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Nothing like the pleasure of seeing my tiny (~30lb) 5 year old blaze around the park having newly mastered the Woom 2 pedal bike. Edmonds civic center park, great for this purpose!

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Want to see how someone in the US is likely to vote based on their demographics? Check this out:

#voting #vote #elections

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“‘Although race is often cited as the central cleavage in America, the single most powerful predictor of #voting intention is #religion,’ the Economist noted. ‘A model that knows nothing save for respondents’ religious affiliations can correctly identify which of the two leading candidates they prefer 62% of the time.’”

Good article from #Seattle’s own Danny Westneat (all that code makes it free to read from the Seattle Times):

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Another weekend ride around the north end of Lake Washington. This time the 520 trail was open, so no added kilometers for me. A good ride! (Though they are small in the photo, the cormorants look great.)
#bike #cycling #SEAbikes #seattle #cormorants

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There is a tiny sliver of light for #NHLCoyotes fans this morning. I'm hearing that there's a clause in the sale that says the Phoenix ownership group has a five year window to build a new rink at which time they would be considered for an expansion franchise.
This might be an opportunity to finally get hockey right in Phoenix. #HNOM

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@mike Ask us #Seattle #SuperSonics fans how that “shoe-in expansion” NBA team is working out... checks calendar... 16 years later.

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Shafts of sunlight break through the cloudy sky, illuminating parts of a cityscape of Seattle, WA, that includes our prominent landmark, the Space Needle.

#Seattle #Washington #PNW #Sunset #Nature #Photography #Moody #Sky #WaWx #Weather #Prints #WallArt #HomeDecor #Giftideas #FediGiftShop #ArtForSale #FediArt #MastoArt #Puzzle #GreetingCards

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from #StandingTogether Instagram page
"We are a grassroots Jewish-Arab movement fighting for peace, equality and social justice in Israel/Palestine."

2 events on April 13 in #Seattle
1 in #Vancouver on April 17
Speaker: Uri Weitman, an organizer for Standing Together.

#Gaza #Palestine #StopGazaGenocide #FreePalestine #CeasefireNow #LetGazaLive #SolidarityWithPalestine #EndUSAidToIsrael #PalestinianLivesMatter #EndTheOccupation #Israel

screenshot of Instagram page of Standing Together. Text reads: We are a grassroots Jewish-Arab movement fighting for peace, equality and social justice in Israel/Palestine.

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Here’s an unpopular opinion (that no one asked for) - #Vancouver is #Seattle, but better.

Granville island in Vancouver is what Pike Place is in Seattle, but waaaay better. The aquarium in Vancouver is what Seattle’s aquarium wants to be, when it grows up (or get remodelled). The Vancouver downtown has most elements of Seattle downtown, but (you guessed it) much better.

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NOT the only bike shopper at Costco today

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bitter lake? bit his too ar ar ar ar ar ar ar

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Attn: folk and Octavia Butler fans.

> New King Street Station exhibition honors prophetic sci-fi author who called the Seattle area home. Dream Temple (for Octavia) is an exhibition that asks you to rest and even fall asleep before you connect to the words of Sci Fi author Octavia Butler.

> Dream Temple (For Octavia) runs through May 23 at King Street Station.

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People want to know why there are almost no in ?

It's because Seattle is one giant upscale crackerbarrel.

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You have until this Friday April 12th, to help us nominate keynote speakers.

We accept both people with experience, and people who have given talks before but this would be their first keynote.

Just fill the survey here:

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Nice sunrays tonight overlooking Seattle with the Space Needle from Bellevue, WA

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Another ride to the Seattle waterfront. What big boats they have there! Plus, pilings!
#cycling #bike #SEAbikes #Seattle

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Seahawks Turn Heads With Notable Interest in Landing 45-TD Quarterback

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The city of has a dashboard up for the previous / current transportation levy's achievements. It's using Tableau and is basically an unusable mess (for me at least).

Between this stuff and how budgets are presented (always as this much or less money in particular categories not how much of total budget it is year to year), it's clear the city doesn't want non-experts to understand what's going on. Or at least don't prioritize it.

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