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Our only needs 4 more users to get it to 3,500 members! Come on over and join the sub for quality content, tech support, and a growing community.

And can't forget our weekly giveaways!!

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Tbh I think the like and would make a lot more sense if they were simply frontends and perhaps a backend too but just for the forums themselves. IOW, no accounts live in Lemmy or kbin, all users post from their preferred account instead.

Sure you can already technically do that from your or or whatever fedi you're in, but that means using whatever app you're on right now, which almost certainly means it's not a UI. Not ideal at all.

If I had any good programming skills I'd make it so that the link aggregator is merely a client that uses the Mastodon (with extensions too) and Misskey APIs, treat (almost) all actors as their own forums or subs, and each post would be a boost from said actor. Users authenticate from their preferred fedi account. Voting would be tallied by few special actors, which internally receive votes via direct messages (the app will make this transparent, but this also means you can technically vote without the app if you know the exact command), which will effectively make votes secret to non-admins like in . Users can also choose which vote counters they want to rely from.

This would make the fediverse-powered link aggregator very flexible and minimal, imo. It may look janky but that's the general idea I have. ​:seija_coffee:​


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Korean mom has a perfect response to the teacher who called her son's lunches 'disgusting'

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Enjoying this #Reddit thread where they pontificate about how online video needs competition, but it costs too much to do it.

I've been running for almost four years now on mostly community donations. The problem isn't the cost, it's the fact that every creator thinks they're the next Mr. Beast and just one video away from being a millionaire, and viewers are complacent.

We could all easily collectively decide to change this at any time.

#tech #youtube

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Reddit stock hits a new low even as Wall Street analysts say buy it

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Anyone else notice that is 80% people asking questions that Google could find in ten seconds before the SEO spam apocalypse these days?

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how the eff do you format text on with the new UI? They appear to have killed markdown support. There's no "fancy-pants editor"

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More and more previews stop working these days. Current example: my feed aggregator.

I want to emphasize that I've warned about that years ago:

Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in Like Reddit, , and for most parts of my arguments even :

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info about #LEMMY (if you dont know already)

why do i share posts like in the pic ?

its an LEMMY instance..a #Fediverse version of #Reddit
you can answer to it from any mastodon instance you are on and participate in the discussion !😉 👍

also maybe you wanna follow


to make the most use of it

#AEW #Wrestling #ProWrestling #WomensWrestling #AEWDynamite #AEWRampage #AEWCollision #WWE #WWENXT

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Never ever did I expect like this, but then it’s just so this is normal.

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Depression in the South Asian community is debunked in this new Canadian dramedy

#reddit #south

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I see that Reddit is doubling down on its anti-VPN stance.

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I've been a long time Reddit user but they've pushed me over the edge and it's time to walk away but finding a replacement has been very difficult.

I have some issues with the platform developers but am looking for some input from folks in the

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On the bright side, even mods might get their leg over this way:

"Hyper-sexual ' ' that are infected with sexually transmitted expected to emerge this year..."

"...Once the cicadas emerge from the ground, they molt into adults, and within a week to 10 days, the fungus causes the backside of their abdomens open up. A chalky, white plug erupts out, taking over their bodies and making their genitals fall off..."

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is useless and with it most of the web on mobile.

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Thank you to everyone joining our . We have passed 2,000 members!

If you are looking for a Subreddit to find quality content from the community and creators, and a place promoting respectful behavior and open to criticism, come join!

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#TIL that the @todayilearned bot publishes each new thread on the TIL subReddit to the fediverse.


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about a site that aims to recommend a fediverse community to replace each subReddit;

to @raphael for working on this.

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We have implemented a new program for our called the "Verified Creator Program." This allows quality creators to post, in moderation, without spamming or mods removing their work.

Check it out:

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Le Gif Français : La reconversion (Patrick Balkany)

Hop je vous repartage certain gif épique de la commu reddit :

Vous vous rappelez de Patrick Balkany et de son séjour en prison ? Gif cococté par u/Candide_Rolic !

#Gif #GifFrançais #Reddit #PatrickBalkany #Prison

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Extremely online sheriff used Reddit to defend hiring cop who killed Black man--the cop resigned the next day

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What does it mean to federate your Flipboard profile? In the simplest terms, it means that whatever you curate (aka share) on Flipboard will be "syndicated" out to the fediverse with no extra effort. @miaq tests it out and breaks it down.

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@zdl @Flipboard @miaq

I'm not OP, but seems like a sort of a link aggregator (called "flips"). You can keep your own links (publicly or privately) and follow other people's curated links, and comment on them.

A little bit like a or - except the links are emphasized more than the conversation.

I didn't know how to federate my links, though. So this article is interesting!

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Et si on rédigeait un article de presse sur le fediverse et qu'on le publiait un peu partout dans la presse ? Pour le moment on a pas une image super positive car 3000 serveurs c'est compliqué, que l'ui est austère...ça me gave.

Le tout en passant sous silence ce qu'on reproche aux réseaux sociaux capitalistes : cambridge analytica, transphobie, déni du rechauffement climatique...Et ça fait pas bouger plus que ça ​:bugcat_what:​

Pourquoi ne pas faire une tribune pour inviter le gouvernement à suivre l'exemple de la commission européenne et des institutions allemandes qui sont sur mastodon ? :)

Pourquoi ne pas imaginer un immense dossier de presse sur les réseaux sociaux : ferme à clic, les modo de facebook, le contenu violent, le genocide des meymar puis on aborde le fédiverse avec l'interview des modos, des admins, des on présente quelques instances françaises, francophones.

Ça me brancherait bien comme aventure et qu'elle soit portée collectivement. Pas facile mais mon reve serait d'aller à la gare et de lire plusieurs grands titres sur le fédiverse. Et de donner envie à d'autres personnes de nous rejoindre. :)


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I wonder what going public will mean for Reddit's nsfw communities. How long it's going to take until investor pressure forces them to crack down and bully or outright ban nsfw subreddits one by one.

Reddit is somewhat unique in that it's one of the largest remaining sites, or perhaps the largest since the Tumblr nsfw purge, that are fine with nsfw content and that recruit a considerable share of their users via nsfw content.

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