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Retired Professor of Political Economy
(Lancaster University, UK - retired 2021)
(also #ProfDJ across the Lune Valley)
Contributor: North West Bylines #NoBridge

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ChrisMayLA6, to random
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its not just the rich getting an easy ride on in the UK, its their Chelsea Tractors too....


ChrisMayLA6, to random
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More on the corrosive impact of private provision on #socialcare... of course, firms want to 'up-sell' care to make more profit, why wouldn't they, and that's why #capitalism and the care sector don't work well together... their driving logic are in tension.

[I'm expecting some of you will say the logic of capitalism is in tension with society more generally, but I still think a regulated capitalism can work outside the sphere of social/public services.]


ChrisMayLA6, to Economics
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In July, when Clare Lombardelli joins the BoE #interestrates setting group, the MPC, it will for the first time become majority #female... there is a long tradition in critical political economy, arguing that women can & would do #economics differently, so now we may have a real world experiment to see if that is really the case.... after all they can now outvote the men on interest rates.

#feminism #politicaleconomy

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With all the talk of crisis in #schools & problems with pupils learning in a difficult environment, its heartening that there is another way... where leadership focusses on the school not on 'unevidenced' demands from policy makers & commentators there is the possibility to make things better for our young people.

There are all sorts of things that may make adopting this approach difficult (from resource issues to staff shortages) but its not impossible... as this shows!

ChrisMayLA6, to ArtificialIntelligence
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There are many things to worry about in the accelerating ascendance of but its (and cooling) requirements have been more of a technical concern... now as John Naughton points out we need to be clear about quite how much energy & resources the new generations of are likely to consume.

If you thought this was all 'virtual', think again, there is a very real material element to the AI economy... one we may not want to 'afford'!


ChrisMayLA6, to Fashion
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This morning the Observer New Review has a wonderful selection of Barabra Hulanicki #fashion illustrations for #Biba.

This one, particularly appealed to me, for its effortless & under-stated links back into #arthistory & the reclining female...

a real treat for a #sundaymorning

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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The image of is usually of people sleeping in city/town doorways, but the problem of rural homelessness is often missed.

Driven by shifts to holiday & short-term lets in -friendly areas & cuts to council support for affordable , as well as the compounding lack of social housing, homelessness in rural areas is a major problem across larger parts of .

It may nor be a new problem but the callousness of Govt. towards it, perhaps is!


ChrisMayLA6, to politics
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How do we know #protests work to change #political opinions?

because #RishiSunak & the #Tories want to ban them....

In the face of a history in which protests have shifted the agenda of #politics, it should be no surprise that the political elite don't want them taking place except under controlled conditions.


ChrisMayLA6, to bristol
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The crisis in photos (and commentary) - sometimes reveals more than just reporting...

When you get down to the driver's shelter in Victoria Park , you'll appreciate what the 's exploration of looks like....

Once you've read this I'm sure you will not begrudge me using the term !


ChrisMayLA6, to random
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No-one will be surprised that the UK public have little faith in parties, but given the current travails & criminal activity in the , its notable how that doesn't seem to have dented whether people trust them as much as one might have expected (although this is last year's data); but I'd be interested to see that data broken down by & by .

When warns against 'mob rule' its pretty clear who the UK public at large think the mob actually is!

HeavenlyPossum, (edited ) to random
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As the US considers air dropping aid to Gazans, it’s worth noting that

a) reducing the suffering of Gazans being starved to death by the Israeli state would be good

but also

b) this would constitute a subsidy of the Israeli occupation, as surely as the US subsidizes and enables firms that pay their employees starvation wages by issuing food stamps to those impoverished workers.

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@HeavenlyPossum @Loukas

Yes I agree, I always use to say to my students that Bureaucratic Politics explained a lot that seemed initially unfathomable

ChrisMayLA6, to Economics
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You all know I like a good #economics chart, so here's ten(!) with a discussion of each from Richard Partington (Guardian)....many of these will be familiar from my previous posts (if in different form from my usual FT ones), but this piece does a good job of bringing it all together - I would say 'enjoy' but there's little to enjoy here, just the relentless pain of #Tory economic wrecking, mismanagement & #classwar


ChrisMayLA6, to london
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Its great for that TFL has again frozen fares for , but this is in stark contrast to the rest of & where Govt. 'intervention' has limited rises just under 5%.

What is needed is a range of bodies across the regions with similar powers to TFL & a similar outlook about the social worth of .

To adapt the old saying of socialism for the rich & capitalism for the rest of us... its a public transport for London & cars for the rest of us.

