Cat, in No DNS records registered. Problems with ICU domains?
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In case anyone stumbles across this, the problem was that the entity that manages .icu domains received an abuse report and suspended my domain.

This is strange because I only use the domain for personal experimentation and none of that is just for static websites. DNS records for mail are properly configured like all of my other domains.

I asked Namecheap what the reason was. They said none was provided and it may take some time to get a reply back upon requesting the info. I asked them to put in a request for the reason.

My guess is that I was just in a massive list of domains that someone started reporting. or maybe someone was trying to get my domain taken out so they could take it for themself.

BaldProphet, in Broadcom is killing off VMware perpetual licences
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My organization is already halfway through switching over from VMware to Hyper-V for its virtual machines.

kbal, in Broadcom is killing off VMware perpetual licences avatar

Broadcom is killing off VMware

deadtom, in Broadcom is killing off VMware perpetual licences

Ah capitalism. Create captured market, change terms to maximize profits.

Daqu, in Broadcom is killing off VMware perpetual licences

Broadcom is killing off VMware

I will miss them.

tjhart85, in New /m/sysadmin Owner
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Thanks for taking it on!

This is definitely a sub I miss from R and am glad to see you trying to revive it!

uin, in New /m/sysadmin Owner

Sounds good!

This was one of the first communities (although in hindsight, i guess not really) I subscribed to after signing up for lemmy.

Would be very glad to see more engagement here, I’ll try to engage more myself!

blu-base, in Replacement for Rundeck?

I work for a MSP. Recently, i started to introduce Rundeck in my team for the following reasons.
My team has a significant amount of conventional sysadmins, mostly running linux-based servers, some kubernetes. We do use infrastructe-as-code tools, such as saltstack, have access to ci/cd platforms and various tools. However, my team has only a few people developing, most don't really know how to use git, let alone gitlab/github/etc. This results into a situation where many admins prefer doing stuff manually, instead of writing code with our infrastructure tools. Though, most would be able to write bash scripts.

In order to "crowd-source" the development of our processes I needed a tool which is easy to use, somewhat easier to create workflows, and being managable (ldap, logging, acls), and adaptable (plugins, integrations), low costs, ideally open-source. Although our infrastructure wouldn't need it since we already have capable tools, they are arguably too complex for my environment. complex in the meaning of not enough time/money to teach the majority of the team, lack of interest and motivation, etc.
My research resulted in Rundeck fitting best for my situation and requirements.

Though there were a few other contenders, since Rundeck is not the most efficient workflow engine, nor has the most integrations, biggest community, etc.

similar market to n8n are:

Initially, this list helped me to identify points of research: awesome workflow engines

If your team is familar with Rundeck, and it has sufficient acceptance, wouldn't upgrading to a current version of Rundeck be an option?

JWBananas, in please address SPAM coming from random and elsewhere on avatar

This is not a helpdesk

SpeziSuchtel, in please address SPAM coming from random and elsewhere on

I think this is just a general community/magazine for sysadmins. You should ask the admins of directly, as they probably wont check such a small sub for inquiries.

CookiesAreLife, in Patch Tuesday Megathread, 2023-07-11

Bleeping Computer summary.

We patched about 200 servers over the weekend. No Issues so far. Someone had mentioned possible double reboots on server 2019, I think I experienced it a couple of times. Remainder of our servers goes this coming weekend.

slowpainteddesk, in Outlook now ignores Windows' Default Browser and opens links in Edge by default

In outlook, file➡️options➡️advanced, about halfway down open outlook links in edge in drop down, select default browser. Because we have client that has a dms that only pulls stuff in through Acrobat. Fun couple of hours trying to figure that one out. Bonus, if they use outlook in the Browser, edge opens Outlook attachments in the stupid new sidebar in edge.

doc, in The new Microsoft Teams is coming sooner than expected - gHacks Tech News

Twice as fast and half the memory? Thank god. How they built a chat app that eats so much resources baffles me. Visual Studio Code is an electron app as well but it couldn't be more different from a performance standpoint.


Iirc it is an electron app. What baffles me is that the article does not metion what is new in the new app except that it performs better. They have no information yet they write an article about it. Internet is shit nowdays.

BEEKAYRANDEE, in Calling all /r/sysadmin reddit refugees!

One thing I'm wondering about is how people moving from Reddit to one of these Fediverse sites are going to end up finding their "home". Like, would we need some sort of sharing bot to work between here,,, etc. or are we going to end up in a situation where they're all fragmented from one another?


I found this community via a 2-pronged approach. First, direct search on kbin, and then i used to verify that i've got the correct "community" (?)


I've never seen this site before but wow this is going to be super helpful to new users.

yarr, in Calling all /r/sysadmin reddit refugees!

I came for the rm, but stayed for the -rf

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