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GOP Members Of Congress Gush Over Christian Nationalist Pseudo-Historian David Barton

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The Nevada Current telling it like it is in #headline and lede:

Trump, RNC promise ‘aggressive’ election interference in battleground states

"Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee on Friday announced a “100,000 person strong” program designed to harass #election officials and their employees and discredit #democracy in Nevada and a dozen other states."

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“America Loving Protesters should be allowed to protest at the front steps of Courthouses, all over the Country, just like it is allowed for those who are destroying our Country on the Radical Left, a two tiered system of justice,” Trump continued. “Free Speech and Assembly has been ‘CHILLED’ for USA SUPPORTERS. GO OUT AND PEACEFULLY PROTEST. RALLY BEHIND MAGA. SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

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Donald Trump won’t be getting his way in his New York hush money trial—at least, not without consequences.

Presiding Judge Juan Merchan decided Monday that prosecutors can cross-examine the former president on prior judgements and gag order violations. This is only relevant if Trump takes the stand, but given he has said he would “absolutely” testify in the trial, he seems pretty eager.

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A New York Post front page on Monday blaring “Nyet, Moscow Marjorie”, its mocked-up picture showing Marjorie Taylor Greene wearing a Soviet cap, was the latest sign of sections of the US right turning on the extremist, pro-Trump Georgia congresswoman over her opposition to military aid for Ukraine.

“The score in Congress is now ‘Jewish space lasers lady 0, common sense 1’,” the Murdoch-owned tabloid said.
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The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to consider a request by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake to ban the use of electronic vote-counting machines in Arizona.

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Prosecution will cover three hush money cases... Porn star, playboy model and doorman....

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For the first time in history, prosecutors will present a criminal case against a former American president to a jury Monday as they accuse Donald Trump of a hush money scheme aimed at preventing damaging stories about his personal life from becoming public.

Opening statements are expected Monday morning.

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A delay is a win for Trump!

Cheney warns of ‘profoundly negative impact’ if SCOTUS doesn’t resolve Trump immunity case quickly

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Columbia U will now become a campus with visual cop intimidation. It will take years to recover from what this president is doing.

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But I'm sure it will increase the #Columbia students' respect for authority ...and ultimately help the #GOP expand its support with the young.

Good move by #Republicans


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" Relieved by US progress on Ukraine aid, Europe grapples with its own support for Kyiv

Estonia and Sweden are among European countries warning against complacency, as EU foreign ministers are set to discuss Ukraine on Monday. "


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'I did sin': Washington GOP in disarray after Spokane convention

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David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer, is expected to be the first witness called in Trump hush money trial, source says

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I used to wonder how any nation’s people could be so exceedingly ignorant, hateful, selfish, and shameless that they would enthusiastically champion a piece of shit like Adolf Hitler. I don’t wonder anymore.

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The pro-Russian caucus inside the GOP was defeated on Saturday. Now it's time for the US and Europe to join forces and win the war

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"What is now clearly a pro-Russia caucus has consolidated inside .

The lesson is clear: Anyone who seeks to manipulate the foreign policy of the , whether the tin-pot autocrat in or the Communist Party of , now knows that a carefully designed campaign, when targeted at the right people, can succeed well beyond what anyone once thought possible."

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I suspect Donald Trump is having a hissy fit over Mike Johnson today!

Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson, claims that Russia, China and Iran are the “new axis of evil”.
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