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Some rainbowrific motivation to everyone who needs it. 🌈

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‘Do you know her like they do?’

‘Suzie’ (1947)
Artist: Al Fagaly


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This is what artificial intelligence comes up with when you ask it to create a real-looking person out of your profile drawing. 😅

Illustration of a big-headed girl in 3D. She has black hair, a red shirt, a black skirt, and is holding a magnifying glass.

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I want to follow people who make / here on the , so I'd really appreciate any recommendations ☺️

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I've watched so much Simpsons in my life, (I've seen every episode multiple times) but little weird things I still notice. I'm sure many have noticed this, and it's on the wiki page linked here, but in the Simpsons intro, one of the magazines at the supermarket is 'Feeble' 🤣

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can't you understand

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Updated the old timey web portal a bit and moved it over to Neocities!

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Some people: "Halflings are boring and don't even get me started on Gnomes!"



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dret ɬush shawash hihi wawa pʰikcha yawa. (really good cartoons here.)

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Tell me you're a 90s kid without telling me.

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This struck me as very funny.

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New episode! We're fast-forwarding from 1986 to 1994 so we can talk about Phantom 2040, the other show that put a King Features character in a cyberpunk future and got a Marvel Comic adaptation!

Listen anywhere but Spotify, or just go here:

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Boy, what a day!

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