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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Andy Beckett (Guardian) on the toxicity of #MichaelGove:

'for many who have to live in the country that austerity & Brexit built, [Gove's] brand of Toryism will probably be remembered for two things: fanaticism & misplaced confidence. To adapt a quote from his hero, Winston Churchill: never in the field of British politics was so much damage done to so many by so few'!

A timely reminder that at the heart of the #Tories wrecking acts sits Micheal Gove!


ChrisMayLA6, to Dog
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i've confirmed with my own #dog (a #BorderTerrier), that while Barking you Way to the Top was an excellent dog-basket read, he thought Sit, Beg, Rollover, Succeed was facile rubbish ghost authored by a cat!

another fab cartoon from @tomgauld

ChrisMayLA6, to AirBNB
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#rent rises are rippling out of urban centres, making suburbs & commuter towns even more expensive.... across the country the #housingcrisis continues to worsen as rents #inflation outstrips pay rises.

But hey, the BoE will still be focussing on those pesky workers demanding some claw back of their standard of living.

And, even 'reasonable' landlords will have been forced to put up rents dues to mortgage costs for their properties - the BoE's very own vicious circle


ChrisMayLA6, to random
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Well, if you wanted to start a shift to British (economic) isolationism than looks to have been a good start... for the last five years the UK has been trading less with other countries (importing/exporting less).

If this was a structured & planned strategy then one might have been able to assemble an argument for why this made sense.... but an unplanned & chaotic reduction in trade will likely just be hurting (again).

Didn't 'project fear' have something to say about this?

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because 'trade' encompasses both imports & exports there are two key elements to the cause (as I see it);

  1. the friction/costs at the border, which in this was can mostly be associated with the emerging regulatory differences between UK & EU - your classic 'non-tariff barriers';

  2. a general decline in economic activity in volume terms (driven by inflation & stagnant/falling real wages) & in real terms due to cost of loving crisis.

1 & 2 compound each other

ChrisMayLA6, to bookstodon
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This week I've been mainly reading, no. 136.

Teju Cole's new novel, Tremor (2023), is a fragmented meditation on migration & memory, which then shifts into a portrait of Lagos via the subjects of the main character's photos. It well written & contains some compelling elements, but overall is (for my tastes) too unstructured to be completely satisfying. It slightly elegiac feeling is intriguing but in the end the lack of focus (or central narrative core) left me puzzled.


ChrisMayLA6, to cymru
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Seemingly, it wasn't only the Govt. in #England that had a blind spot about #Covid infections in care homes.... in quite an extraordinary declaration from Julie Morgan, #Wales’ deputy minister, she asserted that a plan for dealing with infection control for care homes & patients being discharged to these homes, would not 'add value' to Wales' overall plans.

Seems like the callousness of Westminster was not quite as isolated as some might have thought.


ChrisMayLA6, to random
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Talking to a (well-informed) friend about the juxtaposition of historically high rates of , high & failing social provsion(s) & she made this crucial point:

has reduced the low-level social provision that used to nip many social problems for individuals in the bud... now, those problems get worse & require crisis/critical attention, which by its very nature is more expensive, making a narrow band of social care more expensive that the previously wider provision.

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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More detail (should you want it) on the crisis in local government, its clear link with both #austerity & #Tory attrition against local #democracy.

The most corrosive aspect is the downgrading of local expectations in light of Council failures & budget constraints. As so often the Tories project is to encourage a despair about governance, to push people towards private provision.

Unlikely this will be swiftly reversed by an incoming Labour Govt.



ChrisMayLA6, to art
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#MuseumsWithoutMen launching today, aims to continue the #feminist project of bringing women's work (& other excluded groups) into the sight of gallery goers & those interested in #art.

This builds on decades of work by Feminist art historians, but Katy Hessel, is right much remains to be done.

Since C15th #women #artists have often been celebrated in their own time & then written out of a male-dominated #arthistory which still shapes #museums' collections & hanging.


ChrisMayLA6, to politics
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One interesting this about the #Rochdale by-election is that David Anthony Tully came second (with double the vote of any of the mainstream parties)... running as an independent, Tully's (4 week) campaign seems to have been about asserting a locally-defined #politics.

The Q. is how big an element in the next election will be these sort(s) of independents - if Rochdale is anything to go by, non-mainstream/ non-party locals may have an unusually good chance of gaining significant votes?

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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Yasmine Ahmed, (Human Rights Watch) on #RishiSunak joining a #farmers demo. while complaining of 'mob rule':

'The idea that politicians are celebrating one set of protesters while cracking down on others is chilling. A country that only allows you to demonstrate on issues it agrees with is the very definition of authoritarian. For a government that prides itself as a defender of free speech, it seems this defence is conditional on you agreeing with the government'


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