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Tekchip, to showerthoughts
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Is the whole "use your phone less, the socials is controlling/breaking our children" just the new sex, drugs, and rock'n roll?

If you're old like me remember when television was rotting our brains?

Or when video games were the devil or whatever?

I'm going to start slicking my hair back, wearing leather jackets, and using social media every moment I can. Feel cute may get in a knife fight with a gang of influencers and delete the photos later.

jglypt, to fedora
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Fedora 40 is out! 🚀

Are you using it?

I am actually thinking of switching. I think I used Fedora once or twice previously, but was Distro hopping so never daily drove it for a few days properly.

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@jglypt I used 39 kde spin for quite some time on my Framework 13 AMD and it was rock solid. I've been running 40 beta kde spin for a few day prior to today. So far it's almost as solid. I had one instance where rebooting lost my task manager icon pins, that doesn't seem to have happened again. The other issue was once, on waking from sleep, the menu popup for icons in the tray wouldn't show up when I clicked. I've since slept the computer several times and that problem hasn't returned either.

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@jglypt yup seems to just be beta bugs.

Gnome is the default Fedora environment so that's definitely going to be the best experience.

As long as you have a good backup then it can't hurt to at least try!

A buddy of mine is running 40 Workstation (gnome) and says he is enjoying it very much. Hasn't mentioned any issues to me. In fact his Intel GPU is having fewer issues than on other distros.

Tekchip, to linux
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Fedora 40 KDE Spin is losing my task bar configuration on reboot.

Also had an issue with the wifi/battery menu not visible after waking from sleep.

Everything else is so so good. Can't wait for these rough edges to get smoothed. Hopefully in the next few days.

Tekchip, to llm
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I've noticed lots of sites disabling copy/paste I presume in an attempt to prevent scraping to feed LLM training.

The fediverse doesn't seem to be doing this.

Does that mean the fediverse could have an outsized impact on LLM results as the places for LLM scrapers dwindles?

Is there a sort of fedi-consensus on if we want to help or hurt LLMs? How might we go about doing one or the other if we have more influence?

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@dmwyatt while that may be true I've seen a host of sites enacting it recently. 🤷

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@jaifroid the change is very recent and I can't think of another reason anyone would be doing it. I assume a multi-pronged approach to prevent scraping. Effective or not.

Tekchip, to apple
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Masters of The Air is fantastic but it's definitely missing something not incorporating vets stories. Have we passed the rubicon where there aren't any left to tell them? Maybe the actors portraying the vets could read things written by them in character or something?

It's fantastic but it feels like it's missing the magic, the authenticity, Band of Brothers and The Pacific have.

Tekchip, to random
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I think I've shared this before but, look, it's so good. It's Sunday morning and I just have to preach the good word of Peanut Butter and Jelly Oatmeal.

Overnight oats because I'm lazy.

Almond Milk, Oats, Brown Sugar (splenda mix), chia or flax if you want to fiber up.

Heat it up in the morning to something approaching hot

Add one large spoon full Peanut Butter, one large spoonful Jelly of choice. I recommend preserves so they don't totally melt info the oats. Stir until roughly incorporated

soller, to random
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These screenshots show COSMIC App Store responsiveness at different window widths from a single column, mobile and tiling compatible view up to a desktop view. (1/2)


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@soller mobile eh? System 76 phone confirmed!? 👀

Tekchip, to space
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I really want to go to space. Right now it seems my opportunities will be next to nil unless I find a job that can lead there. My skill set is IT.

I see all manner of news about mining going to space, hotels going to space, and yet can't seem to find a thing about who's going to be doing IT in space.

Does anyone have a line on companies that might be gearing up to provide "on site" IT services in space? Or are we looking at all space IT being a vertical of the rocket companies?

Tekchip, to Amazon
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Holy shit Amazon...

Not only is this likely broken, but send up a flare for the porch pirates why don't you?

#amazon #wtf #porchpirates

JP, to linux
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hey people if I was going to build a would I want to use AMD or Nvidia for the GPU? I've heard there's some issues with Nvidia but IDK if that's actually true.

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@JP AMD. Most AMD driver support is in the kernel and "just works" the vast majority of the time. Nvidia can't be assed so you almost always have to install stuff and they tend to get fiddly at times.

austincnunn, to random
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The apprentice is checking the quality of the new wiring for my truck.

Or possibly the box it came in, I’m not sure.

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Tekchip, (edited ) to RadioControl
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This seems silly but I much prefer the noises the DJI Air 2S makes to what the Mini 4 Pro made. Far more pleasant. The motor check sounds like crickets and the echo effect on the start noise trails off nicely.

Mini 4 Pro motors were like crunch crunch and then POW! I'm alive! So agressive. Calm down Mini 4.

Tekchip, to RadioControl
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Sold my DJI Mini 4 Pro and traded up (down?) for a DJI Air 2S. Pictures about the same or better. Video worse. But it's got that sweet sweet SDK support for 3rd party apps. :badabing:


Tekchip, (edited )
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IDK why they includes so many sets of propellers. DJI is like we heard you might be flying aggressively here have a few extras. :KEKW:

BWPanda, to KDE
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upgrade not going well... Not sure if the issue is or itself, but I lost my custom keyboard shortcuts, Flameshot doesn't seem to work anymore, software-properties-qt doesn't accept my root password...

Maybe time to try edition.

@Tekchip@mastodon.social avatar

@BWPanda I can't speak to anything but flameshot but flameshot doesn't support Wayland. Or at least it didn't last time I tried to use it. Does flameshot do anything Spectacle doesn't?

Sorry to hear about the rest of the problems. I hope you find solutions soon!

Tekchip, to llm
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Sorry my posts have been kind of negative lately. Check out this cool and somewhat hilarious clock!


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@jamez I've heard manufacturing is really hard. If you're sure you can successfully get the thing made go for it!

Tekchip, to Weather
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Mother nature, go fuck yourself!

It's like the planet knows when I get free time to potentially fly my drone. :AngeryCat:

Tekchip, to random
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Now do one that you feed your profile to and it generates a card based on your posts.

https://nashhigh.itch.io/fedi-cardmaker is still pretty fantastic though.

Tekchip, to Signal
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So freaking tired of hearing about Signal.

@session basically solves all the problems Signal has.


Tekchip, to history
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Tekchip, to Facebook
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Started a Facebook account so I could setup a business page. Joined a community of commercial drone pilots because all the ytubers recommend socializing and networking. Respectfully challenged some assumptions in that group and now less than a week later I'm having to appeal a ban from Facebook for my account not meeting "community guidelines" with no detail as to what was in violation. I see Facebook is still a shit fire. :thinkerguns:

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@MikeOhYeahThatMike "platforms" are made of people. People who setup the rules and mechanisms of the platform, maintain them and enforce them, as well as those who use and perhaps abuse those platforms. I guess that's a long way to say the problem is all involved. Even me for thinking for a few moments there could be civil discourse or the challenging of ideas without a tantrum. 🤷

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