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Co-host of "The Dalrymple Report", a podcast dedicated to tech, friendship, and curiosities.

I wrote Audio Cupcake (audio processing app), bunch of dev books, created Ovichase.com (hockey site) support kindness and community,

CMU/Stanford alum.


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davemark, to Economics
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"Mondragón has become a beacon for the co-operative model, as a more humane and egalitarian way of doing business that puts “people over capital”. Every worker has a stake in the company’s fortunes and a say in how it is run, and receives a share of the profits. But the goal is more about creating “rich societies, not rich people”. "

Great read. Could this concept spread? Work in places like the US?


davemark, to apple
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Load Apple's official April 7 event page, get a cool little animation...

#AppleEvent #Apple #iPad

davemark, to business
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"Oracle is moving its world headquarters to Nashville to be closer to health-care industry"

A business loss for Austin, big gain for Nashville.

Had no idea Nashville was such a major healthcare hub. Oracle investing heavily in healthcare. Makes sense.

#Oracle #Healthcare #Business

davemark, to apple
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From @gruber :

"Comparing iPhone RAM to Android RAM has never been apples-to-apples (same goes for battery capacity), but still, it’s hard not to wonder whether Apple’s on-device AI plans are hamstrung by the relatively stingy amounts of RAM on iPhones."

Wondering if the coming iPads will have bigger RAM footprints in preparation for the coming AI wave.


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@mikesax @gruber It would not surprise me if we never found out what “let loose” means beyond a vague “let out your creative juices”

davemark, to apple
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"Join us for a special Apple Event on May 7 at 7 a.m. PT. Set a reminder now and we’ll send you an update before showtime."

Follow the link, click to set a reminder. Heavily rumored to be the big iPad event.

You can see a hand with a pencil in the Apple graphic. Assuming that's an Apple Pencil, maybe a new model?

#Apple #iPad #AppleEvent

davemark, to apple
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Is Apple more of a hardware company or a software company?

To me, Google feels like a software company that dabbles in hardware.

Apple feels like a hardware company that writes software to support/enhance its hardware.

Apple's AI approach is going to be interesting to watch unfold. Tightly integrated with the hardware, but very public facing.

lapcatsoftware, to random
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An original book by an unfamiliar author is a “risky” purchase, since entertainment is a matter of personal taste. And it’s not like a music album where you hear a song or two on the radio or streaming first.

I like to discover “obscure” novels. I check out a bunch from the library, start reading, and stop if I don’t like it, which is actually the majority of the time. But that’s how I find diamonds in the rough. Unfortunately, buying them all would get very expensive. https://mastodon.social/@davemark/112320449967994109

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davemark, (edited ) to LosAngeles
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The first spikes have been hammered.

Work on the bullet train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas started.

  • $12 billion project
  • First trains in 2028

Las Vegas wants gamblers and sports fans.

#LosAngeles #LasVegas #Trains #Transportation #Sports

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@dimsumthinking Good catch. TIL. Post edited. Thank you!!!

davemark, to microsoft
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Terrific read on the birth of the PC operating system, and the three way deal between IBM, DRI (the CP/M company), and an up and coming Bill Gates.

Can you guess who came out on top?


davemark, (edited ) to books
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Of the 58,000+ books published per year:

  • 90% will sell fewer than 2,000 copies
  • 50% will sell FEWER THAN A DOZEN COPIES

Great, very readable piece on book publishing and how it's very much like being a VC...


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@Drwave I don't think I could have written my books now. Definitely got my start in a golden age of tech books.

Side note: I will never forget your talk about the "Up" opening scene at WWDC. Still sticks with me to this very day. A real lesson in storytelling. Cheers, Michael!

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@jame Cheers!

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@Drwave It made me appreciate the movie in ways that I think sailed past me when I first saw it. But it also showed the incredible amount of work that goes into creating a great movie. A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff there. In my treasure trove of all time favorite WWDC memories.

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@shimminbeg Thanks for the share. Hard to know the “truth” here, but I do like pushback, especially on broad claims.

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@n3bulous I think quite a bit, as well as presents in bookstores, airport bookshops, Amazon publicity, TV publicity (talkshows, book signings), etc. My guess is that most celebrities have no interest in doing the groundwork.

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@woolie @Drwave Can’t remember, but I know it was a brown bag lunch.

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@mcelhearn Thanks for the catch. I am usually pretty good at things like that. fewer vs less than is one of those that often get the best of me.


davemark, to nba
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The last 15 seconds of that game. Whoa.

Ridiculous. Insane. What a comeback.


davemark, to Astronomy
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Looking for the best place to see the planets, a meteor shower, the stars?

Follow the link, scroll down til you see the map. Drag, zoom in and out, pretty straightforward.


davemark, (edited ) to math
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TIL airport runway numbers are named for the direction in which they point:

  • Take the runway number, multiply by 10
  • That angle is the direction of the runway

So runway 9 points due east (90°) and runway 27 due west (270°).

The same physical runway will change numbers if they switch the direction of traffic.

#Airport #Airplanes #Math https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runway

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@pauld Nice! Thanks for the share.

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@TeflonTrout Thanks, and great info.

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@Chancerubbage I believe zero is never used

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