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> China urges the to stop spreading false narratives, Zhang Xiaogang, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, said at a press briefing on Friday. Following the ' deployment of medium-range ballistic missiles, also urges the Philippines not to serve as a pawn and a tool of hegemony, Zhang said.


Let's correct it.

“Filipinos urge to stop spreading false narratives.”

Much better.

@pilipinas @philippines

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uses the open-source protocol… However, encryption isn’t the whole story… WhatsApp and, by extension, all organizations know you sent something, when you sent it, and who you sent it to…


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A weird thing about the global browser is they forgot to include Naver search in the search engine selection. ^^ It doesn't have to be the default, but at least include it. ^~

Read my review here: https://im.youronly.one/techmagus/kb/internet/naver-whale-browser-2022209/

youronlyone, to Philippines
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  1. I found a way to write the leading sound /ŋ/ (Ng̃) in by “reviving” an obsolete Jamo.

(NOTE: the samples below are using the Pilipino Hangeul [work-in-progress] adaption/rules.)


  • ᅌᅡ욘 (nga·yon) = EN: today
  • ᅌᅵ삔 (ngi·pin) = EN: tooth
  1. I also separated (R) and (L), like how they did in the language.

Same character: ᄙ


  • 빠다ᄙᅡᆺ닷 (pa·ta·las·tas) = EN: commercial
  • ᄙᅡ밧 (la·bas) = EN: outside; go out (depending on usage)
  1. I was thinking of using another obsolete Jamo (ᅏ) for the /t͡s/ (Ts) sound, but ㅊ /t͡ɕʰ/ (Ch) can fulfill that role as well.


  • 차차 (cha·cha) = short form of “charter change”; or the dance chacha.
  • 초꼬라데 (tso·ko·la·te) = EN: chocolate
  • 차아 (tsa·a) = EN: tea
  1. Ññ (enye) is, for now, transliterate.

  2. For the Kr sound, like in “krus”, maybe we can use ㅋ since we don't have a /kʰ/ (Kh) sound in Filipino.

  3. Vowels like Filipino “Ee” which can be either /ɛ/ (ae) or /e/ (e).

This one is tricky because the Filipino “Ee” sound can change depending on, for example, a person want to deliver a word with endearment, but the meaning never changes. So an /e/ sound can become an /ɛ/ sound, while retaining its meaning.

I actually had no idea about this “Ee” /e/ (e) vs /ɛ/ (ae). The way Filipino vowels are taught in school is simply, well, /e/ (e). But the more I read online resources, the more I learn that we do make an /ɛ/ (ae) sound for the same vowel! How crazy is that?!


See: https://sheet.zohopublic.com/sheet/published/l99bm2e24906e3db84e69bb509d5a4cbfb4ec

What do you think?

@pilipinas @philippines

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Trending in the #Philippines : Most confusing mall.

a. SM North / SM West
b. Trinoma
c. Alabang Town Center (a.k.a. ATC)
d. Glorietta
e. Robinson's Galleria (a.k.a. Galle)
f. Robinson's Place Manila/Ermita

Within my own circles, we agree that the most confusing are Trinoma > ATC > Robinson's Galleria > Robinson's Place Manila, in that order.

SM Malls, at least those they designed directly (not bought), are mostly generic. (Note: SM Mall of Asia, still the largest mall in the Philippines & 6th in the world, is currently confusing because of the major on-going overhaul.)

Ironically, Ayala-owned malls are generally confusing, with the exception of Glorietta (the layout is like a spiderweb). Trinoma and ATC are both Ayala-owned.

How about you? What do you think is the most confusing mall(s) for you?

@pilipinas @philippines @pinoy @pinoy

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@jcoigdanes True. My ex-gf was always teasing me about it because for her ATC is easy.

@pilipinas @philippines @pinoy @pinoy

youronlyone, to Korean
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Another unique(?) trope in land is this:

When a character is about to reveal something important, like their true identity, they will be interrupted with either:

  1. An emergency.
  2. They're summoned by someone higher.


You eventually get used to it, and expect it is going to happen.

@kdrama @kdrama

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@wlf_warren Oh yeah, good point! In my case, it was the Mexican soaps, like Marimar. Hahaha.

@kdrama @kdrama

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LOL. So true! They often have that background story, and they didn't know they've met. ^_^;;

@kdrama @kdrama

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Woah, this is… big(?). “Jack Dorsey says he quit Bluesky because it was becoming another Twitter”


He left , then , and now endorsing … but still not the .

