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Energy bills to fall by GBP122 in July under new cap

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«AI is an energy hog. This is what it means for climate change.
How worried should we be about AI’s effects on the grid?»
– by @casey_crownhart


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#Senate #Democrats opened an investigation on Thurs into #Trump’s meeting w/ #oil & #gas execs last month to determine whether Trump offered a “policies-for-money transaction” [#bribe ] when he asked for $1B for his 2024 campaign so he could retake the White House & delete #POTUS #Biden’s #climate #regulations.

#VoteBlue #BidenHarris2024 #ClimateCrisis #environment #FossilFuels #BigOil #CorporateTaxBreaks

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The investigation is the 2nd congressional inquiry into the April 11 fund-raising dinner…. Trump told ~20 oil & gas execs that they would save far more than $1B in avoided #taxes & #legal fees after he repealed #environmental regulations….

#Trump has vowed to “drill, baby, drill” if he wins…. He has made no secret of his plans to end #Biden’s policies that support #wind & #solar #energy as well as #ElectricVehicles.

#VoteBlue #BidenHarris2024 #ClimateCrisis #environment #FossilFuels #BigOil

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We're not going to lie, we got a little misty-eyed pulling together this series of short interviews from some of our @pyOpenSci Editorial Board.

We hope these interviews inspire you not only in your Python endeavors, but to also consider volunteering with pyOpenSci! We're currently growing our Editorial Board, especially if you have domain expertise in either climate or energy 💜

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We’re closing out our Editor Spotlight with a focus on Bane Sullivan, from KoBold Metals!

AND we’re looking for additional volunteer editors to join our team, especially if you have expertise in climate and/or energy!

pyOpenSci Editors:

🔍 find reviewers
👷 oversee the entire review process for a
💜 support submitting authors and reviewers
✅ determine if package is in scope

Questions? Drop ‘em below!

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Dutton's nukes look dead on arrival -- but what about Labor's carbon capture fantasy?

#energy #labor

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We get more useful energy out of renewables than fossil fuels

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Milestone for floating offshore wind as world-first auction names winner and price

France has announced the winner of the world’s first commercial scale floating offshore wind auction which will see 250MW built off the coast of Southern Brittany in the country’s west.

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Special mud helps XGS Energy get more power out of geothermal wells

Young geothermal energy wells can be like budding prodigies, each brimming with potential to outshine their peers. But like people, most decline with age. In California, for example, the amount of electricity generated by geothermal power plants declined by 15% between 2001 and 2018, partly because existing wells degraded.

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S. Korea needs to lift green energy regulations: Climate Group head

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@byteseu @KarunaX

By lift - they mean put Green technology regulations on an equal footing with Fossil fuels

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The findings from Oil Change International wouldn't come as a surprise to many.

They reveal a stark disconnect between the climate plans of the 8 largest US and European-based international oil & gas producers, and the global goal of limiting warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

The strategies of US firms Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil were found to be ‘grossly insufficient’ across all evaluated criteria.

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OpenAI is jumping from scandal to scandal. But yeah sure, let’s use their products, we can safely and blindly trust them, what can go wrong?
Please wake up. All this is absurd.

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EVs now consume more electricity than trains

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Closing Australia's biggest coal-fired power station would leave NSW exposed to risk of blackouts - Aemo

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Do you have ? Got some good pixs? Enter them in this contest with the DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office!

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Lost in the whirlwind of color! This abstract masterpiece completely mesmerized me.

The way the vibrant hues dance and intertwine, the bold strokes suggesting a hidden language, it's like stepping into a world of pure emotion and energy.


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Electric Vehicles Accelerate Toward 50% Of Global Sales

"The reports of electric vehicle sales’ death are greatly exaggerated."

Predicted EV sales:

China, biggest auto market to hit 10 million vehicles, roughly 45% of all car sales

US: 2nd largest auto market, forecast to rise 20%, 11% of all new car sales.

Europe: 3rd largest auto market, to hit 10%, 25% of total sales.

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I know everybody hates the oil companies, and for good reason.

But their drilling knowhow could be the dark horse in the race for decarbonisation.

The potential for advanced geothermal energy with supercritical water techniques hold the key for unlocking vast amounts of carbon-free energy that is as stable as fossil fuels.

We are sitting on a ball of hot magma heated by nuclear radiation and movement of the moon.

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Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman postponed a planned four-day trip to Japan due to concerns over the king’s health, Japan’s top government spokesman, Yoshimasa Hayashi, said.

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"More than a half-million homes and businesses in remained without electricity by midday Saturday"

"There’s a cacophony of signs, traffic lanes, hedges and small buildings. And it just layers to a vibrant but chaotic environment that is hard to describe.. This area is pretty typical of Houston, a driver’s city with no zoning restrictions."

"The western zone of greater had 10,000 new home starts in 2023"

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"power plants do annual maintenance in April. That takes thousands of megawatts offline, making it harder for the grid to handle a burst of heat..."

It wasn't particularly hot in Texas in April, but the electricity grid was strained.. "Thanks to crypto mining, data centers, electric vehicles, manufacturing, and more people moving to the state," plus global warming.

"If it’s bad now, what the heck will summer be like?"

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