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When you’re walking around downtown and the church bells toll the hour, everything takes on a more portentous quality. I’m not religious but I’m glad the church is nearby to do that.

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church bells 🤝 church organ

sound cool and should be used more

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lohihilo, to Cats
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@lohihilo cute

petes_bread_eqn_xls, to spotted
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Some this morning
— a Subaru SVX being driven very gingerly by an old man
— a white van with “Landscaping Services” on the side, but multiple antennas and what looked like a LIDAR sensor on the roof
— a Cybertruck with a shiny gold wrap, looking like the world’s ugliest Christmas tree ornament

falcennial, to random
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this amazed me. an interactive graph quiz and result data visualization article, fucking masterclass journalism by @theguardianrss

may they make many, many more like it.


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@falcennial fun! 📈📉

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Paperback books used to routinely have interesting “gimmick” covers, with shiny foil, embossing, and die cut shapes. There’s a DIY trend to re-bind paperback books (into custom hardcovers). There’s a DIY card making trend with foil, embossing, and die cuts.

What if those creative forces aligned to re-bind paperbacks with the flashy gimmick covers they always deserved?

ukuku, to random
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This shit doesn't make sense to me. Gravity says they can deliver 500kW with NO UTILITY UPGRADES. If you’ve ever visited a Supercharger site, you’ve probably noticed the ginormous transformers nearby. The only way I know of to negate this need is with ridiculously large batteries on site, and how the fuck do you install batteries of this size unless they are going underground in this situation? How do you put out a fire if it starts underneath the sidewalk?


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@ukuku last fall we (Colorado Springs) had underground power lines on fire and it was a big problem.

rowmyboat, to random
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People who are good with money, I have a question. What am I (big, long term)saving for? I already bought the house; I have no debt besides the mortgage, which is at a low rate & I pay extra principles every month. I don’t & won’t have kids, so no saving for college. I’m paying into the (very good) state pension system.

I do save, quite a bit, but it’s primarily what I label the “house fixing fund,” as the house does need a lot of that. What else am I supposed to be worrying about?

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@rowmyboat some people also like to have a Long Term Care Insurance policy, but I don’t know if those are a good value or not.

LGBTQNation, to random
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Police identify 12th victim buried on estate of closeted Republican murderer - LGBTQ Nation

Posted into LGBTQ Nation @lgbtq

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@KirstenAnne I was surprised I had never heard of this before.

Akeldama, to random
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Penny, they're not going to work they're huge

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@Akeldama @revndm

What is this, a banknote for ants!?

Wait, that’s not right.

autonerdery, to random
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Here’s a Would You Rather…a study in contrasts!

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@autonerdery I secretly want a land yacht. Blame 🎵Love Shack 🎵 I guess

ShiitakeToast, to random
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Someone just sent me a text saying someone was flaunting something in a context that suggested ambiguously they meant flaut. So I asked them if they meant flauting and discovered that iPhone autocorrect really doesn’t believe that flaut is a word.

I hate citing to 1984, but I do worry that predictive text is flattening our vocabulary. That it’s trying to suppress a word like flaut (given the techbro tendency to flaut rules) makes me very suspicious.

also, after the fourts time i typed flaut in this post, autocorrect froze. i dont know if that meand anythinf.

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@ShiitakeToast perhaps

RickiTarr, to random
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Sometimes the way people phrase things is so telling. For instance, telling women they should be "taking care of" their husband and children. Another adult doesn't need taken care of like a child, what you want is for women to be a Sex Mom.

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@RickiTarr in the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the widower Frank admits that he doesn’t want a wife so much as a “Bang Maid”

petes_bread_eqn_xls, to random
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Jack Valenti would’ve been like “Would a woman alone in the woods rather encounter the Boston Strangler or a VCR?”

petes_bread_eqn_xls, to random
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Everything just feels better when my boss is gone for the day.

Hmm, gotta get my doctor to prescribe once-daily boss-is-gone to lower my blood pressure.

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@KirstenAnne oh no!

Sadsquatch, to linux
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I’m the kind of recently-thawed Neanderthal who’s always resisted understanding anything about the technology I use every day; I retain an atavistic certainty that the monitor IS the computer.

Despite these, uh, endearing eccentricities, I just asked @jdekg to put the on my computer. I think it’s time.

I still refuse to understand anything, but the thing I refuse to understand will now be Linuxy instead of Windowsy.

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@Sadsquatch @jdekg


stevegis_ssg, to random
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Okay, time to go sit in a chilly room and spend hours lining up fruit fly eggs in neat little rows and injecting DNA into them.

If you think that sounds fiddly, difficult, boring, and frustrating, then congratulations. You're very perceptive.

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@stevegis_ssg microscopic!

petes_bread_eqn_xls, to Podcast
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The Most Dangerous Game is a good episode of Radio Play Revival. It’s nice to listen to Michael Urie, and Christopher Walken is so well cast as the bloodthirsty aristocrat.


qlp, to random
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@qlp @severud

Hertz was the company that had their customers arrested for stealing their cars, when Hertz lost track of them.


Vagrarian, to random
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Well, I was planning to get some friends together this weekend...but everyone's going away. Poo.

So I'll so some cleaning, some reading, and maybe take a day and ramble in the car with a notebook and a camera and see what I can see.

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@Vagrarian enjoy the 3 day weekend

mattround, to random
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What would be the funniest animal to have in a game as a dynamite-wielding demolition expert? I'm thinking raccoons & geese are already taken

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@mattround pufferfish?

petes_bread_eqn_xls, to random
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Put a toy yacht in your goldfish bowl and train ‘im to sink it.

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