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Visual Basic & SQL Server

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Former PT instructor: Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

EN2, CCDG2, CV-66, LCC 20

Be quality outlier for good! Abhor stereotypes.

Abled: for now.
Woke - a long time ago. The word is not the negative a small % of world believes it to be.

Location: 1123 6536 5321

If my postings have issues with grammar, or misspellings - and I recognize that... I will edit. If I miss it: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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season 2 Episode 17

The Captain's Hand.
President Rosyln executive order to ensure human race does not go extinct -- block any type of interference with the birth of a baby.

This show was broadcast February 2006.

In a way... Prescient to current society--- except not for same reasons.

Playbook of certain religious organizations trying to do same.

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Anyone got an old 486 or pentium 1-3 pc they wanna get rid of? My kid is really interested in playing with old computers

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I have a 90's system or two, in basement.

Desktop- I don't think this works - likely drive issue - drive never cleaned off, so would have to remove. I probably have an old empty small drive that can go with it.

Laptop- it probably works but cleared off, DOS installed. Pretty limited. I don't remember specs.

Old company systems given to me after depreciation ran out.

Haven't tried anything with either for 10 years or more.

No OS for either.

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Range of modifications run from fairly stock but beautiful, overwhelming modified barely can tell original structure.

All ranges of cars: Model T, Model A, through 60's and 70's... scattering of years after 80s.

All ranges of completion- trailers in, driven in.

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So it's Vicksburg Car Show Saturday.

Road closed sign is up with detour to the left. This is maybe 50 yards from my house. Guess what?

People freak out... don't know what to do. Even with clear direction car show to left.

--- they are turning around or driving around the sign - off shoulder on property across the street.

Show been held same weekend for something like 40 years.

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The normalization that people should be paying for a vehicle $400 or more than $500 a month.

Get rid of the large vehicles and return to econo-cars - EV versions - less than $20,000. That's how you ramp them out to "the commoners".

Until that happens - smart people will stay away!

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(Standing up)

No. I'm Spartacus!

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Professor Rahmstorf presentation about AMOC weakening.


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BTW... if you're going to create a channel that reviews movies...

Be sure that you flip it horizontally - to help ensure that the system doesn't recognize that you are using copyrighted video.

How do you know that's whey they did?

All the text is reversed. Name badges, newspapers, postcards, etc.


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If you were a wood rat, would you prefer your beer warm or cold? 🤔

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Not sure if this is cheaper... but it is the common way to handle slugs and other crawlers


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Well. That's disappointing

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Guess you'll have to continue getting them hooked on the gateway beer.

Hope they don't start aaking for hard stuff.


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How high is the winds (normal + gusts)?

Both my UPS units are shifting on and off... as apparently the Grid lines are doing brownouts --- likely tree branches - or even the cables are grounding out momentarily...



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1st time event this morning.

Took recycling out to bins... opened 2nd bin (not open since last pickup) to find:

...a paper wasp nest active. Not 2 feet from me. Glad the morning is cool... nothing zoomed out at me.

Whoa... dropped the lid.

How did they get there?

More than 20 years...haven't had that happen before.


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I know other parts of country and world, for that matter - are baking.

But this weather changing into low 70s, low humidity, and moving towards 50s F overnight-- is very lovely way to experience a June evening.

I dislike sticky nights, having to run multiple fans.

I'd put A/C in window, but then temperatures go low and that forces running A/C, because it's blocking the window. Waste of electricity.

I'll put it in when "the hot" sticks around for more that 3, 4, 5... days.

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I really don't want to expend the brain cells... but the mystery which stumps me is that the folks voting against contraceptives, etc...

... are the same people having affairs, some with under 18 year olds.

You'd think they would not want 18 years of court ordered support payments.

Why do they want to do away with the tools that would help them avoid those payments?


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If I'm writing a book... and have one or more of those "blank" pages...

Can I use "404" -- instead of "this page intentionally left blank"

The page isn't blank if it has that text. Lies. It's all lies. 🤣

404 is probably less know... a bit niche.


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Proceeding with the count.
T: 5:30

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T: 1:50


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T: 1:00

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Never gets old!

#StarLiner heading to #ISS

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Amazing amount of ice on upper stage area.

I wonder if that is due to the was Starliner sticks out away from booster.

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A certain felon is leaving a whole lot of money "under' the table...

Given the recent donations - for his Guilty 34 times...

Just think what he could get if he asked for the other trials waiting in the wings - to be sped up and get underway...

🤔 🤣 🤣 🤣

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As an FYI to less technical folks I know.
Conversation about Recall... literally the point being... bring awareness.

A person in the conversation hit back... it's only on those new machines. So I addressed that, again pointing out this is an FYI and it will be important in near future.

Person then linked in a MS info listserv where trolls gathered to rant.

I try to be helpful to begin making people aware of a future concern. And then one person goes into "protection mode"


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Am told I went off on tangent by bringing up it's viability in business; specifically if his legal department would consider requests for that data in discovery to be an issue.

Says business is different than personal. (Ed. Seriously)

I 100% don't have a problem with it - if it was off by default and they can describe the "feature" showing customers how to enable. Caveat Emptor is going to bite folks who tur it on when they don't understand the Cons.

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Don't know. They are just people typing crap at a keyboard.

Not even sure they were born before his departure.

Guess people need a boogeyman.

It is a very, very tired statement. I say statement... because it is long past the era of it being a joke.

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