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The ultimate ending.

"...Gainax, known for producing the popular series "Neon Genesis ," said Friday that it filed for at District Court on May 29.

Founded in 1984, the Tokyo-based company produced hit anime titles, including the Evangelion series by film director and "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water..."

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Gainax, known for producing the popular anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion," said Friday that it filed for bankruptcy at Tokyo District Court on May 29.

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The Original Studio Behind Evangelion Is Filing for Bankruptcy

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FTX secretly gave $17.5m to Aussie crypto influencer who lost other people's millions

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WeWork Survived Bankruptcy. Now It Has to Make Coworking Pay Off

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Romance Writers of America files for bankruptcy amid bitter racism battle

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Bankruptcy Creditors Get Their Knives Out For Giuliani, Accusing Him of 'Crimes' and 'Egregious Spending Habits' in Motion to Seize Control

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The trustee overseeing the bankruptcy of Ontario's self-proclaimed "Crypto King" wants a judge to deny Aiden Pleterski a discharge from bankruptcy until he pays back more than $4.5 million in assets and funds the trustee says Pleterski hasn't accounted for.

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Red Lobster Had to Close So That Rich People Could Get Paid

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After closing restaurants and terminating workers without notice, Red Lobster files for bankruptcy

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Fintech Fight Leads to Hundreds of Thousands of Frozen Accounts

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Red Lobster tells customers it's not closing down after bankruptcy filing - 'root for us'

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Every year, for a short period, you could get endless shrimp at Red Lobster. Then last summer it made the deal a permanent fixture on its menu: All-you-can-eat shrimp for $20. The change, motivated by a new shareholder that specialized in canned seafood and opposed by management, cost the company $11 million. On Sunday, it filed for bankruptcy. Here's more from CNN about the ill-fated promotion and how it contributed to the demise of the casual dining chain.

#Restaurants #USA #RedLobster #Bankruptcy

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What killed Red Lobster? Sure, blundered promotions, but that is not the big thing--they might have recovered from that. The big thing is PE & their propensity to kill things off, sucking marrow from the bone of generally productive concepts. Debt loading is one way, but also real estate shenanigans. Don't come in and pretend you're helping a company grow by selling off assets then making the lease them back at above-market rates.

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▶ What REALLY Killed Red Lobster

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Cost-cutting, private equity, and the 'Thai shrimp mafia': What really drove Red Lobster into bankruptcy

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Stoves, fish tanks, fryers, chairs,
It's all yours and cheap--whatever's on the floor
You have to move quick, pay in cash
We need that money NOW, gotta move things out the door

Need a dining booth and a matching chair?
Fridge, plates, forks, knives and spoons?
Make a bid now, and make it soon!
It might all be yours tomorrow, for just a doubloon!

Why you may ask are we shutting down things?
Little tiny lobsters just don't sell
Hurry hurry gotta get that cash
Sheesh, this kind of stress just makes me yell

#bankruptcy #auction #poem #RedLobster

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"Judge overseeing Giuliani bankruptcy castigates former mayor’s ‘troubling attitude vis-à-vis the law,’ rejects bid to appeal $148 million defamation judgment"

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