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Some time ago I did this small of Poogie, little in . Poogie has many outfits, changing with holidays and seasons and I thought Halloween version was the best I saw. Whole pig's body disappeared, only empty floating in the air.

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The birth of a new, sunlike star is beautiful and spooky in this new image from Hubble. (34 years old and going strong!)

The ominous "mask" is a cloud of cool dust. The baby star HP Tau, top of the trio, is flickering madly due to inspiraling gas, jets, and huge starspots.

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It gladdens my heart that "Scooby Doo"-type plots have well-established precedents in old folklore.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #ghost #ghoststory @germany @folklore

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The Ghost of the Subway (Le fantôme du métro) (2022) [6 min] by Eliott Meyer, Morgane Ghionga, Alexis Gougeot, Mahery Ramarlah and Waysson Mouret |

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Seeing the invisible world might be tempting, but this is not without its risks.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #ghost #ghoststory @germany @folklore

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You may have heard of ghosts taking on the shapes of headless horsemen.

But have you heard of the one about the ghost of a headless horse?

#Germany #folktale #folklore #ghost #ghoststory #horse @germany @folklore

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Does the have ways of distributing long form writing like blog posts?

I have a website ( and want to write a small server that syndicates new blog posts out

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@huwfulcher @jraedisch

WordPress has an plugin. is working on integration.

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Ghosts are well-placed to answer difficult theological questions.

@germany @folklore

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Des gens ont des avis sur l’utilisation de comme ?
J’hésite entre tester ça ou

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vol. 267: Roger Corman Dead, Atari’s Mike Jang, The people who won't give up floppy disks and more

Thank you for sharing!

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Building ActivityPub for Ghost: Day 0.


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#Ghost #ActivityPub #Decentralization #OpenWeb: "They say the best way to predict the future is to create it, so two weeks ago we shared our intention to connect Ghost with the ActivityPub Network to bring back the open web. We were delighted when our ideas managed to spread even further and wider than we'd imagined, and that so many of you signed up to be a part of the journey."

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"In 2024, for the first time, it finally feels like we have a critical mass of people and platforms who are interested in rewilding the internet to bring back what we lost, and create something new. ... There's a palpable feeling that this just might be the year of the open web."

is this feeling... hope?

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Astley Abbot's Church contains the remains of a 'maiden garland'. Heart shaped and decorated with cloth and ribbons, It exists in memory of Hannah Phillips. states she drowned on the eve of her wedding in May 1709. She still haunts the local area in her wedding dress.

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Author copies arrived of this bulky anthology of African ghost stories. Now I can say that my story was published in the same book as the legend, Amos Tutuola!

@bookstodon @blackmastodon

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I can't really contribute anything to the debate, but I can contribute a tale:

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Hares can be a major nuisance, and hard to get rid of.

In extreme cases, it may be necessary to hire an exorcist.

@germany @folklore

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Beneath the ruins of Schauenforst Castle, a knight spends eternity with playing bowling as an ironic punishment.

@germany @folklore

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