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Starting the day by deleting around 200 spam GitHub Discussions. Always a pleasure...

If GitHub's looking for AI topics: it could really help maintainers by spotting spam, blocking accounts, and automatically deleting discussions/issues so they have nothing to do.

#opensource #oss

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After removing a lot of spam GitHub Discussions and probably some deletions made on GitHub side, I encountered some phantom notifications.

This is a confirmed bug, but thanks to the GitHub Support, there is a workaround for that:

  1. Be sure to treat all the real notifications you have to have a zero-inbox.
  2. Run the following script to mark notifications as "read":

gh api --method PUT -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" /notifications -F read=true

#opensource #OSS #contributing #github

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The feeling when 87.5% of the discussion under your contribution is about : unreliable CI and insignificant .

Congrats, the project has created a barrier to entry for anyone who hasn't been into it for years already.

Hint: give everyone a freaking that satisfies your needs and let us move on to actual work, without having to redo the same stuff 8 times. Sheesh.

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Are you interested in #contributing to the #openSUSE Project & becoming a #member of the #project? Get more #info & find out how simple it can be.

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With , we talk about time together being worthwhile as long as we are either or . Today I need to add that learning the same thing every day again is not really what I mean by learning. Learning should accrue. We need to figure out ways of practicing in a way where we are likely to retain information.

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Want to donate some of your free time to ? Make sure to have a regular look at our issue tracker:

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@gfkdsgn I think we do, but I don't know how best to connect. Maybe join the matrix space or open an issue in the Contributing issue tracker from the "introduce yourself" template to let us know about your skills?

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Vulkan is seeking feedback from the developer community to be incorporated in the Vulkan Roadmap for future development. See "Roadmap Suggestions" section at for background and to contribute your ideas or desires for the future of Vulkan.

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@opensuse had a contributor survey & results are driving a discussion on our list because communities try to solve complex challenges together. Join the discussion if you're interested in .

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Hey developers,

Interested in to a smol but neat project? I'm looking for help with feature requests for my side project:

Mailserver is "a no pain, minimal configuration, full-featured dockerised mail server" based on postfix and dovecot. Goal of this project is to ship a DKMS / DMARC / SPF mailserver system whose emails are accepted by GMail / Outlook etc. out of the box.

(boosts welcome!)

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If you're unsure whether to make a , just do it! The maintainer can reject it if they want to, but they can't blame you for not !

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mailing list archives are broken for almost 3 months now. While is advocated as a stop-gap solution, it doesn't cover all our mailing lists (I don't think any of the third-party archives do). We really need someone to fix this.

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@mgorny Great, thanks for the links, and the list of considered options!

If I understand it correctly, the solution mostly involves development work either in:

Hopefully this exposes enough information for interested parties to consider to vital services for !

(Please boost for reach 🚀)

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I am following the trend to make my income via @github public.

Most of you see me to various popular projects.

You might be suprised how low my earn is for all this time spent 🤷‍♂️

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