Chinese hackers hid in US infrastructure network for 5 years (

The Chinese Volt Typhoon cyber-espionage group infiltrated a critical infrastructure network in the United States and remained undetected for at least five years before being discovered, according to a joint advisory from CISA, the NSA, the FBI, and partner Five Eyes agencies.

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | June 2023 (

Welcome to the June 2023 edition of What’s New in Teams! Following a month of great announcements from Microsoft Build 2023, we are not slowing down by bringing you 45 new features for the month of June. We have a great line-up of new features to announce. My personal favorites are Spatial Audio i...

Outlook now ignores Windows' Default Browser and opens links in Edge by default (

Apparently also coming soon to Teams to help us "stay engaged in conversations as you browse the web". Thanks so much Microsoft - I always thought it was my social anxiety keeping me from staying engaged in conversations - turns out I was just using the wrong browser!

Calling all /r/sysadmin reddit refugees!

I setup this community specifically because of the time I've spent over the years browsing and relying on for sources of information on tips/tricks, security exploits & patches, outages, and yes even the ranting about how our jobs all suck. (I like mine, for what it's worth.)...

Ubuntu Azure AD Authentication

I recently found: AAD Auth from Canonical/Ubuntu for native AzureAD auth for Ubutnu systems. For the past bit we've mostly been Windows/macOS, and never really entertained linux for business use - mostly because we've never had the tooling for it. We exclusively use Azure AD (no on-prem AD), so in the past when looking the...

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