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Katla 📌
Great series. Mysterious, with a beautiful setting... Made in Iceland

I liked the environment, which I partially imagined for my game that I am currently working on. The presence of an active volcano and ash adds a lot of visuals to the environment

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Netflix's One Hundred Years of Solitude brings fame to Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Colombian hometown

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's New Season Makes a Key Change From the Book. The Result Is Agonizing.

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Bridgerton fans are all saying the same thing after major character fails to appear in season three


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Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan says the nude scene felt like a 'f**k you' to body-shamers

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Humans are not inherently evil or corrupt by nature, but even if they were, capitalism is the worst system possible as it enables and promotes these aspects.

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will encourage people to let a 70+ yr old , woman and her 40 yr disabled daughter and an innocent all survivors of to slowly die of heat and starvation

While everyone pats their backs for recycling or watching some politically charged on or some shit

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Obejrzałem "Teściowie". Aż do końca byłem pełen optymizmu. Niestety końcówka zawiodła. Takie 6/10.
Ale fajnie zagrane...

patrykopala, to Netflix Polish

Zastanawia mnie jedna rzecz: po co ludzie płacą Netflix'owi za tańszy pakiet zawierający reklamy?

Po co? Jakie myślenie za tym idzie?

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Ok, bettelt auch darum, gecancelt zu werden...

14€/Monat ist schon auch ne Ansage mittlerweile.

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MP writing to Netflix over Baby Reindeer evidence


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A new murder mystery dinner inspired by Netflix's 'Glass Onion' is coming to Toronto

#netflix #post

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Netflix gets the NFL: Three-year deal starts this season on Christmas

#netflix #nfl

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Netflix will broadcast two NFL games next season for the first time in a landmark move that comes as the streaming giant bolsters its portfolio of sports-based programming. #moresports #nfl #netflix

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Netflix Announces That the Terminator Zero Anime Is Scheduled to Premiere Worldwide on August 29, 2024

Netflix has announced that Skydance Animation and Production I.G's Terminator Zero, the anime series based on the Terminator film franchise, is scheduled to premiere worldwide on the service on August 29, 2024.

, ,

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"Baby Reindeer" is a massive hit for Netflix, and its creator and star, Richard Gadd, is now grappling with fame, a loss of anonymity, and criticisms that he failed to protect the identity of his alleged stalker. He talked to the Hollywood Reporter about how he became a performer, his early failures, and how he feels about internet sleuths. Have you watched the series? What did you think?

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Piers Morgan Returns To ITV To Talk Viral Baby Reindeer Interview And Global Online Success

#global #netflix

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Heartstopper season three release date confirmed with first clip featuring new Billie Eilish song


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Ihr moechtet das lesen... und ja, Mr. "staerke die FDP" Doepfner sitzt im Bord von Netflix. Aber das koennten nun ein paar Nonnen aendern.

Luja sog I!

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I watched The Outfit on #Netflix last night, which was a surprisingly good little crime thriller film which felt more like a stage play.

However, one thing stuck with me. The protagonist asked, "A man walks through your door, what about him can you observe? Is he timid, hunched over like a midday clock?"

What's with the midday clock thing? I honestly can't work out what it's supposed to mean?


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Por cierto, si os gustó #Onimusha y no habéis visto su serie en #Netflix no sé a qué estáis esperando.
Nos lo hemos pasado muy bien viéndola y a nivel de cómo los elementos encajan en la animación es sorprendentemente coherente.
Eso sí, es una historia independiente o mejor dicho alejada en el tiempo de las de los 4 juegos principales, contando lo que le sucede al Miyamoto Musashi de Onimusha Blade Warriors (spinoff) y Onimusha Night of Genesis (manga) décadas después, cuando la edad ya le pesa.

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Pretty tired of streaming "players" assuming I don't want to see it shifts to mini-view or worse auto starts next episode or movie.

All 3 streaming systems that I use - do this: #Netflix, #Prime, and #ParamountPlus.

Stop it !!

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Anyone else hoping that their relatives get the :netflix: password sharing notice so we can stop paying for a family Netflix account, or just me?

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br00t4c, to Netflix avatar

DJ Vlad Throws a Karen-ish Fit, No High hopes for Tyler Perry's New Bible-Based Netflix Films, Ugly New Developments in Jeezy and Jeannie Mai's Divorce, Inside Rapper Rick Ross' Miami Estate and More

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