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The 'Kuiper Belle' touches down on Enceladus, with supplies for the Herschel Outpost.

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One year ago today I posted this Alien Derelict photo I created using practical effects, figures and miniature sets.


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Could do with a name for this. Scrap/salvage ship. Ex asteroid mining vessel. Plying its trade between Ceres and Mars.

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Scrapper Ship. A repurposed asteroid mining vessel, with lasers still in place. Now home to a single crew member, scraping a living between Ceres and Mars.

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Scrapper Ship. Work in progress.

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Interstellar Craft.

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Spaceship with trails
Avoyd 0.22 beta fixes the colour of transparent materials in renders

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Little render of the un-named space tug.

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The Pelagic, progress.

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Just need to work out why the angle of the radiator fins is affecting the output.

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Progress on The Pelagic, deep space exploration vessel.

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Latest Blender spaceship - work in progress.

The Pelagic.

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A spacecraft and spacesuit 2-in-1 concept with furry micro-macro-shenanigans. Furries sharing a spacesuit with micros is something I want to explore more in the future. Seems like such a funny concept, I wonder why it hasn’t been done before? Or is it I just haven’t seen it be done?

The suit is loosely based on something called the “Command/Control Pressure Suit”.

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Progress. Lot's still unfinished, plenty to fix, lots more to figure out.

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Weird Field spaceship progress. I quite like the plastic look of the model without any texture added. Just makes me want to build a kit of it, or make it out of Lego.

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Starting to build a Weird Field spaceship in Blender.

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It's @nyrath 's fault I think about cooling fins.

Interstellar ship - work in progress.

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A little maintenance unit. Got to open those pod bay doors some how.

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That'll do for now.

Interstellar Spaceship and maintenance pod.

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Calling this done for the moment. I'll come back to it after I've done a bit more studying.

Pretty happy though, ten days ago I didn't know a single thing about Blender, or 3D in general.

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Two sides of the same coin... 3D photomontage and 3D single object renders; probably a reflection of my past professional use of the medium as a industrial designer and having done technical archiviz for many years. I am going to be using both of these styles in Sub Orbital Machine to do things I can't express with drawing in ink and graphite.

#MastoArt #Art #FediArt #conceptart #artist #design #scifiart #scifi #sciencefiction #artistonmastodon #pencil #spaceship #3d #3dart

Closeup crop image of a photomontage of a spaceship over a turbulant ocean
Render of a space craft

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