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Hi all, I am Tormod πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ (he / him)

My days are spent as a consultant in enterprise IT organizations, mainly focusing on teamwork and the people side of delivery. In particular with coaching, processes and enabling teams to work better together across departments and vendors.

My passions are in the areas of #photography, #graphicdesign, #typography and #music. And, of course, family ❀️

Happy to talk to anyone, and I will assume you're awesome until proven otherwise.

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airwhale, to random
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Sticking with this one is by far the smartest thing I ever did. ❀️

larsfrommars, to random
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this is the most beautiful video ive ever seen. AI art is art. i take everything back


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Well TBH, it’s still more believable than anything you'd see on Fox β€œNews” so…

timnitGebru, to random
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"Leike had said that OpenAI's "safety culture & processes have taken a backseat to shiny products" in recent years, and that his team struggled to obtain the resources to get their safety work done."

Lol. But there never was a "safety culture"!

The founding of OpenAI was premised on "existential risk" of AI to "humanity," the new grift white men created to siphon even more resources for themselves under the guise of saving all of us.


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mxtthxw, to random
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If anyone’s wondering when it stops, from all the evidence I’ve gathered so far it doesn’t.

It just doesn’t stop.

I blame Michael Jackson.

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You didn't get enough?

Oh well, in that case you just keep on with the force.

sarah, to php
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Waiting at the airport. Still basking in the post-conference glow. Thanks @phpday!

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@sarah @phpday

I know, none of my business, but you were in Verona, Italy right? In mid-May.

And you're already back at the airport? 🫀

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Ah, just hope you got some time to enjoy that wonderful place.

Safe travels home!

Long_live_rock_n_roll, to music
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Happy 66th birthday to Toyah Ann Willcox, Born today 18th May 1958

"You should never undermine friendship and loyalty."

#Toyah #photooftheday #music #photography

πŸ“Έ Gered Mankowitz


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@Long_live_rock_n_roll @Nickiquote

She probably was not aware, but she was my imaginary girlfriend for a while there in the early 80s. I believe she had carrot coloured hair on the poster I had pinned up... Such a rebel.

carrieberry, to random
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Well, how hard could it be, right?

Alice, (edited ) to random
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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was when McDonald's gave out those coupons for free sundaes when they totally knew their stupid ice cream machine was going to be down.

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@the_turtle @Alice

He might have been on to something...

Another theory is that life itself is a sexually transmitted disease with 100% mortality rate, so take care out there!

themayor, to random
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@themayor @matt

Gratulerer med dagen! πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

animaux, to affinity German
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Has deleted the endless forum thread about Canva buiying ?

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Ran out of storage space, most likely.

airwhale, to random
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Oh joy, Windows 11 being pushed to the work machine.


BreakingImpossible, to running
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Ancient culture meets pop. Where do you know these pieces from.

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Looks like the mood on PI planning session, day 3.

TribeofMa, to random
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"overseas territory"

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@TribeofMa @mxtthxw

β€œOverseas” is such a terrible and unspecific term. Everywhere is overseas to somewhere else.

macberg, to random
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  • Can I interest you in a night cap?
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My mind went directly to Beck and his neighbour:

"Ska det vara en stΓ€nkare?"

πŸ₯ƒ πŸ˜€

mlundblad, to Stockholm Swedish
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Birthplace of the Stockholm Syndrome...

shanecyr, to random
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Big Black was amazing and all their stuff shaped me as a yoot, but their greatest accomplishment is their The Model (Kraftwerk) / He’s a Whore (Cheap Trick) 7”. The covers were perfect, but if they weren’t, the sleeve would have still been enough.


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Well, I'd like to take her home, that's understood.

VeryBadLlama, to random
@VeryBadLlama@mas.to avatar

I’ve been in Paris for 72 hours and I regret to report that walking 16,000 steps per day and complaining about things over 2-hour lunch breaks has immediately fixed my entire life

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Don't know how much time you've got left, but I was properly moved by a visit to Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Went for the tomb of Jim Morrison, but also, so many other celebreties are resting there.

