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TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team: Pascal Wehrlein Antonio Félix da Costa

📍 Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin 🇩🇪
📆 11 maja (1–2, 4), 12 maja (3) 2024
📷 Sony a6400 + Sony E 16–50 mm F3.5–5.6 OSS (4), Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD (1–3)

Zdjęcie Pascala Wehrleina nad jego garażem w pit-lane.
Zdjęcie bolidu Porsche numer 13 kierowanego przez Antonio Félixa da Costę.
Zdjęcie portretowe z profilu Antonio Félixa da Costę. da Costa ma założone czarne okulary przeciwsłoneczne oraz czarny sweter.

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Na https://www.twitch.tv/nascar leci wlasnie powtorka wyscigu z 1988 z - jeszcze z nieodzalowanym Dale'm .em oraz Richardem .m w stawce <3

Niby to nic szczegolnego, bo wszystkie stare wyscigi mozna znalezc na oficjalnym kanale na , ale fajnie sobie tak odpalic i miec wrazenie ogladania tego na zywo :D


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Wow, po zobaczeniu tego projektu malowania nie moge sie doczekac na torze w - niech tam bedzie wiecej takich kultowych barw 🙏


emill1984, to NASCAR Polish
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Pierwsze 30 minut wyscigu na torze i juz sie dzieje:

  1. mielismy spin samochodu na torze
  2. Kolizje samochodow w pit-stopach
  3. Mechanika pociagnietego za samochodem 😅

Jako dodatkowy smaczek - samochod z numerem 43 pomalowany w dokladnie takie same barwy, w jakich jezdzil w latach 70 i 80 Richard


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BBC5Live, to formula1
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Has a single driver ever been more dominant in F1 history? 👀

Sam Bird compares Max Verstappen's extraordinary record with other periods from F1 history, after another race win for the World Champion at the #ChineseGP

Listen to the F1: Chequered Flag podcast on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3xOupen

#BBCF1 #Formula1 #FIAF1 #sport #MotorSport #MotorRacing

Vertical video that combines stills from Formula 1 racing with film of a commentator with headphones on talking

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Najlepsze momenty z wczorajszego wyscigu na torze

Zobaczcie te koncowke... prowadzacy przez 33 okrazenia (z lekkimi roszadami z .iem od czasu do czasu) rozwala sie na ostatnim zakrecie... 😆




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Kilkadziesiat okrazen prowadzenia 'a, zeby na ostatnim ZAKRECIE wpasc w poslizg i wpasc w bande, przy okazji powodujac 😆

Kocham ten sport


emill1984, to NASCAR Polish
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"Szachy przy predkosci 300 km/h" - obserwowanie chociazby 10 okrazen wyscigu (szczegolnie w koncowce) daje wiecej emocji niz caly jeden wyscig razem wziety


emill1984, to NASCAR Polish
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23 lata temu taki wypadek, jaki mial miejsce teraz na torze odebral zycie - dzisiaj kierowca wyszedl z auta o wlasnych silach


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Kolejna runda - 400 okrazen na czyli najbardziej amerykansko jak tylko sie da


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Silverstone in line to replace London as Formula E host - The Race

Boooo! I understand that the Excel Centre has its issues. But moving Formula E to Silverstone? REALLY? 🙄


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I've been playing Grid Legends, an excellent car racing game. I've got the difficulty turned up fairly high, but the damage is still set on "visual", so I tend to plow through the pack at the start and then use the other cars as leverage to get around corners. In a real race, this would be considered "unsportsmanlike" or "attempted murder".

Fizzle_Up, to random
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This is one for all fellow pertrolheads & fans...

As you may know, I've been working with www.thegpbox.com for a few months now & I'm in my element with all things motorsport related.

Over the next while, we're highlighting the fantastically creative sellers on the platform, so I'm going to do a blatant plug on here for you to check them out. Here's our first LinkedIn post in the series:

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"A selection of hydrogen-powered prototypes are set to run at the Circuit de la Sarthe in the build up to the 2024 Le Mans 24 Hours in June"


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It was a full weekend of for me. was absolutely pointless and a total fizzle of empty hype their stock car brethren would be proud of and the Cup race was just alright, but the minor ranks really delivered and an race without a Red Bull victory is always welcome. Disappointed in myself I was too tired last night for drag racing and I had to decompress with some music.

I'm traveling this weekend, so glad it is less hectic, but had fun none the less.

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I’ve just released a new app MotoWeek on TestFlight (iOS, macOS).

It is a calendar app for Formula 1 and WRC fans. It displays all events in a vertical timeline divided into racing weeks. You can use the app to quickly see when each race is happening.
This is a MVP version. Right now it supports Formula 1 and WRC series plus comes with a large widget showing 5 next stages of closest race.

Looking for feedback.


Screenshot of the app in dark mode. Saudi Arabian race is marked as active, this was the time when the session was happening.
Screenshot of large widget showing events of upcoming Australian Grand Prix.
Screenshot of the app on macOS.

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My little beta Formula 1 and WRC calendar app just received an update. It’s now possible to configure reminders to be notified about upcoming events.

Available on TestFlight for iOS and macOS https://testflight.apple.com/join/GqtAtfQu

Screenshot of available times for which a reminder can be configured. Matching what is offered by system calendar app.
Screenshot of reminder management screen listing upcoming reminders with options to remove them.

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