Patch Tuesday Megathread, 2023-07-11

Hello m/sysadmin, and welcome to this month’s the first monthly Patch Megathread!

This is the place to talk about the latest patches, updates, and releases. We put this thread into place to help gather all the information about this month’s updates: What is fixed, what broke, what got released and should have been caught in QA, etc. We do this both to keep clutter out of the community, and provide a singular resource to read.

While this thread is timed to coincide with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, feel free to discuss any patches, updates, and releases, regardless of the company or product.

Remember the rules of safe patching:

  • Deploy to a test/dev environment before prod.
  • Deploy to a pilot/test group before the whole org.
  • Have a plan to roll back if something doesn’t work.
  • Test, test, and test!

Bleeping Computer summary.

We patched about 200 servers over the weekend. No Issues so far. Someone had mentioned possible double reboots on server 2019, I think I experienced it a couple of times. Remainder of our servers goes this coming weekend.

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