A truly magical place, best visited during daylight probably...

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

Okay, since I'm on laundry today, a little story.

When hubs and I first got married, we were very much enjoying our little Honeymoon Bubble, and we were being lazy as Hell. We didn't do many chores, but the laundry we really let go. We weren't wearing many clothes at home anyway, so why bother. Anyhow, after weeks we finally reached the swimming suit bottoms situation, and decided it was time. It was loads and loads of laundry that needed done, so I had my husband back the trunk of the car up to a window of the house, then he popped the trunk, and I started tossing laundry out of the window into the trunk. We went to the bank, got about $30 bucks in quarters, and found the emptiest laundry mat we could, and did it all in one fell swoop. We folded it all and loaded it back into the car using those wheeled laundry carts. We never let it get that bad again, and decided it was time to be adults, and do regular chores, but it still makes me laugh imagining what the neighbors and the laundry attendant thought.

Feel free to share your own laundry story, if you feel like it, I love hearing people's stories!

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That's one of the experiences that keep you together, I'm sure. Just wonderful.

For some reason, my wife loves laundry and won't let me anywhere close, unless it's unloading and folding. Yes, I realise I'm blessed in this regard.

Nickiquote, to random
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I learned to make bread to prepare for the nuclear apocalypse.

But, after the bombs fell, my sourdough starter mutated and is now the apex predator in what used to be Western Europe.


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A bit aggressive, but delicious though… πŸ₯–

mathiascederholm, to random Swedish
@mathiascederholm@mastodon.nu avatar

Om jag fΓΆrstΓ₯r rΓ€tt sΓ₯ menar nu Jimmie Γ…kesson att hela medie-Sverige, ”etablissemanget” och t.o.m. regeringspartierna alla ingΓ₯r i en ”gigantisk inhemsk pΓ₯verkansoperation”.

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Visst Γ€r det oerhΓΆrt pinsamt att bli pΓ₯kommen med nΓ₯t sΓ₯nt hΓ€r. BΓ€ttre vore att inte hΓ₯lla pΓ₯ med sΓ₯nt hΓ€r?

waspfactory, to random Swedish
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Sorry Ulf Kristersson, men att SD hade trollfabriker visste man ju redan innan ni ingick samarbete med dem, sΓ₯ bara larv att lΓ₯tsas annat. FΓΆr ΓΆvrigt har ju M sjΓ€lva en hΓΆg troll man lΓ₯tit hΓ₯llas trots att de i flera Γ₯r hetsat och haft sig i sociala medier, helt ΓΆppet dessutom.

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@waspfactory @gufo

Det var dagen jag gick frΓ₯n att vara en stΓ€ndig mitten-vΓ€ljare till vΓ€nsterblocket.

sarajw, to random
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Ferdinand Ulrich (@ferdinandulrich or @ferdinandulrich)'s journey to finding the history of digital type pre-postscript started when we spent time with 92 year old Jack Stauffacher at his Greenwood Press in San Francisco.

#BTConf #typography

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@sarajw @ferdinandulrich @ferdinandulrich

That makes perfect sense.

I also think that cross-stitch is a great metaphor to explain digital concepts like image size, resolution, DPI and colour spaces.

jessta, to melbourne
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"...most intersection are unsafe to have an automatic green man, as pedestrians j-walk and it creates a dangerous situation with possible filtered right turners. A scenario where people see a green man and run to cross the road creates one of the most dangerous situations, with regards to left and right turners.

Studies conducted by VicRoads and the Australian Road Research Board have proven the safety issues with the above."

I contacted VicRoads to ask about making a pointless pedestrian crossing green automatically when it's safe to cross and their response was very telling.

#Melbourne #VicPol #VicRoads

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No, the cars wait until the pedestrians have crossed.

@airwhale@mastodon.social avatar


Here we trust cars to stop, so that is a huge difference. Even our most heavily affected cellphone zombies seem to survive πŸ˜„

Now, those eScooters that just zip in and out of traffic with no concept of safe driving… a different story with far higher injury rates.

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