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TechDesk, to tesla
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Tesla has recalled all 3,878 Cybertrucks due to a fault that causes the accelerator pedal to get stuck.

As reported by @theverge, the defect can result in the pedal pad becoming trapped in the vehicle’s interior trim when “high force is applied.”


TechDesk, to technology
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A few tech Magazines (topical feeds of content) for this Follow Friday, including collections about the internet of things, EVs, and the AI economy.

NE{x}TW0RK, by Dustin LaPres — @ne

Apple Vision Pro, by Scott Kleinberg — @apple

EVs and Autonomous Vehicles by Scott Monty — @evs

The AI Economy by Ken Yeung — @the

Cybersec by Allen Westley, @cybersec

#FollowFriday #Technology #Tech #ElectricVehicles #AI #Cybersecurity

TechDesk, to Netflix
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Netflix has announced its profits for the first quarter of 2024, and let’s just say, the crackdown on password sharing has done its job.

The streaming giant reported it had added 9.3 million customers to its user base in the first three months of the year, taking its total number of subscribers to almost 270 million. Unsurprisingly, those figures showed on Netflix’s bottom line too, with profits that jumped to $2.3 billion.

However, in a move that the BBC says has “ruffled some feathers” of analysts in the U.S., the company announced it will stop sharing subscriber numbers in 2025, adding that it has become “just one component of our growth.”


TechDesk, to Travel
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In the same week that a whistleblower told members of a congressional hearing that Boeing is taking “manufacturing shortcuts” and “putting out defective airplanes,” the airplane manufacturer has announced its plans to launch its flying car business by the end of the decade.

Boeing CTO Todd Citron said the idea was to tap into demand “for the fast, short-distance travel the vehicles could provide in the region’s traffic-choked cities.” Here’s more from BGR.


TechDesk, to TikTok
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The bill that could ban TikTok in the US looks set to be fast-tracked in Congress, with its inclusion in a package of foreign aid bills.

A similar bill already passed the House in a lopsided, bipartisan 352-65 vote in March, but as @NBC reports, it has since been stalled in the Senate.

Now, the House plans to package a slightly revised TikTok bill with billions in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, making it somewhat harder to ignore, and all but guaranteeing the potential ban will be signed into law.


TechDesk, to tech
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Google has fired 28 employees following protests over the technology the internet company is supplying the Israeli government amid the Gaza war. The firings came a day after nine employees were arrested during protests at Google offices in New York and Sunnyvale, California. The Associated Press has more, including which company project the workers opposed, why Google called their behavior “completely unacceptable,” and how an ongoing investigation could result in more firings: https://flip.it/BGBr4j

TechDesk, to ai
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Researchers studying free speech have carried out a report analysing the six major chatbots, to find out whether they embrace international free speech standards.

As reported by @FastCompany, the team found that AI chatbots regularly censor topics that companies deem to be controversial, thanks to "vague and broad" policies.

As AI's integration into all areas of our lives increases, the researchers discuss the wider implications on the right to access information, when chatbots decide what content they will and won't generate.


TechDesk, to TikTok
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TikTok is attempting to tackle the rise of "problematic" content finding its way to the 'For You' feed, reports @engadget.

As the app fights for its future in the United States, its updated community guidelines will prevent "unfounded" conspiracy theories, certain types of dieting content and "dangerous activities or challenges" from being recommended to users.


TechDesk, to meta
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Facebook’s Meta AI has commented on a post in a parenting group, claiming to have a “gifted, disabled child” while providing feedback on local schools, reports @404mediaco

Meta says its AI chatbot may comment on posts that don’t have any responses after an hour, but is this attempt at maintaining engagement actually killing the authenticity that still remains on some Facebook groups?


TechDesk, to internet
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Do we need another social network? AirChat thinks so. Built by AngelList founder Naval Ravikant and former Tinder exec Brian Norgard, it has you talking your posts instead of typing them, and as your followers scroll, they'll hear your voice, with a transcription of what you've said.

Having seen it in action, @TechCrunch says it has some fundamental differences from the now-defunct Clubhouse that make it a more promising experience. But does its content moderation policy raise too many red flags?


TechDesk, (edited ) to ai
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X’s Grok AI generated a trending story stating Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson had been vandalizing local homes with bricks, when in fact, he’d just had a bad game.

After shooting 0 for 10 in a loss against Sacramento Kings, users took to the platform to say the player had been “shooting bricks”… and as @engadget reports, Grok took it literally.



TechDesk, (edited ) to cars
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Do you trust driverless cars? Following a number of high-profile incidents, the industry's main lobbying group says autonomous vehicle (AV) operators need to win back the trust of the public for the industry to survive. But @theverge asks, is it all too late?


