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The 2024 Shogun TV series stacks up pretty well to history, says a Japanese historian - but the surrounding conversation around "colonialism" is ridiculous.


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Kore-eda Hirokazu's MONSTER is a complex film showcasing timely anxieties in a firmly Kore-eda-style package. While the film feels all Kore-eda’s, its surprising structure recalls a much older work by another master filmmaker: Kurosawa Akira‘s seminal Rashomon.


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Imagine Conan O’Brien red-cheeked, sweating and drooling, looking crazed with his face smeared with hot sauce. The comedian, writer and TV host seized the moment on a recent episode of “Hot Ones,” the popular YouTube series in which the host, Sean Evans, invites a celebrity to eat chicken wings smothered with hot sauce. It can be a painful experience. NPR’s Glen Weldon, asks, was O’Brien the show’s best guest ever? Read about and watch O’Brien’s spicy performance. https://flip.it/sN4mRH
#Culture #Entertainment #ConanO'Brien #HotOnes

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"Netflix is overhauling the way it pays its top executives after shareholders rejected its CEO pay earlier this year … but co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters are still in line for big paydays next yar.

The company said Friday that it had approved target compensation packages worth $40 million for Sarandos and Peters for 2024."

Wow, seems like way too much money but okay.


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Paramount+ has renewed "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" for a fourth season, way ahead of the third season's 2025 debut. In addition, "Star Trek: Lower Decks" will end after its upcoming 5th season this Fall. The "Star Trek: Section 31" movie has completed production, and "Star Trek: Starfleet Academy" begins production later this year.

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Cats are finally getting their Hollywood meow-ment, according to the Hollywood Reporter, with moggies taking lead roles in shows like "Ripley," "A Quiet Place: Day One," "The Marvels" and "Argylle." James Hibberd talks to directors Matthew Vaughan and Steven Zaillian about casting troubles and the influence of Taylor Swift, and to animal trainer Jo Vaughan about how she gets our feline friends to do what they're told. Just for fun, tell us which of these you think is the most iconic movie cat. For the sake of this poll, we're not considering animated cats, nor other felines, so sorry Simba, Baby and the Cowardly Lion, you're out of luck.


#Cats #Movies #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Entertainment #Cinema #Animals

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The wordless feature film, "Sasquatch Sunset," explores, with poignancy and lowbrow humor, the relationships of a Sasquatch family played by Jesse Eisenberg, Riley Keough, Christophe Zajac-Denek, and Nathan Zellner. @IndieWire talks to co-directors Zellner and his brother David about how they made the movie — including "Sasquatch camp" with a Marcel Marceau-trained coach, prosthetic makeup, and natural lighting.


For more stories like this, follow IndieWire's Film Magazine, @film.

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A woman is given the chance to relive her life and get back at the people who ruined her life.
This is a super fun makjang that didn't take itself too seriously.


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Yes, the #dopamine cartel … there's no more such thing as "art"

« The tech platforms aren’t like the Medici in Florence, or those other rich patrons of the arts. They don’t want to find the next Michelangelo or Mozart. They want to create a world of junkies—because they will be the dealers. » The Honest Broker


#Culture #Streaming #Entertainment

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Was halfway watching which I enjoyed, surprisingly. (I think of the first arc as Meet Yourself, version 🤭.) I love our main couple's idyllic countryside life, the cooking scenes. It was a respite from their duties as bigwigs in the heavenly realm.
Most of all, I am liking the fact that we have a mature couple, acted by older actors in a genre dominated by mostly young actors.

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Ahead of Sunday night's final episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," everyone's favorite curmudgeon, Larry David, took part in a Tribeca conversation about the iconic HBO series, the secret to its success, and if its ending will double as a do-over years after the roundly criticized “Seinfeld” finale. “Yeah, like I care,” David replied to an audience member who asked if this was a shot at redemption. IndieWire has more: https://flip.it/Td6iE_
#Culture #Entertainment #CurbYourEnthusiasm #LarryDavid #Seinfeld

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It took us a while to finish up '3 Body Problem' on Netflix, and I had to chew on it for a bit before writing out some thoughts.
The show's ambition is its greatest strength, but also its potential failing...

