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33, she/her.

Deactivated my Twitter account in March 2022. Deleted Tiktok in 2023.

Blogger, musician, reader, photographer, writer. I love posting about technology and books.

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noellemitchell, to Youtube
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Wow, I've hardly been watching any YouTube lately. Just looked at my time watched for the last 7 days and it's only 2 hours and 24 minutes. 😆

Videos take too long to watch and I would rather read instead. 😁 :blobcatread:

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@Unatributed That's great! What type of books have you been reading?

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@Unatributed Journalism? That sounds intriguing.

noellemitchell, to Blog
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Yesterday I logged into my #Neocities account and was surprised to see in the stats that my #blog is getting consistent views, despite the fact that there's nothing on the homepage except a title lol.

I'm thinking I might write up something in #HTML for the homepage since I don't know enough #CSS to style a #web page. Better than nothing. 😆

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@george Are you thinking of Geocities? Neocities is the newer version of Geocities.

noellemitchell, to mastodon
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suddenly remembers the countless number of articles I've bookmarked on Mastodon sitting unread 😳😆 :blobcatlaugh:

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@xinit That's a good idea, it would be very useful.

noellemitchell, to mastodon
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I see is trending on . Every day is Book Day to me lol 😂 :blobcatread:

noellemitchell, to TikTok
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Wonder what will end up happening with this ban thingy 🤔

noellemitchell, to AdobePhotoshop
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So I was just looking at Flipboard and...it looks pretty cool. 😲 Lots of articles so seems like something I would enjoy using. 😆 Not sure why I haven't used it, I did have an account a while back but ended up deleting it. Kind of tempted to make a new account. 🤔

#flipboard #app #tech

noellemitchell, to Blog
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I don't know what to write about on my WordPress blog, which is why I only have one blog post from a month ago lol 😂

noellemitchell, to mastodon
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Haven't been very active on lately. Feeling like I want to start posting more again :blobcathappy: :mastodon:

noellemitchell, to movies
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"$50 million is just a lot to give any single human being, and it’s especially a lot to give to a man who made himself the major villain in Hollywood’s biggest strike in decades. What’s more, Warner Bros. Discovery hasn’t been doing particularly well lately, which means that Zaslav is getting rewarded for leading a company that’s losing money."

$50 million is a ridiculously high number.

#Hollywood #movies #film #cinema #news #media #WarnerBros #business #capitalism


noellemitchell, to internet
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"The pro-Nazi content is not confined to the fringes of the platform. During one seven-day period in March, seven of the most widely shared pro-Nazi posts on X accrued 4.5 million views in total."

"By failing to act against many pro-Nazi accounts, X continues to earn income from their activity in at least two ways: by collecting monthly subscription fees from those posting pro-Nazi content and by running advertisements..."



noellemitchell, to web
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Right-Wing Media Are in Trouble

"Some of the bigger names in the field have been pummeled the hardest: The Daily Caller lost 57 percent of its audience; Drudge Report, the granddaddy of conservative aggregation, was down 81 percent; and The Federalist, founded just over a decade ago, lost a staggering 91 percent."


noellemitchell, to twitter
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Elon Musk plans to charge new X users to enable posting

"Elon Musk is planning to charge new X users a small fee to enable posting on the social network and to curb the bot problem.

In reply to an X account that posted about changes on X’s website, Musk said charging a small fee to new accounts was the “only way” to stop the “onslaught of bots.”"

Yeah... because this will get new users to sign up 🙄😆



noellemitchell, to Facebook
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Facebook’s AI failure wiped out Kansas Reflector links. Even Facebook may not know what went wrong.

"Daniel Kahn Gillmor, a senior staff technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union, said Facebook’s actions demonstrate the danger for society of depending heavily on a single communications platform to determine what is worthy of discussion."

#Facebook #Meta #SocialMedia #tech #news #media #press #journalism #AI


noellemitchell, to books
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It's cool that Kobo has a new color e-reader coming out, but I think I'll just continue buying used print books. 😆 Don't need another electronic device.

noellemitchell, to technology
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I wish smartphones were designed with batteries that pop out. So when the battery gets old you just pop in a new one, like replacing a battery in a flashlight or something similar. It would be less expensive for the consumer and also more environmentally friendly. Both of those things are probably why it will never happen but I can still dream. 😂

#technology #phone #smartphone #design #tech #ewaste #Electronics #Capitalism

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@sennoma I've seen the Fairphone before but as far as I know it's not available in the US. Which is disappointing.

noellemitchell, to internet
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Twitter usage in US ‘fallen by a fifth’ since Elon Musk’s takeover

"As of February 2024, the social network’s daily app users in America had fallen by 23% since November 2022, just after Musk completed his takeover. Every other major social network experienced a reduction in the same period, but none by anywhere near X’s drop in user numbers."

#SocialMedia #tech #app #twitter #x #internet #ElonMusk #TwitterMigration


noellemitchell, to android
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No I don't want a phone with "great battery life" I want a phone with a REMOVABLE BATTERY. How hard is it to find one here in the US?? 😩 :blobcatangry:

#phone #android #tech #ewaste

noellemitchell, to ai
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AI Companies Are Running Out of Internet

"Some industry estimates say they'll run out of internet to burn through in about two years, as both high-quality data becomes scarce, and as certain companies keep their data out of the hands of AI."


noellemitchell, to fediverse
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Wow FediDB says that there's now 10,051,880 users on the fediverse.


Just three days ago it was 10,009,051: https://mstdn.social/@noellemitchell/112210647591565969

I wonder why the sudden huge increase? 😵

noellemitchell, to OpenAI
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Report: OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Meta Stole Content at Scale to Train AI

"...OpenAI in 2021 created a speech recognition tool called Whisper that could transcribe the audio in YouTube videos to create text for training its ChatGPT AI. It did so despite the opposition of employees who argued that Whisper violated YouTube’s rules. And it did so at scale, creating over one million hours of YouTube video transcripts."


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