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Fifteen years at the other place. Post Punk tech Luddite. First toot June 2 2023.

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arstechnica, to random
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Fracking wastewater has “shocking” amount of clean-energy mineral lithium

40% of US need for lithium could be covered by Pennsylvania's fracking byproduct.


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As long as this research wasn’t funded/faked by the oil industry. They simply can’t be trusted. They lie.

marcoarment, to random
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My favorite thing about tethering is


nothing is my favorite thing about tethering

Please, cellular Macs already!

(Today's anti-favorite: if the phone loses reception for even a moment — common on trains! — it disconnects tethering and never reconnects. You're just offline until you notice. Then you need to reconnect from the Mac's Wi-Fi menu again, after waiting for the option to become available, a process that's almost as slow as dialing up your ISP with a modem in the 1900s.)

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@marcoarment eh, my carrier won’t even allow use of phone cell signal as wifi hot spot. I think it’s even cheaper to get a standalone hot spot from them.

Cellular is a huge push in my buying an iPad.

davemark, to TeslaMotors
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"Chinese automaker BYD is rolling out cars capable of driving more than 1,300 miles without refueling or recharging"

That's New York to Miami without a recharge. US cars are lucky to get 1/4 that range.

The bar has been set pretty high.

Oh, and they are priced at $13K. Yikes.


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@davemark @flargh

300 mile range for EV seems a bit of a tipping point for me (if only fast charging stations were as common as gas stations.)

I drive 100 miles a day minimum.

I fully expect electrical rates for charging to raise to match gas prices, if that is not already the case.

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@davemark @flargh

I wish the ‘domestic’ manufacturers would dare be so aggressive.

Also I’m sick of the way miss Yoga Pants parks her 12 foot tall SUV.
They are a safety hazard because you can’t see around them.

I remember when people removed their hats on entering the theater.

Chancerubbage, to random
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How might I search my own Toots that have posted images?

Involves some sort of syntax, regex like code to narrow it down

davemark, to apple
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Went to the Apple Store last night, got to spend some quality time with the M4 iPad Pro.

  • The screen is ridiculous. Delicious. Bright. A pleasure to interact with.

  • It's SO THIN!!! And light!

  • Add in the Magic Keyboard and it becomes SO HEAVY. Like a ship anchor.

  • The Apple Pencil Pro is next level. The shadow detail (shadow shows the pen tip in use, VERY precise) makes you want one.

If it wasn't so 💰 would have walked out with it.

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@davemark I have pent up demand from the the first Apple Pencil announcement.

That and cellular are the reasons I’m giving it priority over a new MacBook, which I am way overdue on updating as well.

And I’ll pull the triggers given no more gotchas.

I think most tech pundits were/are too busy airing their wish list grievances about the OS to actually review what IS there, and if any bugs exist.

Their review: but I wanted a pony!

davemark, to apple
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Heading to the Apple Store. Going to hold that new M4 iPad Pro in my hands.

Try out that new Apple Pencil.

See if I can see that fountain pen shadow for myself.

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Have you heard anything more about this memory issue? That memory is there, but iPad OS apparently thinks it isn’t? A thread with multiple chime ins.


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@davemark @stroughtonsmith

I’m not certain the thread is providing enough info (for me) about exactly what might be happening or how widespread it is. Large files? Files brought over from elsewhere? iCloud conflict? I just find it concerning and a bit under the radar for someone considering a one terabyte model. Especially with how much that Terabyte costs. External storage an option?

hotdogsladies, to random
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Roderick on the Line, Ep. 537: "Cold Breakfast"

The Problem: The first problem is ordinal.


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christianselig, to random
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Need the EU to step in and standardize 18V power tool batteries

@Chancerubbage@mastodon.social avatar

@christianselig the other voltages too (for portable power tools and gardening items)

spencerdailey, to random
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i wonder: what will the lack of "political correctness" have to say about bone saws? 🧐

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@siracusa @caseyliss @griffd @spencerdailey

A few interesting aspects around Mercedes Benz level 3.

It only works up to forty miles per hour.

Turquoise safety lights to let human drivers know.

Benz HQ is around Atlanta, a famously traffic dense area, and many areas with more Mercedes owners are probably Urban with a higher level of distracting mind numbing traffic congestion.

If traffic suddenly allows for faster than forty mph does an alarm alert the driver.

Strangers in chaos.

davemark, to music
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Type in your favorite musical band/artist, Music Map will show you a tree of related artists.

Some great music discovery here.

I went with some really obscure artists (Brian Protheroe, anyone?) and Music Map had them all.

Spend a few minutes. Fun! 🤩


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@davemark these have been around for awhile with different ways of showing the web of connections, but the most remarkable thing about them is how they seem to ‘vanish’. As if they were posted as a proof of concept, perhaps as a way to grab some backend popularity data, and then… gone for years.

