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A military presence is not the best way to stop violence in America’s schools. A review of how the National Guard has been deployed to schools in the past shows the guard can provide service to schools in cases of exceptional need. Yet, doing so does not always end well.

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O.J. Simpson may never have said the words Jay-Z put in his mouth, but they capture something interesting about O.J.’s place in America’s ongoing discussion about race.


#news #breakingnews #ojsimpson #BlackMastodon

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This week's has questions on sports, shockwaves, surgery and . We'll start on Starbucks:
Which of these is an actual rallying cry for baristas working to unionize?

Check your answer and see if you can get a gold medal here:

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-era tax cuts contributed to a decline in giving. “Those who no longer itemize have lost a tax break, and for them, every dollar they give to higher ed or any charity has become more expensive.” A new study found the decline in people donating to colleges and universities to be about 7%.

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Cats’ eyes evolved to see better in low light, partly to look out for predators at night. Or in the case of your cat at home — to better find the catbox in the middle of the night.


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Owls are seen as a symbol of wisdom or even good luck in the US. But in other parts of the world, the most widespread belief about owls is that they are associated with witchcraft and death. (So memorializing them feels pretty remarkable).


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“If a student of mine had submitted a brief making the arguments that Trump and his lawyers assert in their Supreme Court filing, I would have given them an F.”

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Our new Giving Today newsletter can help guide your charitable decisions – and features rich analysis from experts on all things and nonprofits. Produced in collaboration with the Associated Press and The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Sign up here:

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Two tracks on Beyoncé’s new album feature the voice of Linda Martell, the first commercially successful Black female country music artist, who faced exclusion in throughout her career


TheConversationUS, to mentalhealth
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Research has shown that flexibility, security and autonomy in the workplace are strong determinants of health.

And new research shows that employees who don’t have control over their work schedule take a serious #mentalhealth hit.

Why employers should care, besides just being good employers:
When workers aren’t feeling well mentally, they’re less productive and more likely to miss work. Their creativity, collaboration and ability to meet job demands also suffer.

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Most US Muslims always give to charity during , to both Islamic and secular causes

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Would Trump’s America mirror Orbán’s Hungary in its slide toward authoritarianism?

Here’s what that looked like, from the inside

#News #USPolitics

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“For 300 years, we’ve given them time. And I’ve been tired so long, now I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, and we want a change.”

Fannie Lou Hamer became one of the most respected civil rights leaders during the 1960s with her courageous and heartfelt resistance to racist voting laws in Mississippi, and her pressure on the Democratic Party to change

Know her story: https://theconversation.com/why-civil-rights-icon-fannie-lou-hamer-was-sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired-214527

TheConversationUS, to ukteachers
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Some cities are debating year-round schooling, which distributes the existing days around and has multiple short breaks instead of a long summer break, as well as having longer school days or more days. How would it benefit the students and the teachers?

TheConversationUS, to Health
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Glycerol, a key component of fat, doesn’t get as much attention as fatty acids. But research is accumulating that glycerol plays a key role in disrupting the function of cells and organs and accelerates . So, could reducing glycerol levels slow down the signs of aging?

A research team has found some very promising findings about ADH-1, an enzyme that breaks down glycerol.


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Privilege is seen even in catastrophes.

Research confirms:

People with the fewest resources, as well as those who have disabilities or have been marginalized, are more likely to be displaced from their homes by natural disasters than the privileged.


TheConversationUS, to Nursing
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Travel nurses don’t just do it for the money (although their pay is 35% higher than the median RN).

They welcome the increased autonomy, freedom to explore new cities, learning how other hospitals do things and in general breaking out of a rut.

What more could you ask for?


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If you have guns at home, you need to do all you can to keep them out of the hands of children – for everybody’s safety. Here’s some straight-foward tips from experts including stop assuming you can hide your guns (your children probably know where they are):

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Sanctions upon sanctions from the US and Europe have had little meaningful impact on . Putin has been able to essentially “sanction-proof” Russia’s economy with help from neighbors like China and even North Korea

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Some plants that once thrived in your yard may not flourish there now. Take a look at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent update to its plant hardiness zone map, which can help you figure out which plants are most likely to thrive in your unique area, as temperatures get warmer:

TheConversationUS, to Health
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How much stress is too much?

A psychiatrist explains the links between toxic stress and poor health − and how to get help:

TheConversationUS, (edited ) to Health
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Mild cognitive impairment – an early stage of – is widely underdiagnosed in people 65 and older.

New research:
(edit: fixed typo)

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It's Friday afternoon and we almost forgot to post this week's !

Here's the first question:
The U.S. government issued an alert earlier this month about the possible dangers posed by Volt Typhoon. What is Volt Typhoon?

Check your answer and see how well you've been following the week's news - and it's a tough one this week https://theconversation.com/the-conversation-u-s-weekly-news-quiz-189437

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Student-athletes can now pursue endorsement deals, but NCAA rules still prevent universities from paying them straight up. But things might change soon, according to a @ufresearch researcher: https://theconversation.com/college-athletes-still-are-not-allowed-to-be-paid-by-universities-heres-why-220996

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