cross I cut down a bridleway, which is actaully a thin steep lane that has clearly not been used in sometime. The entrance to the cut through is heavily overgrown and absolutely full of flowers.

Feels like an adventure... I'm Going In!

A deep muddy track disappears into a mass of foliage between high hedges that enfold the lane like a tunnel.
Looking down path of the tunnel of tress and hedge, through high grass and sprays of flowers.

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Witchy Lane is very witchy.

I spot another woodpecker that shoots out in front of me. The ground is paved occasionally with large slabs of stone that must already have been here and decided the lane's location for the people who found them. The whole length is enclosed by the trees canopy creating the sense that I'm making my way through a portal and at any moment will enter another time. Maybe I did at one point. It would be impossible to tell.

I love it here.

#walking #walk #hike #hiking

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I emerge out into the very clearly 2024 and on to the B3212. I follow the main road, along with a surprising amount of other pedestrians, for around a mile, before cutting up another bridleway through Bridford Woods. The last stretch greats me with a Bullfinch and a patch of Orchids. Early Purple I think? Anyone able to confirm?

#walking #walk #hike #hiking #bloomScrolling

A pinky purple orchid, with a thin stem and loose collection of small flowers. They are starting to turn and are tinged with brown. Green Ransom leaves fill the background.

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And that is the 9 miles done, just as the sun slips in.
A variety of Woodlands, wildflowers a plenty and some marvelous birds.

Dusting of possible magic for good measure.

Thanks for coming along!

#walk #walking #hike #hiking

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✏️ The Benefits Of Daily Walks

I’m not a fitness coach or therapist, but I can tell you nothing has improved my physical and mental health more than the simple habit of taking daily walks…


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African Iris I saw yesterday after work. The wind made it hard to frame and focus.

#BloomScrolling #Flowers #Walking #Photo

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🧐Fun Fact: Did you know it takes about 200 muscles just to take one step?

🎨Want to see stunning art by Frank Stella, a renowned modern artist known for his minimalist and abstract style?

👟Take a virtual walk with me on the Northern Strand Community Trail in Malden! 🌳

▶️This short video showcases the trail's beauty, including vibrant community gardens and a mural by Frank Stella. Plus, I share more fun facts about walking!✨

#walking #nature #art #outdoors #health #graffiti #fun #mentalhealth


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