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What do you call the plastic or metallic bowl used to take a bath without a shower? @nostupidquestions @nostupidquestions @whatisthisthing

It is a hand held device used to get water from the bucket, a tub, or a bigger tank to poor it on oneself. It could look like a bug mug or a pan, maybe without a handle.

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@perviouslyiner @variants Yes, a jug. Or more likely a Dipper. Just found it moments ago.


Another word is ladle, but that’s usually cooking, like to serve out soup. Most places in Europe have enough clean hot running water that people shower, or climb into the tub and wash there.

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Why does it have to any specific community? Just pick a test community on the instance. It doesn’t need to be nostupidquestions

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@breadsmasher Hmm first post there. In such a case , i never had any intention of posting there again .
hope that helps

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@nostupidquestions what happens when all neurons fire at the same time?


I’m not an electrician either, but can all those volts be just added up?

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Dumb answers are just the first step in iterating your way to the right answer, if you could see all the dumb answers that go through my head you wouldn’t feel so bad. :)


@nostupidquestions - Can I post from mastodon to lemmy ⁉️

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How does one do this?


Post from mastodon with @community or something like-that


How stressful is to be a yoga teacher? Engineers, doctors, school teachers are known to have a lot of pressure in their jobs, I wonder if the same happens for yoga teachers and similar jobs?

Cc @nostupidquestions


@voidspace thank you this is super insightful

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You’re welcome. Glad it helped.


Does anyone else think "pinch and zoom" like a phone when you are looking at physical Pictures that are small?

I cant seem to get those brain worms out of my head!




No, but I’ve wanted to ctrl+f before.


If my dental insurance has 100% coinsurance on preventative and basic care, 70% coinsurance on major care, a deductible of $50, and a maximum payout of $2000, does that mean I can only spend the insurance $ on major services and pay out of pocket for everything else?


I work in a healthcare adjacent field but even half my coworkers would probably still have difficulty answering these questions so take what I say as a hopeful truth.

Yes you would be correct. And your major care the insurance will only pay 30% of, up to $2000. To hit that max coverage amount you’d have to have a total cost of $6,666.66 and you’d owe out of pocket $4,666.66. (I actually just realized I forgot the $50 deductible but numbers are close enough).

Also for major care, many dental plans (less obvious when through an employer but still possible) there may be a waiting period to use those benefits such as 6-18 months. This is to prevent someone from getting insurance, using it immediately for the benefit, and then cancelling (or even if not cancelling, they just don’t want someone who knows they have a large procedure coming up to sign up just to save $).

To be honest that plan doesn’t sounds great and I’m shocked preventive isn’t fully covered or at least covered with a deductible. If it’s an option i’d do the math to see if it’s worth just saving the premiums and paying outright. Additionally many dental practices will negotiate discounts for cash payments.

Edit: Also thanks for the inspiration to write my first Lemmy comment. I don’t usually feel I have something unique to offer but this excited me!


Yeah, about the only benefit you’re getting here is the insurer’s negotiated discount with dentists.

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Considering the new European legislation, which forces interoperability between social networks and some speculate that's why Threads uses ActivityPub, wouldn't that force the European Fediverse to interact with Meta?

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From what I can read here:

The DMA’s threshold is very high: companies will only be hit by the rules if they have an annual turnover of €7.5 billion within the EU or a worldwide market valuation of €75 billion. Gatekeepers must also have at least 45 million monthly individual end-users and 100,000 business users.

So instances will not be required to federate because they will not be making the thresholds. This could explain why Meta is going to use the ActivityPub protocol though, and is an interesting perspective on the issue.

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@dudeami0 That makes sense. Thanks!

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What is up with all the beans? I check the site this morning and it's all beans beans Sean Bean green beans, bean shirt. What did I miss?


How long have you bean gone? We’ve bean having a good time


It’s a 4th of July tradition


If i wanted to create a game from scratch, what language should i learn?




I highly recommend GBStudio for a first go-round.

As a bonus, your game will be playable on a Gameboy.


How do I block different subreddit things from my feed? I can’t figure it out. I tried search for them but I don’t see a way to do it once you’re directly on the sub.. using iOS with kbin as an “app” on my Home Screen.


I think I figured it out. How do I delete posts?


"The magazine from the federated server may be incomplete. Browse more on the original instance." - why does this appear and how can I turn it off? I cannot log in to other servers to post


I get the point, but the prominence of it makes it look like an error. Frankly, I find it a bit anti federation, like the only reliable content is on-instance.


@T156 This is very odd then; I thought this was meant to be all linked together, albeit on different servers. I didn't see any notifications for your post, I had to manually find it in my profile.

So... if I want to post anywhere else I have to sign up for more accounts, which may result in needing lots of them with different user names etc? I don't get what this federation thing is then if it's all not linked together properly. I saw the explanation that Gmail doesn't need an Outlook account to message them, yet here I do?

I also get this when I click the error-looking link: 404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site? reason: Unexpected token 'T', "Timeout oc"... is not valid JSON

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I'm the creator of I have been 'advertising' the subreddit of it to start getting traction. Despite all my efforts, I'm still the only contributor to my community. How do communities entice their subscribers to post content?

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Hello there! Please edit your post title to include a question. In the meantime, i'll try to extend this comment to help give some suggestions on growth. :)

edit: Alright, so. If you want your community to grow, it HAS to hit the front page. Post things that most people will like. This is what will get you up & running the fastest. Grab a top content from other platforms if you have to.

On, for instance, making a post with a catchy title on New Communities is a good way to get your community started. Find the counterpart on kBin or try posting it on the one we have here. You can also have it featured in bigger communities.

Always have a pinned post that your members can freely participate on. Explain to them what your goals and views are regarding that community, and what purpose the community is supposed to serve. You might find some people willing to help boost your community activity. If you can't, then openly ask for help. You can't have a community alone; it wouldn't be a community. Takes two to get to three.

Remember, you need content, quality or not, crosspost or not. It needs to be scrollable. While having said that, please don't start out with scraper bots. Many people see it as a repulsive thing nowadays.


Like hearding cats.

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what happens to the gop is Putin gets killed


I'm guessing they lose some funding


Gonna have to go hunting for some other fascist sugar daddies.

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So I've introduced a bit of Reddit into my feed by subscribing to @nostupidquestions. Lack of threading is annoying for reading in Mastodon, but wow, people are really asking questions!

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@Evono @anca
Or there is this new, remarkable site:

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@funkyb I was like, I really like mastodon but it’s only microblogging like twitter. Kbin got magazines, threads and microblogging. I’m googling how to have threads in mastodon but coming up with nada. Loving Kbin more and more everyday!

@nostupidquestions @anca

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