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youronlyone, to Philippines
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Hi @openstreetmap #Philippines!

Just added the Korean Cultural Center. Not sure if I did the submission correctly. ^^;;


I visited it today to submit my enrollment requirements for the Korean Language & Culture course. ^_^

@pilipinas @philippines

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While researching the #ActivityPub history, I stumbled upon the federated SNS timeline: https://im.youronly.one/techmagus/kb/ddfon/federated-social-network-timeline-2022346/ by @youronlyone

Quite comprehensive resource! I will look into adding The Appleseed Project, One Social Web, and Tent.

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@jnv Thank you!

There is a repo available here:


There are other pending ones in the issues that I haven't worked on. But, other than those, yes, PRs are welcome!

I've forgotten about The Appleseed Project and One Social Web! Since the list is about federated SNS (and not specifically the fediverse/ActivityPub), I'm also considering adding BlueSky/ATproto (especially now there are bridges like Bridgy).

In any case, it's an attempt to find the links and relevant information, and then archive them, so it's easy to find them if someone needs it. ^_^

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BridgyFed for the Fediverse should post as threads if the post exceeds 300 characters. Now it just truncates 500 char posts and people have no idea about the rest of it without any link or context. I know it’s early, but this would be great. @snarfed.org@snarfed.org

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@rolle Yep! I only noticed this earlier today.

I'm also thinking, if it's not possible to thread it, a link back to the original post.

It's a good future feature! ^_^


tokyo_0, to meta
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A lot of people have insisted isn't getting involved with the to embrace, extend and extinguish it...

... but even before fully implementing Fediverse interoperability in they're already talking openly about changing its protocols to add features like monetization. 🤔


Text in a screenshot reads as follows: McCue riffed on the idea that fediverse users could become creators where some of their content became available to subscribers only, similar to how Patreon works. For instance, fediverse advocate and co-editor of ActivityPub Evan Prodromou created a paid Mastodon account (@evanplus) that users could subscribe to for $5 per month to gain access. If he’s on board with paid content, surely others would follow. Cottle agreed that the model could work with the fediverse, too. He additionally suggested there are ways the fediverse could monetize beyond donations, which is what often powers various efforts today, like Mastodon. Cottle said someone might even make a fediverse experience that consumers would pay for, the way some fediverse client apps are paid today.

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@vetehinen So, basically, both Threads and Mastodon are in it together? Which means, the rest of the fediverse software with quote-posts already, will be forced to implement the Threads+Mastodon method?

@tchambers @tokyo_0

youronlyone, to android
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How cool is it that @cliffwade is:

  • A fediverse admin.
  • A CS specialist of @novalauncher (my favourite launcher. I'm a pro and beta user for years! Highly recommended Android launcher!)
  • And a fan of Richard Garriott's series (check their profile banner - Ultima 4 opening sequence? I think a later version of U4.)

Someone playing Ultima is a good sign that the Nova Launcher's CS team is in good hands. Role-players can understand a customer, and can think far ahead, thus they can improve the processes.

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Hi @Flipboard

The messaging on your “Do Not Sell My Info” footer link is a bit confusing. ^_^

This paragraph (2nd paragraph) suggests turning it “off”:

> You may opt-out of the sale of your personal information by toggling the button below off (green is on, grey is off).

While this paragraph (5th paragraph) suggests turning it “on”:

> Do not sell or share my personal information / opt out of targeted advertising (If you select On you are asking us not to sell or share your personal information and opting out of targeted advertising)

I'm not sure if it should be “on” or “off”. ^_~

If I may suggest, you can remove the second paragraph, as it is also explained in the 5th paragraph.

Then the 5th paragraph can be reworded to something like:

> Turn on the “do not sell or share my personal information” option. If this option is enabled (green “on”), we will not sell or share your personal information and you are opting-out from targeted advertising. (Default is: off.)

  • I used “turn on” since it's simpler (more understandable to a wider audience; than using words like “enable”/“disable” and “toggling”; also the button is labelled “Off/On”.
  • Since the default is “Off”, it's more appropriate to “Turn it ‘on’”.

If, by any chance, the 2nd paragraph is needed according to your legal team, may I suggest something like:

> You may choose to not allow the sale of your personal information by turning “On” the button below (“On” is color green; “Off” is grey).

