digichelle, to random
@digichelle@hachyderm.io avatar

I’m sure the Red Sox fans amongst you will be amused by this news.

(FYI: I root for the Dodgers, so if any of y’all wanna hate on the Yankees, I’m right there with you.)


Luke, to random
@Luke@typo.social avatar

Mariners! 🔱

ScottStarkey, to purdue
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LoneLocust, to random
@LoneLocust@mastodon.social avatar

What season is it? My eldest reported packed train with everyone getting off downtown.

JosephMenn, to random

We have our Marilyn and DiMaggio.

MattHatton, to superbowl
@MattHatton@aus.social avatar

The fix is off.

@MattHatton@aus.social avatar

The fix is on.

@MattHatton@aus.social avatar
dannotdaniel, to random
@dannotdaniel@mastodon.social avatar

alright Let's Go KC Swifts

MattHatton, to superbowl
@MattHatton@aus.social avatar

I can't believe Taylor Swift rigged the coin toss.

shawnhooper, to geopolitics
@shawnhooper@fosstodon.org avatar

At least tonight isn’t that American sport that ends in what is called the World Series.

Yes, it has one Canadian team. That’s still not the World.

@CleoQc@mstdn.ca avatar

There's a Canadian team?

ChrisPirillo, to Seattle
@ChrisPirillo@mastodon.social avatar

me rooting for the to win this year's even though i don't know if they're playing and don't give a damn about

maxleibman, to random
@maxleibman@mastodon.social avatar

The two-year-old pointed to a tennis court in use at the park and yelled, “Playing soccer!”

glightly, to random
@glightly@mastodon.social avatar

I'm in favor of making the public subsidy of multi-billion sports corporations as visible as possible.

Too many folks just handwave this stuff away.

SoloRunStudio, to Meme
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gedeonm, to random
@gedeonm@mastodon.social avatar
@gedeonm@mastodon.social avatar

Go lions!! Wow.

@gedeonm@mastodon.social avatar


@gedeonm@mastodon.social avatar

Being a Red Sox fan I enjoyed rooting for the underdog most of my adult life. It stinks when they give you hope then crash and burn. I’m sorry Lions fans, I’ve been here and done this many many times before. HUGS!

peterhoneyman, to random
@peterhoneyman@a2mi.social avatar

thank you, jim harbaugh


eecastro, to 49ers
@eecastro@sfba.social avatar

Remind me again why fans like things like that game. That was more stressful than anything

qurlyjoe, (edited ) to Hockey
@qurlyjoe@mstdn.social avatar

Is ? It seems to be sort of topographically equivalent at least, to me, to all the sportsballs that use actual . What does Fedi think? I bow to the collective wisdom of you all.

Rosey, to random
@Rosey@shakedown.social avatar

Pete Carroll, Nick Saban, and Bill Belichick gone in 24 hours. Wild.

box464, to Sports
@box464@mastodon.social avatar

Well, today I learned you can follow an official ESPN account on the fediverse thanks to @Flipboard (it seems this is well known already if you’re actually into sportsball)


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