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Beyoncé has millions of fans the world over, and she can add a massive admirer to the list — Sir Paul McCartney. The former Beatles frontman says Beyoncé's cover of “Blackbird” reinforces the song’s civil rights message, “and would urge anyone who has not heard it yet to check it out.” Read more from Entertainment Weekly: https://flip.it/DhfrOf

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🎬 Kodi 21.0 "Omega" is out 🍿

Kodi - a free home theater/media center software & entertainment hub.

◉FFmpeg 6.0 support
◉NFSv4 support
◉Support for read/write M3U8 playlists
◉AVIF image support
◉AudioEngine improvements
◉Support for passthrough formats (DTS-HD / TrueHD)



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Puerto Rican music is a blend of salsa, reggaeton and the country's own bomba style. Here's a Tiny Desk concert from El Laberinto del Coco, a collective of 14 singers and musicians, led by Hector "Coco" Barez. "Barez's vision is to dig deep into the African roots of call-and-response with four vocalists and four horn players to remind us throughout its performance of the power of bomba to create community," writes producer Felix Contreras, who is the co-host of NPR's Alt.Latino.


#Music #FridayFeeling #NewMusicFriday #TinyDesk #Entertainment #LatinMusic #PuertoRico

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Kurt Cobain died 30 years ago today. The Independent's Mark Beaumont looks back at Nirvana's live performances, from their first Seattle shows in 1988 to the final gig on March 1, 1994. "Many shows in Nirvana’s brief seven-year existence were true rock’n’roll riots: scenes of wild, cathartic release – not only for the punk and rock fans enthralled by Cobain’s pain-wracked strain of melodic grunge but also the band themselves, who attacked every set as if fighting their way out of a tumble dryer," he writes. Did you ever see Nirvana live? Share your memories in the comments.


#Music #Nirvana #KurtCobain #LiveMusic #Entertainment #Grunge

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"Dune 3" is officially in the works. Legendary Entertainment announced yesterday that they are developing a movie, likely to be based on "Dune Messiah." “I would love to make 'Dune Messiah' just to work with [Anya Taylor-Joy] and Florence [Pugh] more," director Denis Villeneuve recently told Entertainment Weekly. "Those actresses are so inspiring. They give me chills and the will to do another one.” Here's more from EW.


#Entertainment #Dune #Movies #Cinema #Film #DenisVilleneuve

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Albums like "Nevermind," "The Dark Side of the Moon" and "Never Mind the Bollocks" have a place in our memories not just because of the music, but because of the sleeve art. Here, Dig! has rated the top 10 album covers of the year so far, from Ariana Grande's "Eternal Sunshine" to Liam Gallagher and John Squire's "Liam Gallagher John Squire."


For more stories like this, follow @ThisIsDig's Music Features Magazine, @music.

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Eurovision takes place next month, and performers are being called to boycott the event over Israel's participation. Last week, Queers for Palestine published an open letter signed by nearly 500 queer artists, individuals and organizations urging British contestant Olly Alexander to withdraw. In a shared statement, he and representatives from eight other nations refused, saying the competition "should always transcend politics, promote togetherness and bring audiences together across the world." Here's more from The Week.


#PopCuilture #Entertainment #OllyAlexander #Eurovision #Music #Palestine

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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are best friends, bandmates in Nine Inch Nails, and Oscar-winning soundtrack composers. GQ talked to them about their friendship, professional collaboration, how they feel about success, and the album Reznor loved in the summer of 1983.


#Music #Movies #Entertainment #NineInchNails #Culture #Celebrity

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Rising star Julia Garner ("Ozark") has reportedly been cast as the Shalla-Bal version of the Silver Surfer in Marvel's "The Fantastic Four" reboot.
#JuliaGarner #SilverSurfer #ShallaBal #MarvelStudios #Disney #Entertainment #Movies

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