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PhD. Rhetorics of terrorism, media, and AI. Taught at Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, UC Davis. Independent.

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Adrenochrome, to Cat German
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SteveThompson, (edited )
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@Adrenochrome Did you get it? Looks solid.

realTuckFrumper, to random
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'Overwhelmed': Lawyers experienced with Judge Cannon say she’s not equipped for Trump case https://www.alternet.org/overwhelmed-judge-cannon/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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@realTuckFrumper She really is in over her head taking on the Department of Justice here.

SteveThompson, to random
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"'Awkward situation' for Ron Johnson as new docs 'shred his tortured explanations' of WI fake electors"


#GOP #RonJohnson #electiondeniers

SteveThompson, to random
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"For many Americans...evangelical now is shorthand for 'Trump supporter.' How can we blame them when, in...American Christian life, people who deny the Trinity are embraced as Christians, but those who don’t support Trump are ostracized as apostates?"


"This is not...Chuck Colson repenting of his sin, taking responsibility for it and pleading for God’s mercy. This is someone who...says that he will take revenge on his critics and enemies the moment he is back in office."

SteveThompson, to Texas
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More GOP literary censorship idiocy in Texas. Seems three Texans started the whole thing in 2021 with loony concerns about "butts and farts" in books.

"Trump-appointed judge invokes ‘Soup Nazi’ and ‘Library Police’ in scathing dissent over banned books being reinstated"

And Stephen King...


#GOP #Texas #bookbans #butts #LGBTQ #Trump #judges #libraries

SteveThompson, to Ethics
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He's an emolument collector.

"Justice Clarence Thomas has received some 47% of all known gifts given to Supreme Court in the modern era, likely totaling well over $5.87 million: Report"


plaguepoems, to random
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He tells me he isn’t worried
about another pandemic
after all, he’s survived one pandemic
so he’s confident
he can survive another one
and I can’t decide
whether to remind him
of those who did not survive
or to remind him
that he hasn’t finished surviving
the current one yet.

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The latter reigns...

SteveThompson, to random
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"Ron DeSantis’s Voter Suppression Machine Is Working"


"A 2023 law has made registering voters prohibitively expensive for many groups in Florida."

#GOP #Desantis #voters

SteveThompson, to Cats
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Bravery earlier today.
#cats #catsofmastodon

SteveThompson, to random
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Yeah, well America's not. USA!

"Trump Says He’s 'Okay' With Jail or House Arrest"


"Top Republicans are realizing they might have to nominate an incarcerated man at their July convention, CBS reports."

xs4me2, to random
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And while I have replied elsewhere that I wasn't making a lab contention there, it never meant I actually ruled it out.

SteveThompson, to Palestine
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That's what propaganda does...

"Visiting Israel, Michael Douglas suggests anti-Israel campus protesters ‘brainwashed’"


"On solidarity trip, Oscar-winning actor-producer tours Oct. 7 massacre sites; hosted by Herzog, describes shock of anti-Israel campus activism: 'There's no education, no knowledge'"

SteveThompson, to Ukraine
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"Germany allows Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia with German weapons"


"Berlin’s announcement follows a similar move by the Biden administration."

SteveThompson, to southafrica
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"South Africa quietly excludes citizens in Israel from voting amid growing tensions"


SteveThompson, to random
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"Breakingviews: Trump’s rich backers normalize criminal behavior"


"It’s one thing to support a candidate who might cut taxes and regulation, and quite another to endorse a felon. After his historic conviction, it’s collective greed that’s now on trial."

SteveThompson, to random
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"Scoop: X and NewsNation plan live town halls with Trump, RFK Jr."

Hard pass.


SteveThompson, to random
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SteveThompson, to random
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Never elect someone who believes they are not subject to Justice.

"RFK Jr., Parrots Trump, Says Guilty Verdict ‘Weaponizing the Courts’"


"The third party candidate and his campaign team accused the hush money trial of being a ploy to manipulate the justice system for political gain"

#GOP #Trump #RJKJR

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@FaithinBones Setting the stage for something...

SteveThompson, to random
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"JD Vance calls for Judge Merchan and his daughter to be subpoenaed so GOP can 'punish' them"


SteveThompson, to random
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"Trump blames Soros for guilty verdict, invoking trope Jewish groups say is antisemitic"



SteveThompson, to random
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Just heard a conservative radio news story claiming the judge and other people who rightly followed our judicial system to fairly convict Donald Trump today are corrupt. Call out their lies.

Our judicial system is not corrupt. People who seek to rightly mete out justice are not corrupt. The people claiming such lies are corrupt.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20

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@FaithinBones It's the cult propaganda posing as valid news that concerns me.

Teri_Kanefield, to random
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I'm over my temper tantrum.

Unfortunately I was enjoying a lovely break on the beach, logged into Mastodon and saw some ugly.

I have been promising myself to start moving away from commenting on what is happening in the moment and talk about more general legal issues. It invites less anger and hate.

Like everyone else, I'm relieved that it wasn't a hung jury or acquittal.

I have no doubt there will be an appeal because there are appealable issues.

But appealable does not mean winable.


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Comment. Block. Report. Ignore.

They all have their moment, and we are right there with you deciding which is which and when.

And we all get the ugly. It's the world we live in. Sorry it got to you as likely intended. Stay on task and stay you.

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@FaithinBones @Teri_Kanefield
Mastodon emails me certain data interactions so even if they delete something and block me there's a saved copy, like that one.

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