TechDesk, (edited ) to internet
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Did you know the internet is carried around the world by around 800,000 miles of fragile cables that sit at the bottom of the ocean? It's a precarious system that is constantly breaking, and relies on a global network of ships to be on hand to repair them, and keep the world online.

In this long read, @theverge tells the story of the people doing that job, the struggles with recruitment, and what happens when "the world's most important infrastructure," falls foul of Mother Nature.


TechDesk, (edited ) to twitter
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Would you pay to use X?

Elon Musk has confirmed his intentions to charge new users "a small fee" to post on the platform, reports @9to5Mac

Users who don't pay will be able to post for free after three months, a move Musk says is the “only way to curb the relentless onslaught of bots.”



TechDesk, to ps5
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Sony is preparing to release a more powerful PS5 console by the end of the year, according to @theverge

Leaked specs suggest the PS5 Pro will have a GPU that's 45% faster than the standard PS5, and will focus on improving ray tracing, as well as "hitting higher resolutions and frame rates in certain titles."


TechDesk, to internet
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Billed as the “homepage of the Black internet,” BlackPlanet was a social network ahead of its time. It went live in 1999 — five years before Facebook — and amassed one million users within its first year online. By 2008, it had 15 million.

@TheAtlantic takes a nostalgic look back at its impact on culture, politics and relationships, within the Black community and beyond, and whether smaller, more dedicated digital spaces could be the answer to a “kinder, less dangerous, and more fun” future online.



TechDesk, to fediverse
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With Meta moving Threads — slowly but surely — into the Fediverse, @quillmatiq wanted to see if the Threads experience could be improved on Mastodon. He says what he discovered "went above and beyond" his expectations.


TechDesk, (edited ) to apple
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Samsung is back on top of the global smartphone market, after Apple's shipments fell by almost 10% in Q1, reports @AndroidAuth

However, the biggest surprise was seeing Chinese brand Xiaomi coming in third on the bestseller list, despite not being sold in the US.


#Smartphones #Apple #Samsung #Xiaomi

TechDesk, to tech
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Most workers would likely agree — it’d be nice to have someone else fill in for them once in a while. And, better yet, get paid for it. London-based model Alexsandrah has experienced a real-life version of this daydream with help from her AI-generated virtual twin that has appeared as a stand-in on a photo shoot. Is this the future of modeling? Here’s what proponents and critics are saying in this report from the Associated Press. https://flip.it/DYjnSC

TechDesk, to tech
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A tech editor recently played Game Boy Advance games on his iPhone thanks to a new emulator called iGBA, which may be the first Game Boy Advance emulator allowed on the App Store since Apple began allowing emulators last week. But is the app an unauthorized copy? Read more at @theverge. https://flip.it/AxcjDo
#Tech #Apple #AppStore #Gaming #VideoGames #GameBoy

TechDesk, to tech
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In “Fallout Shelter,” the 2015 construction and management simulator, players take on the role of the Overseer, a kind of postapocalyptic mayor figure. After watching Amazon’s new live-action take on the game, Andrew Webster, the Entertainment Editor at @theverge, got rehooked and is "enjoying soaking up the wasteland vibes." https://flip.it/Xuvlek

TechDesk, to tech
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Did smartphones destroy a generation? The kids are not all right, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt argues in his new book “The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness.” Vox’s Eric Levitz explores what the evidence says about mobile devices and teen mental health. https://flip.it/0XXXzq
#Tech #Technology #Smartphones #Health #MentalHealth

TechDesk, to Games
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Possibility Space, an indie game studio that launched in 2021 with the goal of creating a AAA title, has been shut down abruptly. In an email to staff, CEO Jeff Strain blamed an employee leak about the studio's major title to a Kotaku reporter. This, Strain said, led to an unnamed publisher expressing "low confidence" about funding the studio, and the cancelation of the title by mutual agreement. Engadget attempts to make sense of the sequence of events here.


TechDesk, to ai
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There has been a lot of anticipation for the Humane AI Pin, ever since it raised $100 million in funding early last year.

Now people have had the chance to try the AI wearable in real life, and it seems like it is some way from being the revolutionary device they hoped for. Tom’s Guide has rounded up the reviews.


TechDesk, to twitter
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X will no longer allow users to hide their Premium blue check, even if they didn't want it in the first place.

The new policy comes after users with a high number of followers were automatically upgraded to Premium for free, says @theverge

"Once a status symbol, the blue check lost some of its luster after X shifted to a paid verification system under Elon Musk’s ownership."



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