What are your favorite hobbies or time killers?

I just graduated optometry school and I feel like I’ve lost a bit of my identity. I didn’t have much free time to focus on the things that make me happy and now I’m lacking inspiration. I can’t work until my license is approved so I’ve had days of doing nothing since May 7. It’s been great but it’s starting to get...


Walking, traveling, playing music, cooking, making videos, and (because life is 80% maintenance), fixing stuff.


And sue the fascists who fund those clinics.

Freight train carrying hot asphalt, molten sulfur plunges into the Yellowstone River as bridge fails (news.yahoo.com)

A bridge that crosses the Yellowstone River in Montana collapsed early Saturday, plunging portions of a freight train carrying hazardous materials into the rushing water below. The train cars were carrying hot asphalt and molten sulfur, Stillwater County Disaster and Emergency Services said. Officials shut down drinking water...


One solution that might help would be to nationalize the tracks and give them to a corporation owned by the government. Fund them to repair the infrastructure rent track usage to the any company who want to ren trains on our rails.


Pretty sure that her day of reckoning will come; hopefully involving prison time.

Biden announces $930 million going into ISP pockets in effort to expand internet access to out-of-touch Americans who can't read this headline (apnews.com)

The federal effort to expand internet access to every U.S. home has taken a major step forward with the announcement of $930 million in grants to shore up connections in dozens of places where significant connectivity gaps persist. Those places include remote parts of Alaska and rural Texas. The so-called middle mile grants are...


Here in , municipal broadband is prohibited by state law.


Remembering that the Hollywood writers strike is still a thing.

People who destroyed their health within a short period of time, what happened?

I heard a story from a youtuber about how years ago they had a bad reaction to some E-Liquid and then afterwards their health was never the same again. I was wondering if other people have similar stories, not necessarily about E-Liquids but also other things that seem to have changed your health forever.


Having a young family, working a commute away, I became addicted to CocaCola and burned out my pancreas. Hello my friend insulin.


Maybe a good reason to buy cars in other states


I’m a single malt fan and have had good luck finding interesting expressions in DF shops, especially at Schipol.

What's an inexpensive or low-quality item that you ended up loving and keeping for years?

I bought a lift-top coffee table from a big box store almost a decade ago. It's entirely particle board and has seen better days cosmetically, but it's probably my single favorite piece of furniture. It's immensely practical for meals, using a laptop, or just bringing your remote/drink/whatever closer to your hand when laying...


Cast iron or mild steel pans FTW. With care, they will outlast you and are totally nonstick once seasoned.

arstechnica, to random
@arstechnica@mastodon.social avatar

@arstechnica I wonder if there will be a migration of tech companies away from the state.


I want tRump too. I want him in Allentown Federal prison in a stylish jumpsuit.

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