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KDramastodon, I need a happy KDrama desperately.

Watching/watched Queen of Tears, Twinkling Watermelon, Lovely Runner and 2521 all around the same time and I'm just emotionally drained.


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#kdrama moots, anyone else dipped their toe in Lovely Runner yet?!

First five episodes out with a 9.7 on Viki - looks like a breakout hit.

Was hesitant when they cast a 32yo ML & 27 FL in a high school time slip mystery series but wow. Both can really act and it is a complex script.

Byeon Woo-seok has been on my radar since Flower Crew. He shows genuine emotional range in this. Give it a try. First episodes are a bit uneven but it picks up.
Looks like the launch of a new super star!

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I watched Death's Game after Lee Sun-Kyun's death, and it made me really reflect about the consequences of a suicide on the survivors. A stellar story in eight episodes.

#KDrama #KDramas #DeathsGame #TV

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So the glorious Lee Yung Ae (Lady Vengeance, Inspector Koo) is fab in Maestra (Disney+) a reworking of the French series Philharmonia about a female orchestra conductor.

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"Queen of Tears" Beats "Goblin" for laurels

“tvN's & Netflix’s Queen of Tears reached its all-time high ratings of 20.73% (Korean nationwide) and 23.24% (Seoul metropolitan), overtaking Goblin to become the second highest-rated drama in the history of tvN.

Queen of Tears will now compete with acclaimed drama Crash Landing on You for the top spot.”

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Which side couple has a special place in your heart? @kdrama

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@vaseline @kdrama Jung Bong and Mi Ok in Reply 1988, Doom At Your Service, Da-hee and Ji-hwan in Search WWW, Mr Park and Mrs Shin in My Demon, 25 21, Hyo-jun and Mi-rim in Live Your Own Life and many others.
I might have the second leads couple syndrome 😂!

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@s1m0n4 @vaseline @kdrama I have found many times that STPs are fun to follow, and have often rewatched Dramas for them, rather than for the OTP. Operation Proposal is great example. A Drama with a great first couple tbut where I still enjoyed the 2nd even more was Miss Korea. A with an OUTSTANDING 2nd pair tht I hesitate to recommend is King2Hearts - I hesiste BECAUSE the SEP is so good. Those whove seen it will know what I mean

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@ronsboy67 @vaseline @kdrama I haven't watched any of the you mentioned 😂

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Just finished Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, and it was a delight for Rang to finally get that happy ending he deserved. The first Nine Tailed was bittersweet and I felt shattered for his sake, even if it was a fitting ending for him. This drama was the perfect love letter for his character.
And dangit, Lee Dong Wook needs to do more dramas with long, flowing hair. He rocks that look.

#KDrama #Kdramas

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So pleased I started Misty. all the things I enjoy.

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Re: K-drama “Vagabond” Season 02 to film in the Philippines.

There appears to be much confusion about this, with most calling it a “rumour”.

A “rumour” is something that is being talked about in whisper, usually without any “notable” source. However, in this particular case, a lot of Philippine news media outlets reported this revelation from a former politician and businessman, Chavit Singson, who claims to be a co-producer.

Philippine news media are members of various legal journalism organisations. If you trust your own local media if they are members of a legal journalism organisation, then I think Philippine media should be accorded the same respect. No one is saying they have not, nor will not, make a mistake. But, at least, give them some credit, no matter what our personal feelings and thoughts about them in other matters (like in politics).

Anyway, instead of calling it a “rumour”, it is more fitting to call it “unconfirmed” or “leak”. I think the latter 99% fits. Why?

Chavit Singson talked to the media about it. He “revealed” it himself, and he claimed he is the co-producer. He also revealed that the writers of Vagabond Season 02 visited the Philippines in 2023, looking for filming locations.

Since he was the first to break this news, then it is a “leak” rather than a “rumour”. Regardless of my personal feelings and thoughts about the man, I doubt he'll risk his political and business reputation for a K-drama. I mean, if you are going to put your reputation on the line, would you do it for a TV show or for something bigger and more significant?

Also, think about it this way:

  • If Chavit Singson was lying about it, then he will be roasted alive by mass media. From notable media outfits to social media. We all know what happens if one lies to, and use, the media.
  • If he was not lying about it, but the project doesn't push through because of his early revelation (or “leak”), then the fans will roast him instead. Still, we cannot fault him for that other than “being too excited” about it. The ultimate decision lies with the production team, and the actors, producers can only do so much.

Him as a businessman, I think it was a calculated move to “leak” it at this time. They probably have reached a MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) already, thus, he is confident it will push through. Leaking it may increase support for it, especially in Korea, where the ultimate decision lies. Imagine if it doesn't push through, Chavit Singson can explain that the powers-that-be in Korea decided against it. So, yeah, strategic leak; or strategic early announcement.

Obviously, the production team cannot leak anything, and it is better for them to have a plausible deniability about any leaks or agreements. They want to film in the Philippines, they got support from Chavit Singson, now they just have to convince the powers-that-be in Korea. Hence, the “leak”, not a “rumour”. Get everyone to talk about it, and use it to convince the powers-that-be in Korea to green lit the project and to film in the Philippines.


@kdrama @kdrama @asiandrama

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#kdrama Blood Free on Disney+ has an interesting scene: a potential bodyguard in 2025 is being interviewed for a job by VR.

He fights hand-to-hand combat, then uses a hand gun on targets and races a sports car.

It is one of those #scifi moments that feels truly possible.

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Star Actor Son Sukku’s jokes about his ranking on the gay chart, hopefully reflects #Korea's improving stance toward LGBTQ+ community #kdrama

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#Kpop star Karina and #kdrama actor Lee Jae-wook split up shortly after going public about dating

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South #Korea: Is this #Kdrama? No, it's election night

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60th Baeksang Awards Announces Nominees.

Is your favorite listed?

Best Drama

JTBC “The Good Bad Mother”
Disney+ “Moving”
SBS “Revenant”
MBC “My Dearest”
Netflix “Daily Dose of Sunshine”


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A woman is given the chance to relive her life and get back at the people who ruined her life.
This is a super fun makjang #KDrama that didn't take itself too seriously.

#KDramas #TV #Entertainment

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A senior officer of the Incheon Metropolitan Police arrested on suspicions of leaking investigation information about Lee Sun Gyun | allkpop.


#kdrama #kdramas

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Film Review: The Night Owl: A Blind Joseon Accupuncturist Witnesses a Murder |

“This film tops my list as one of the best historical period movies released in 2022.

Others must agree because it won the award for Best Film at the 2023 Arts Awards, and Ryoo Joon-Yeol took home the award for Best Actor.”

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I’m seeing news that we’re actually getting Vagabond season 2?! Is this confirmed?


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For those of you not aware, there is a whole genre of Korean historical fiction about the invention of Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, because the real-life story behind the invention of Hangeul is “an incredibly sophisticated and super-secret linguistics project carried out centuries before the field of linguistics was actually invented.”

It was also revolutionary in that it made literacy accessible to commoners who didn’t have the resources to learn Chinese.


MisuseCase, avatar

This is a story that hardly needs dramatization, but there is nonetheless a lot of dramatization, and I am such a nerd I will watch any dramatized version of the invention of Hangeul.

So, that said, TREE WITH DEEP ROOTS is more hardcore about the invention of Hangeul than THE KING’S LETTERS although TREE WITH DEEP ROOTS is older.


#kdrama #kdramas

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