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Hi, I'm Reuben, the Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and Code ( Symfony Station ( is my latest venture. I moderate the Symfony magazine here ( and created the Symfony Universe Collection. (

A graduate of the Univ. of Georgia and an MA graduate of Georgia State, I live in Orlando. My full-stack developer certification is from the Univ. of Central Florida.

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I do like a good meatball sub

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Today's social media transform us into merely numbers.
No problem for me.

Alts: @Kierunkowy74 ( @Kierunkowy74 (PieFed)
Polish account: @Kierunkowy74
Mastodon: @74 or @Kierunkowy74 (alt)

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#TYPO3 Workshops, Seminare, Tutorials und Support.
TYPO3 Consultant Partner. avatar


Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Anything worth doing well is worth teaching others to do well.

Author of Thinking Functionally in PHP, now on LeanPub:

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Static code analysis maestro #PHP expert elePHPant breeder avatar


Dad³. #PHP #CSS #JavaScript #WordPress #BuddyPress Developer.

I run WPCharitable (a WP plugin for #nonprofit organizations to build campaigns and get donations), owned by Awesome Motive.

Toots and ⭐ are my own. avatar


Coder, author, & speaker. PHP 8.1 & 8.2 release manager. ramsey/uuid maintainer. Open source developer. Senior Staff Engineer. Pronouns: he/him/his

“This guy seems to fundamentally misunderstand open source” — some rando on Hacker News

“Who is this guy?” — another rando on Hacker News

Co-admin of the Mastodon server.

All original content in public posts © me & licensed CC BY-SA 4.0, unless otherwise specified. :cc: :ccby: :ccsa: avatar


Web Developer & TYPO3 addict avatar


Leanpub is a unique platform for writing & publishing, with a bookstore that helps readers discover new books & authors every day! Follow us for news & deals! avatar

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#PHP & #DDD #developer & #architect at Ardennes-étape
#OSS, #Linux & #ethics enthusiast (#BEL) beer fanatic
Father of 2 avatar


Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and Code. Digital Content, Simplified. #WordPress #Drupal #fedi22 avatar


Maintains :wyrimaps:, :reactphp:, a couple dozen asynchronous #PHP (:php8:+) packages, and destroyer of servers.

Hashtags: #php, #fedi22, #kubernetes, #reactphp, #devops, #opensource, #helm, #k8s avatar


Slowly moving to @symfonystation over the course of 2024 so please follow me there as well. Reuben Walker, Publisher of Symfony Station. Good content creator/admin. Decent designer/frontend developer. Half-ass backend programmer but improving. Will post about PHP and its Symfony Framework. Personally a cross between Billy Butcher and Wednesday Addams. #fediverse #symfony #php #cybersecurity #mastodon #programming #typo3 #drupal #css #html #fedi22 avatar


Still being human even after over 20 years of coding. Speaker, advicer & complexity tamer. PHP, .NET, JS, Go, HR and more. Part of the Doctrine team. avatar


Florida-based Drupal developer and trainer. avatar


The TYPO3 User Group Munich meets once a month, mostly remote but also in Munich! avatar


#PHP :elephpant: , #TYPO3 :typo3:, #TechnicalSEO, #Matomo, Cycling 🚴 , Hiking 🥾, Canoeing 🛶, Doctor Who 🔷
Posts in English 🇬🇧 and German 🇩🇪 avatar


Member of the #php community and developer for 20 years. Speaker/mentor/teacher. Business owner. Aviation enthusiast. avatar


Larger Than Code.

Enjoys goodness in people. Loves being a dad. #TYPO3 / #PHP Developer at Faktor E (Bonn)

#videogames #tv #movies #dadjokes avatar


Hi, I'm Derick.

I work on PHP as part of the PHP Foundation.
I am the author of

I like #walking, #languages, #photography, #astronomy, and #space, and will post about these topics alongside #PHP.

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Full stack web developer currently working mostly with #PHP / #Laravel, Vanilla #Javascript and #SCSS. Love learning more about (almost) anything, but particularly #MySQL and #InfoSec. Currently learning Arabic. Husband, father of two boys, Christian. avatar


Freelancer since 2011, #TYPO3 CMS Certified
Integrator (#TCCI) & Developer (#TCCD)
#TYPO3Association Bronze Member avatar


TYPO3-Dev, Pfadfinder; in Franken daheim. avatar


Organizer of Milwaukee PHP. Co-host of No Compromises #podcast. Helping #PHP and #Laravel developers level up their skills. avatar


PHP tinkerer, Laravel mostly, JS trouble-maker, Server holder-upper, Woodworking procrastinator, old house renovator, raised on an Apple orchard, living around Québec #php #laravel #tailwindcss #livewire #alpinejs #guitar #farming #gardening avatar


Founder & Software Architect @ for 22 years, building web-based coding tools for enterprise communication and workflow automation. 100% source-available & customer-funded.

