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Jayne Samuel-Walker :wales_flag: 🇪🇺 :flag_rainbow: :flag_trans:

I’m an old IT pro. Co-mum to Tig and Freddie, rescued Border Collies x Welsh Sheepdogs. They are the latest of our greatly loved and now hugely missed dogs.


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RalphBassfeld, to random
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As far as I know, there is no „AI“. There are LLMs and ML. Use shit data, get shit data. Use biased/bad algorithms, get biased/shit results.

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I stumbled upon LLM Kryptonite – and no one wants to fix this model-breaking bug

Neural nets with flaws can be harmless … yet dangerous. So why are reports of problems being roundly ignored?


josh, to random
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Happy six year anniversary, my dearest @chrisjrn 🥰

Folks with Chris at : do me a favor and make sure to treat my guy today!

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@josh @chrisjrn

Huge congratulations to you both 👏👏👏

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@josh @chrisjrn

We had our Civil Partnership on 21 December 2005 on the first day it was legal in the UK.

It was the best day of our lives ❤️

TCMuffin, to random
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Thank god we live in Wales :cymru_baner:

Schools in England send police to homes of absent pupils with threats to jail their parents

‘Heavy-handed’ crackdown ignores underlying reasons for failure to attend classes, say critics


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Greater Manchester police chief defends decision to investigate Angela Rayner

Stephen Watson says process will be carried out ‘fairly and impartially’ in his most extensive public comments on the claims


"Like a puppet on a string!"🎶🎶


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They enoble the likes of Michelle Mone after she nicked millions from the public purse during the pandemic and go after unpaid carers who may have claimed too much of a paltry benefit when they save the UK billions 🤬

It makes me so f**king angry 🤬

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Bravo Zulu toot.wales…we’re still one of the most inclusive instances on the fediverse 👏👏👏


johncarlosbaez, to random
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Chemistry is like physics where the particles have personalities - and chemists love talking about the really nasty ones. It makes for fun reading, like Derek Lowe's column "Things I Won't Work With". For example, bromine compounds:

"Most any working chemist will immediately recognize bromine because we don't commonly encounter too many opaque red liquids with a fog of corrosive orange fumes above them in the container. Which is good."

And that's just plain bromine. Then we get compounds like bromine fluorine dioxide.

"You have now prepared the colorless solid bromine fluorine dioxide. What to do with it? Well, what you don't do is let it warm up too far past +10C, because it's almost certainly going to explode. Keep that phrase in mind, it's going to come in handy in this sort of work. Prof. Seppelt, as the first person with a reliable supply of the pure stuff, set forth to react it with a whole list of things and has produced a whole string of weird compounds with brow-furrowing crystal structures. I don't even know what to call these beasts."


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@johncarlosbaez @gregeganSF

Perhaps something similar to the Scoville scale for chillies would be more appropriate…just don’t test them on your tongue 😜


llamasoft_ox, to random
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Dude is tooled up.

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I surrender 🙌

therightarticle, to random
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The Gambling Industry Is Wrecking Our Mental Health

Online betting apps are making it easier than ever to lose money and develop gambling disorders. Any serious attempt to improve mental health means taking on the predatory companies profiting from addiction


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Tony Blair deregulating the gambling industry was one of his more reckless acts 🤦

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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The HoC Public Accounts Comm. has concluded the civil service lack both skills & capacity to property oversee infrastructure projects contributing both to the evident delays & budgeting problems.

Civil servants have become too reliant on outsourced expertise (consultants & the contractors) for evaluation, with the state no longer able to act as an 'intelligent client'.

The Tory attrition and politicisation of the civil service has (and is having) sigficant detrimental impact.


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@Wen @ChrisMayLA6

Much longer than that...I was a PwC senior IT management consultant from 1989-1994 and I did a lot of puclic sector work at a fee of >£1,000 + expenses per day.

I met my wife, Caroline, in 1990 on a job at London Borough of Tower Hamlets implementing the Local Government Act 1988 (which extended CCT to blue-collar services, such as refuse collection and ground maintenance, and white-collar services such as public libraries and arts centre management).

TCMuffin, to random
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England gets 27 new bathing sites – but no guarantee they’ll be safe for swimming

Water campaigner Feargal Sharkey says newly designated sites will join ‘ignoble, floundering list of failure’ 🤦


Hope4All, to random
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And the four Tories had a combined gain (paid for by us 🤬) of £5,400,000!!!

Compared with Rayner’s self-funded (she sold the house before she became an MP) gain of £48,000 🤦

TCMuffin, to random
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Off to watch Oppenheimer and avoid the Eurovision Song Contest...good night all ❤️

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You too, my friend ❤️

Have you watched Fallout???

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Fallout is outstanding...I watched the series over two days 👍

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No 🤔

TCMuffin, to random
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How can I see the northern lights in the UK tonight?

Scientist explains how, when and where to see the northern lights, or aurora borealis, in the UK on Saturday evening...


TCMuffin, to random
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A solar storm the size of the Carrington Event could knock out the backbone of the Internet

Every few centuries the Sun blasts Earth with a huge amount of high-energy particles. If it were to happen today, it would wreak havoc on technology.

By David Wallace | Published: May 10, 2024


RickiTarr, to random
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So, what's the thing, what's the big thing no one can help you with? How do you cope with it?

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@RickiTarr @BootsChantilly

I was adopted in the UK in 1956 when I was 6 weeks old.

I must an oddball, but I’ve never thought very much about all this 🤷

My view has always been that my birth mother chose to let me go, possibly because of her family’s pressure. From that time my interest in her, my birth father, and their families died.

I’ve gained a good education, had interesting work, and made a good life with my wife. For me, that’s what matters. I can’t influence anything else 🤷

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@BootsChantilly @RickiTarr

I think for me, it was pragmatism 🤔

I had a miserable adoption.

My dad left my mother when I was 18 months old and my mother blamed me.

My mother kicked me out of the family home in 1978 when she discovered I was gay.

Can I change this or do anything to ameliorate its effects?

No? Focus on the stuff I can effect which will impact on my life in a positive way.

As you say, YMMV 🤷

fkamiah17, to UKpolitics
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The "human rights lawyer":

"You talk about it being right to protect people from persecution. Would you increase the number of safe routes?"

"I don't think safe routes is the answer to this vile trade that's being run to put people into small boats."
from a TV interview yesterday

He doesn't. give. a. shit.

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TCMuffin, to random
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We're going here on Monday lunchtime!

Beloved Cardiff pub demolished in 2012 reopens after brick-by-brick rebuild on new site

Historic alehouse frequented by a Manic Street Preacher and All Black rugby players reconstructed on edge of Welsh capital


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Book a beer flight in The Vulcan Hotel

Beat the queues: secure a table in The Vulcan Hotel with a pre-booked beer flight, showcasing 1/3 of a pint tasters of the three Vulcan beers produced for us by Glamorgan Brewing Co, or enjoy a Hartsease Farm Sparkling Traditional Lemonade.

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Tomorrow has been sold out since before we booked our tickets at the beginning of April 😖


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