  • Also simpler for a wider audience. Especially in countries where English is not a major part of their curriculum.


youronlyone, to Philippines
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To all Filipinos, and foreigners planning to live in the Philippines for quite some time, a fair warning: avoid getting a Globe SIM.

Here's why: if ever you lost your phone (theft, etc.) Globe Telecom Inc. will not immediately block your old SIM for the following reasons:

  2. You cannot PERFECTLY answer ALL THREE verification questions, which were designed to ensure you'll fail it.

I just went to a Globe store to go through the process because their online agents were heartless and very rude. While the agent in the Globe store was very helpful, and exhausted all possible options, it still was not enough to trigger the “immediate old SIM block” step.

This is after providing the following:

  1. Affidavit of Loss.
  2. 2 government issues IDs.
  3. A selfie with me holding my government issued IDs.
  4. Load amount prior to phone theft. (I even have a screenshot.)
  5. Expiry date of the load prior to theft. (I even have a screenshot.)
  6. That it is attached to a GCash account that is Tier-3 verified. (One GCash account per mobile number.)
  7. I brought all the SIM beds I ever had for the same number. (I always kept the SIM bed whenever I get a new SIM issuance for the same number.)
  8. Provided the numbers I often send SMS and the messages I sent to those numbers.

They also confirmed with me that whoever got my SIM, bought a Globe promo after it was stolen.

But, NO, absolutely nothing whatsoever can trigger the step: Block old SIM.

The only thing they did is escalate the case. However, it will take 3-5 business days to be processed.

They also informed me that it can be declined, too, even after proving my ownership of the SIM beyond any reasonable doubt.

So, yes, that's GLOBE TELECOM INC. for you.


Get a SMART or DITO SIM instead.

I don't even know what to do next if it gets declined. Probably go to NTC, which means, I have to go through a hundred processes again, spend money I don't have to get this and that, and still no guarantee.

All I can do right now is continue removing that number from my accounts. Banks are done, already filed requests.

I'm already very tired. Sorry, but I really have to say this: .

@pilipinas @philippines

youronlyone, to Philippines
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youronlyone, to Philippines
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Why Telecom Inc. has the worst in history.

  1. They ask verification questions guaranteed to fail.
  2. Their agents are heartless and rude.
  3. They are above the Law of the land.
  4. They don't care about their customers.

Here are the verification questions I was given:
> 1. Can you provide the exact date when your SIM was activated? Ex. March 2023.
> 2. What’s the last promo that you purchased before your phone was lost? When did you register it?
> 3. What was your remaining load balance before your phone was lost?

All three verification questions are guaranteed to fail.

#1: Can you honestly remember the exact date when your SIM was activated, especially if it has been with you for at least a decade?

#2: Can you honestly remember the last promo you purchased when you did not purchase any promo for the last 5 years?

For the third question, I provided the CORRECT answer, and I even submitted a screenshot taken on April 12th, very recent.

And yet, Globe Telecom Inc.'s agent replied with the following:

> We have to follow the process before we proceed with the deactivation.

> Unfortunately the details you have provided, do not match our record.

> Yes, the details you have provided do not match our records.

> We can only block the number if you were able to provide the correct details we need.

After this, their agent copy-pasted their spiel in a rush to close the chat conversation.

I've worked in the customer service field for 20 years, and I can tell you this is the worst agent and the worst process I've seen and experienced.

  1. Verification questions guaranteed to fail.
  2. Not exploring other avenues of verifications, that actually are logical to ask.
  3. Totally heartless and rude.
  4. A company process. In other words, this is how they were trained.
  5. End the chat conversation as fast as you can.

To the agent, “I deeply apologise for disturbing your sleep and giving you some work to do.”

To Globe Telecom Inc., “Shame on you for having such a process, and yet you continue to claim awards for having the best service.”

@pilipinas @philippines @pinoy

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Ooo? reverted to mainline ?

I wonder why. Hmm…

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@deadsuperhero O_O


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> Sooner rather than later

Because there must be bugs. It's a feature. ^_~

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How's your Azure Wood Dragon 2024 so far?

  1. ASEAN is getting cooked.
  2. Japan is preparing to get cooked as well.
  3. Flash floods in the Middle East and China.
  4. Hail storm in China.
  5. Huge tornadoes in the Middle East and the US.
  6. Looming war in Asia-Pacific.
  7. The North Korean puppet of China and Russia is getting more unstable day by day.
  8. More stronger earthquakes, not to mention volcano eruptions.

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