I've been obsessed with coding since the dial-up BBS days of the early 1990s. My daily stack is PHP/MySQL/AWS/Docker, with increasingly more Python for devops/ML.

Learning piano and German.

#php #mysql #aws #docker #infosec #machinelearning #nlp #investing #compilers #bootstrapping #german #music #piano avatar


Founder of, a tech worker cooperative. Free Software creator:, Mercure, Vulcain, FrankenPHP, various Symfony components…


Friendly Hacker | Speaker | PHP & Laravel Security Specialist 🕵️
I spend my time doing security audits of Laravel apps and writing tips and articles at 🤓
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Wrote 6 books about testing PHP code. Staff Software Engineer @ Ziff Davis Shopping. Conference speaker, organizer, and first WurstCon sponsor. Baseball fan, Magic the Gathering commander player, board game enthusiast, plus all sorts of other assorted nonsense. Probably started working with PHP before you were born. Endlessly roaming the snowy wilds of Canada. avatar


Both sets of grandparents came to #Canada from #TheNetherlands shortly after WW2. My parents were both born here in #Ontario, and I live in #HamOnt (where a lot of the #Steenhof & #Turkstra clan still resides).

While most of my extended family are Evangelical/Fundamentalist, I am not part of that spiritual & intellectual dead end.

I write programs with code. That code is often #PHP and #JavaScript/, often leveraging #Laravel and #Vue. avatar


Project ambassador for Public speaker, #FOSS, and #OpenSource advocate. #TYPO3 since 2003. My views are my own. avatar


Content and code for clients at Mobile Atom Media @mobileatom Founder @SymfonyStation Join our list > avatar


Programming, tech, gaming & other geeky topics from Sherri Wheeler.

Occasional business, handiwork, electronics, parenting and fitness content.

🐘 PHP/JS developer with miles to go before I sleep();

All posts are my own - never AI generated.

Ally & anti-racist. Bigoted or harassing replies get blocked & reported.

Available for part-time contract work.



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Building things for the web since it exists and for some reason still mostly enjoying it.

Loving to share knowledge in both my job and OSS, building things people need and enjoy.

Deeply in love with and our little baby.

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Time Lord. Agile Coach, User Experience designer, and software developer. Designing the human experience all around. :) avatar


27 year old webdev professional, eternal hobbyist reverse engineering videogames at the side. Also doing some Demoscene stuff! developer / TYPO3 Core Developer

If I'm not coding, I read visual novels or play arcade rhythm games. Casual Trackmania enjoyer.

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devop, php, laravel, mysql, api expert, ebay developer, openai, livewire, alpinejs, searchable avatar


Friendly Hacker, Speaker, and PHP & Laravel Security Specialist.🕵️
I hack stuff on stage for fun. 😈
I used to be found at:
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Creating things for the web, one failed CI build at a time avatar


Developing the Phpactor ( language server, PHPBench, and other stuff. Working with #PHP, #Go, Typescript. Bad musician, not good at spelling. Learning #Rust painfully.

Contractor! avatar


Our main goal is comprehensive, relevant, up-to-date and easy to find #documentation about #TYPO3 products for all users. avatar


Building and enriching the PHP community.

Want to learn PHP? Check out:

#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦️ avatar


Italian #PHP conference organized by

🗓️16th & 17th May 2024
📍 Verona & Online
🎫 avatar


The goal of the localization team is to provide and maintain the services for having TYPO3 core and extensions available in as many languages as possible. avatar


Workshop trainer. TYPO3 extension developer. Maintainer of Emogrifier. TYPO3 Certified Unicorn. CEO at Brain Gourmets. https://pronoun. he/him avatar


First of his name, coder of #PHP applications 🐘 , guitar player 🎸 , rocker of karaoke 🎤, loves an irish accent ☘️
Fan of #StarTrek #Marvel and #Yankees

#vim #bash #guitar #php #drupal #symfony avatar


A web based audio/video streaming application and file manager allowing you to access your music & videos from anywhere, using almost any internet enabled device. avatar


#php && #drupal dev

mglaman.eth | avatar


Informático y especialista en #WordPress. Defensor del #minimalismo y el slow blogging. Adicto a la #productividad. Creo en vivir la vida con intención y propósito. Desde #Spain

Computer scientist and WordPress specialist. Defender of #minimalism and #slowblogging. Addicted to #productivity. I believe in living life with intention and purpose. From #Spain

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Tekton, programmer, woodworker, cook. Specializing in #PHP, #cryptography, and #security. #fedi22 avatar


Research, analysis, development, reproducibility. Keywords about me: STEM, piano, nature, bikes, swimming.

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