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Okay, so what? If they actually wanted to take a stand, they could just stop running AP programs and tests in Florida schools. If they're not, they're just saber-rattling and seeing if DeSantis will pull the trigger and kick them out.

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That would ultimately hurt the children though, as they would suddenly not be able to take AP courses and therefore would fall behind competitively when compared to peers. It's not the kids fault they live here, so other solutions need to be found.


DeSantis wants to hurt education. So this is a feature not a flaw for him.

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I'm sure Florida's solution will be to exclude all of its students from participation in AP exams.


Blatantly unconstitutional laws aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Let the state try and enforce their bullshit.

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What is or isn't constitutional has changed a lot since the GOP spent 8 years blocking Obama's court nominations and 4 years rubber stamping Trumps, and by Trump I mean the federalist society.

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Unfortunately they don’t care if they can actually enforce it. They’ve done what they wanted in sending the message to their base and they get to funnel taxpayer dollars to their lawyer buddies defending it in court so it’s still a win to them.

Meanwhile the rest of us become worn out trying to fight back against the onslaught of legislation based in bigotry and hatred and wind up getting worn down or moving out of state. It’s all a net benefit for an authoritarian fascist regime. It doesn’t matter if the laws actually stand. They’ve accomplished their goal.

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The goal of DeSantis' approval rating falling thru the floor? I somehow doubt that was the plan.



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