Broadcom is killing off VMware perpetual licences

Broadcom is killing off VMware’s on-premises perpetual licenses – and getting set to strong-arm VMware customers onto subscriptions, by also ending the sale of Support and Subscription renewals for such customers.

VMware described this to customers as part of its plan to “complete the transition of all VMware by Broadcom solutions to subscription licenses.”

“We are [also] ending the sale of Support and Subscription (SnS) renewals for perpetual offerings beginning today” SVP Krish Prasad said in a FAQ.

Which VMware products are affected?

VMware Cloud Foundation
VMware vSphere
VMware vSAN
VMware NSX
VMware HCX
VMware Site Recovery Manager
VMware vCloud Suite
VMware Aria Suite
VMware Aria Universal
VMware Aria Automation
VMware Aria Operations
VMware Aria Operations for Logs
VMware Aria Operations for Networks
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My organization is already halfway through switching over from VMware to Hyper-V for its virtual machines.

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Broadcom is killing off VMware


Ah capitalism. Create captured market, change terms to maximize profits.


Broadcom is killing off VMware

I will miss them.

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