Great to see one surface again. I’m wondering how it is going to display its results? Going to go see.

davemark, to privacy
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10 minute email gives you a fake email that will work for 10 minutes.

  • It's free
  • Emails sent to the fake email appear on the page
  • Reply/forward from the page

Use it for those times you need to provide an email, but don't want to give up yours. An alternative to Apple's "hide my email".


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A great way for a company to gather tertiary info, regarding sender and location, perhaps IP address

hotdogsladies, to random
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“Star Wars” had a wild teaser trailer.


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@hotdogsladies We were just old enough to drive to the movies on our own. We saw this unexpected as a coming attraction trailer. There was no press warning besides this. When we left the theatre there were flyers for the film on our windshields. Did we decide right there and then we were coming to see it the next weekend as it opened?

Yes. Yes we did.

gedeonm, to random
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Space: 1999 Mattel playset featuring the “Astro-flash Computer”. Basically a blinking lightbulb. 😂 As kids we didnt care but I admit I never saw this playset growing up. 🤖

Commercial from the 70’s of two boys playing with Space:1999 action figures and a Main Missions playset.

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@gedeonm space 1999 was the most late 60s early 70s low key Sears Catalog airport vision of the future ever imagined- a lot of open space for a space station, so sublimely dull and filled with nothing.

stroughtonsmith, to random
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The quintessential iPad Files experience


@Chancerubbage@mastodon.social avatar

@siracusa @stroughtonsmith

Sounds like an ATP bullet point to follow up on.

film_girl, to random
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The most me fact is that when I saw “Super Size Me” in the theater, a film I was so excited to see, mind you, we immediately ate McDonald’s after. And it was delicious.

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@film_girl I watched it on DVD. Then went to McDonald’s drive through.

rodhilton, to random
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#MorganSpurlock has died and it seems like a good time to remind everyone that in 2008 he released a documentary called 'Where In The World is Osama Bin Laden?'

The reception to the film was negative. People didn't like that "the mcdonalds guy" was getting involved in political affairs, or that he was treating Osama like a subject for comedy. The reaction was overwhelmingly "stay in your lane".

Osama was found 3y later. The documentary pinpointed where he was hiding within less than 200km.

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@rodhilton @pabloniusmonk

200 km is no walk in the park.

siracusa, to random
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I’m still seeing this pop-up on my iPhone a few times every week. It feels like it’s been over a year now…

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@siracusa I use only four separate control gestures with my AirPods,

Placing in ears.
Removing from ears.
Removing from case
Returning to case.

These gestures work great!

Wraithe, to random
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I was just looking to see if anyone else is having huge issues with Quicksilver (app launcher and more) on MacOS, and as a result of my searches have been struck by a huge urge to build a gaming machine using a G4 quicksilver case as the base. 😂
They were just so nice looking.

@Chancerubbage@mastodon.social avatar

@Wraithe @lackattack I thought it had been punked for several versions of Mac OS by now, from what its fans on podcasts say.

Last time I actively used it, Mac OS had Big Cat names.

@Chancerubbage@mastodon.social avatar

@Wraithe @lackattack kind of amazing it’s been troubling folks for two years and somehow missed your use case until recently, huh? I guess that’s about how long I’ve heard cheerleaders for the app say they switched to something else.

davemark, to Tennessee
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"A judge blocks the foreclosure sale of Elvis' Graceland, after his heir alleges fraud"

A fascinating story, but what got me was the bit about Graceland being valued at $400 million. For 14 acres. That's about $28M per acre. That's approaching mid-town-Manhattan prices.

This how much Elvis was revered? Still an amazing draw? Can't think of any other person whose home has so much value.


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@davemark usually at least a full week of international tourism surrounding date of birth and death . Chintzy gift shop across street replaced with music venue 20-30 years back.

The entire city is being attacked by outside development dollars.

Chancerubbage, to random
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In the same friendly spirit as a mini lending library.

A map of the wandering neighborhood pets, showing their home headquarters

shoq, (edited ) to random
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Answer this poll, or not, that’s on you. I’m just passing it on because someone, somewhere, may be interested in the data.

Just how many fucks do you have left to give?

Chancerubbage, (edited )
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@shoq @WhippoorwillSong

I feel results might be skewed by those not participating at all because they don’t give a fuck.

jimmylittle, to random
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@jimmylittle @agiletortoise

It isn’t really any law that seems to be enforced very well if you ask me, nor enforceable at all. The majority using such tactics are spam scam. Even if a bot is handling the ‘do not call’ request. Now, are you willing to sell that real estate we think you own?

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