tuneintodetuned, to PCGaming Spanish
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Y el mayor añadido de la última actualización de #Cyberpunk2077 #CP77 #CP2077 es...

thatfrisiangirlish, to PCGaming
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I made a huge mistake playing Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Without spoilers, it's known it adds an additional ending. It's well thought out, and stringent to what happens there, don't get me wrong. Well made, too. Probably because of that, the content hits like a punch in the gut, I feel sick, and it gives me an icy cold feeling around the heart.

Sooooo, I can't say I recommend or not, because that very much depends on how much you want stories to tear you up one side, and down the other.

Ranking in gut wrench factor: a whole lot worse than taking matters into your hands on the balcony there and then.

thegamerstavern, to gaming
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The autofixer that sold me this bike told me the extra pole was a feature and not a bug.

I'm not 100% sure, but the deal was good.

cliffwade, to PCGaming
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I managed to get another 3+ hours of CyberPunk 2077 play time in this morning and have gotten to the point where I can now do the Phantom Liberty DLC part of things.

Just like when I played the game on release date and completed it within the first week, I'm really enjoying the game so much. Lots of good updates and additions to the 2.0 update and other things.

CP2077 is one of the best games made and released in recent years, in my opinion!

cliffwade, to VideoGames
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Started a brand new game the other day of Cyberpunk 2077 since I had completed it week one when it released. I did this because it's the best recommended way to go for the new DLC, Phantom Liberty.

Just as the first play through, I'm absolutely loving the game and all of the good updates that they have made to it.

alda, to PCGaming
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I feel like the 2.0 update kind of ruined my current run of Cyberpunk 2077 as I have to redo the skill tree for my character.

It would have been nice to at least offer some sort of migration path or suggestions in-game.

And frankly, this feels a bit like when my car was broken into and I lost interest in both the car and my photography hobby.

cliffwade, to Starfield
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While I have about 40 hours into Starfield currently and not even close to finishing the main story, I've decided to pick up Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and give that a play through.

I finished CP2077 within the first week with only 28 hours of game play. Super fun game, super awesome looks and feel. Can't wait to jump into Update 2.0 and the DLC and see what Night City is all about this time around.

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