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🯁🯂🯃🮲🮳 ← If you can see this, you are cool.

Tech nerd with social capabilities. Enjoys simulation games, pen and paper roleplaying, drinking beer and messing with technology while listening to Hatsune Miku.

Engine programmer of We Are Football at https://winningstreakgames.de

#flightsim #aviation #penandpaper #pathfinder #tabletop #ttrpg #linux #steamdeck #selfhosting #postmarketos #cplusplus #cpp #opengl #simd #hatsunemiku #vocaloid #anime #archlinux
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GossiTheDog, to random
@GossiTheDog@cyberplace.social avatar

Windows event later today where the Copilot key is unveiled and this Mac^H^H^HWindows laptop is shown for first time.

Can’t wait for EU to ban Copilot integration in Windows, and to reassign the key to a fart sound.

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@GossiTheDog Pardon my ignorance, but is ^H supposed to be backspace or something?

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@pavel @GossiTheDog Wow, it works. I did not know that.

fell, to Nvidia
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The wait for the NVIDIA 555 driver is real. I pinned this handy URL so I can check it regularily: https://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html

Korfox, to RaspberryPi German
@Korfox@troet.cafe avatar

Ich bin gerade unentschieden.
Ich habe einen #RaspberryPi 4 4GB übrig und mir ein #NesPi 4 dafür geholt. #Batocera ist installiert, xbox-Controller und BT-Trackpad-Tastatur funzen (die Competition pro muss ich noch ausprobieren), übertaktet auf 2100 MHz... Insgesamt finde ich das auch mit der SSD in der Cartridge total cool. Unabhängig von Batocera.
Aber so richtig flasht mich das mit dem #RetroGaming darauf nicht nicht. Aber ich weiß auch nicht, wozu ich die Kiste sonst nutzen soll.

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@Korfox Ich habe lange einen Odroid C2 als Pi-Hole und Druckserver genutzt. Der ist dann irgendwann auf einen Futro S720 gewandert, weil sich der x86-Druckertreiber so schlecht auf ARM emulieren ließ. Mittlerweile kamen aber noch eine Libreddit-Instanz und ein paar Heimautomatisierungs- und Wake-On-LAN tools dazu.

Der Odroid ist mittlerweile komplett VPN-gesichert und für Downloads zuständig.

Ich will damit sagen: Wenn man mit dem Homeserver einmal angefangen hat kommen immer mehr Anwendungen dazu.

Alternativ ginge z.B. auch ein Media Center mit Kodi, da habe ich meinen alten Gamingrechner von ~2009 im Einsatz.

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@Korfox Hm, dann ist das echt ne gute Frage. Ein Pi-Hole bringt nur ein bisschen etwas. In manchen (Android) Apps kommt dann keine Werbung mehr.
Der darf aber ruhig etwas überdimensioniert sein, weil man es sonst sofort bei allen Geräten spürt, dass die DNS-Auflösung zu langsam ist.
Ich würde damit einfach mal mit anderen Distros rumspielen.
YunoHost ist z.B. soetwas was zum rumklicken und ausprobieren anregt: https://yunohost.org/en/install/hardware:rpi34

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@Korfox Dann bleibt nur noch die Schublade oder Ebay. Sind ja immernoch relativ teuer die Dinger.

dansup, to Pixelfed
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

Experimenting with a new Network feed of Pixelfed only accounts, it’s so much better 👀

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@dansup Isn't that kind of against the idea of the Fediverse?

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@Q @dansup Yeah okay, I could get behind that.

dansup, to Pixelfed
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

I just want to educate y'all about this specific "scary" warning (that you may see in the Pixelfed app)

Apple Bonjour is a feature that enables seamless connection between your Apple devices

You can safely tap "Don't Allow" without any impact, however, that may limit Handoff support and other Apple features we're planning to implement.

Regardless, you can audit our app code yourself to verify we aren't doing anything sketchy


@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@dansup What is handoff suppport?

lamp, to random
@lamp@kitty.haus avatar

WHY don't people use EXEC

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@lamp I don't know what it does.

stux, to random
@stux@mstdn.social avatar

I need your help ❤️

Over 4-5 days new server- and media storage bills are coming in for this month

Currently I am still over €428 short this month😿😟

For upcoming weekend I have a server migration planned to scale down the costs by another €200 on the main servers but that will only take effect next month

If you can, please help out 🙏


Thank you ❤️

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@stux Are you using cloud storage? I reckon you'd be better off with regular old dedicated bare metal servers. Ideally just one.

cmconseils, to random French
@cmconseils@mastodon.social avatar

Your brain automatically translates wtf but not lol

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@cmconseils I read wtf as "wuh tuh fuh" internally.

aliceif, to random
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> widely adopted format for text-based information

Unfortunately, it's a widely adopted format for any kind of information.

kaia, to random
@kaia@brotka.st avatar

back before silly investors, Bitcoin was a feasible means of exchange!

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@kaia I still like the concept. It's just that (1) money must be regulated at least a little bit and (2) the transaction cost of Bitcoin is just too high.

I think GNU Taler is the better model. (Basically open source self hosted banks)

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@kaia It does not. But it's already in use at some Cafeteria in Geneva. So there's that.

cliffwade, to random
@cliffwade@allthingstech.social avatar

My newest review unit just arrived at the front door a few minutes ago!

WOLFBOX 2nd Gen Dual Zone Car Fridge with App Control.

You can read all about it here:


Review will be posted on the soon!

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@cliffwade Why on earth do you need an app to control a fridge?

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@cliffwade Please also test how usable it is without the app and whether or not the app works without internet connectivity.

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@cliffwade Looking forward to it!

fell, to random German
@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

Scheiß auf mehligkochend. Festkochend ist der Shit! 🥔

TerryHancock, to random
@TerryHancock@realsocial.life avatar

If I need to collect e-forms from people with confidential information on them, what's the best/responsible way to do it?

Is there an easy way to use #Nextcloud for this?
Should they just email the forms? (But that's not encrypted, right?)

I have a fillable PDF form set up, but it's going to have legal names and bank accounts, etc. I need to keep that private.

Surely there is some standard practice for this kind of thing? 🤔

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@TerryHancock If you already have a PDF form, then just have a simple HTML5 upload form secured with HTTPS.

solidsanek, to random

The most useless thing Steam does is show you that additional window with featured games or whatever, but never show it in the foreground, always in background of the actual client

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@solidsanek I actually like that. It's the most unobtrusive and gentle way to show ads. It's not even really ads. It's just like movie trailers in a cinema.

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@solidsanek Last time I checked you could still disable it.

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

@solidsanek Sure, it's under "Interface" and then "Notify me about additions or changes to my games, new releases, and upcoming releases"

leyrer, to random
@leyrer@chaos.social avatar

Das schöne/traurige daran, körperlich zu altern ist, zu sehen, welche Menschen "nachhaltig" und mit Technologie- und Rollenwechseln Karriere machen und welche alle drei Jahre einfach dem aktuellen Trend nachrennen und dessen Megafon spielen.

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@leyrer Es mag ungerecht klingen, aber ich glaube viele Leute machen beides. Also sie rennen einfach dem aktuellen Trend nach und machen damit Karriere.

fell, to random
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Four days until NVIDIA driver 555 with explicit sync.

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

So, the 555 driver is getting delayed. That's understandable. But it's kinda crazy how eagerly everyone is waiting for a new NVIDIA driver. Also, 555 is a legendary name in my opinion.


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